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The Wonders of Network Graphics: How and Where to Use

Any field of activity on the Internet has graphic elements. It affects brand recognition and professional approach to business and portrays your product in the best possible way. It is the tool for maintaining the attention of your blog, website, and social web resources viewers. Some try to stick to a single style in their posts, while others use different resources and tools. You should combine colors and shapes to create content unique to your brand and matching its aesthetic.

Network Graphics Meaning

It is a special kind of digital image intended for social web resources. You create them from scratch if you have design experience and desire. However, you save time and money and download ready-made options from your Monsterone subscription. First of all, these components are necessary to attract the visitor’s attention. He scrolls through the tape at the speed of light. Therefore, any business has only a fraction of a second for the image to catch on. If you need a corporate style, you should think of many facts. You need to make your page remembered. User-friendly navigation should facilitate the search, reflect the corporation's philosophy, and meet the site’s requirements. Based on the purpose of the company's social web pages, the user must understand what the purpose and design are:

  • Reputation management;
  • Search for new clients and employees;
  • Increasing customer loyalty; working with comments;
  • Increasing the possibilities of search promotion.

Characteristics of Network Graphics for Social Profile

We recommend following a few principles when choosing or creating components for your page. It is advisable to operate one stylistic template for all profiles. The components of computer network graphics are texts, color schemes, graphics, and icons. All this will help increase brand recognition. Also, it is easier to find the company on search engines. There are many competitors in any field. Your task is to make your corporation recognizable.

Therefore, only some things you should post in the same way. First, each social page has its characteristics. For example, these are the sizes of images and the location of functional elements on the web resource. You should choose adaptive files for different needs and technical tasks.

You should choose the color scheme of your corporation. You select several colors and apply some schemes according to the post topic or the product type. You help the user better navigate your profile. Involve the color, contrast, repetition, textures, alignment, etc.

If we are talking about live photos, develop a filter or preset for them, which will help bring the image into one style. However, this filter should not be standard for the social web resource in which it is used.

After all the manipulations with the idea, take care of a professional SMM manager. For example, posting the same content everywhere would be a mistake. You have important news that should appear on every platform. However, you should adapt it for narrative style, scope, and message. Audiences use different platforms for different purposes. We also recommend changing the pictures accompanying the post. You must adhere to the color and stylistic integrity of the page. It is aesthetically pleasing and helps users notice the post in the feed, recognizing the corporation's style.

What Kinds of Network Graphics Do You Need for Your Brand

People do not like complicated typography and images on social profiles. The profile should be simple, clean, and universal for a target audience. Each user has advantages that you cannot consider at once. However, you do something clear for a marked group of people you owe.

Pay attention to associations, and operate relevant pictures, jokes, words, etc. Some snippets quickly attract attention. Users often share them with other followers. To create a complete profile, you should take care of the design of each component. You choose a logo, text, icons, widgets, animations, and additional visual tools. You found all the components in the MonsterOne subscription. How to select the most successful option? We tell in this section below.

Network Graphics for Logo

It is the main sign of your company. The logo should not contain unnecessary elements. It forms an impression of a product or service. It makes the customer remember you and come back to the shop. Let's say you don't have the time or money to create a sign from scratch. Let's analyze the important points when choosing a picture. The purpose is to help the audience identify the company among competitors in the same niche. To develop a perfect design, you need to consider some principles.


The logo has several details. Users easily recognize them on any medium: signs, commercials, t-shirts, packaging, etc. It is how you form the identity of your company. The user will easily remember the simple design. It's easier to use. It has good quality in large and small format. Please note that there are not always enough letters for a recognizable image. Most firms have a symbolic part of the logo. It is an icon or a simple illustration with laconic fills. With the help of a subscription, you filter the material you need for yourself using tags.


If the logo has to be updated every year, it causes many problems. The company incurs unnecessary costs and risks losing recognition. Before choosing a logo, develop perspectives and a brand development strategy. If you plan to work in one niche with one product, then you need to consider the exact association. However, if you have additional ideas for scaling, then you should focus on the concept and idea of the firm.

Niche relevance

The logo must be associated with the company's field of activity. You achieve it with the color. Also, the symbol of the field of activity can create an impression. If you need to stand out from the information noise, operate non-standard associations. They should intersect with the brand and be appropriate for it.


The logo of a specific firm must be different from competitors and other trademarks. Otherwise, it will be difficult for consumers to identify the company above the market. When you upload a file from MonsterOne, you have all the tools to edit and adapt the image for your firm. It makes your choice unique.

Network Graphics for Fonts

Choosing letters for social web resources is a significant task for any profile. You attract the client to read the text. You create moods and command attention. Correctly selected post fonts make the text readable but also affect emotional perception. If you select the letters correctly, you achieve the following goals:

  • Increase the audience of the ad. If the text is readable and pleasant, your followers pay attention;
  • Increase brand awareness. A company must have consistent letters that it uses in all materials and on all platforms;
  • Increase the percentage of conversions to the target action. If the letters correspond to the context and evoke the right emotions, the follower subconsciously trusts you.

You need to understand how its type affects perception to select the right digital network graphics font for the company's social web pages. Several stable characteristics should be taken into account when choosing an item:

Presence of serifs

Fonts with serifs are perceived as reliable, traditional, and respectable. It inspires trust. Sans serif letters look more modern, friendly, and minimalistic. A printed, handwritten, or drawn style will add some emotion, elegance, and informality. Pay attention to handwritten but readable fonts for ads. A drawn or stylized text is suitable to emphasize individuality and show emotion. Your text should be easy for visitors to understand, and a stylized text is complicated to decipher quickly.

Correspondence to the topic

Different letters will be perceived differently in different themes. The perception of a font is influenced by context. If you consider the post’s topic and choose the correct letters, so you have a successful product.

Network Graphics for Icons

These are small illustrations of an object or action. It is a visual language that is understandable to every Internet user. They improve the perception of information because they are visible faster than text. You need to operate this tool because there are several reasons:

  • Add navigation to your profile. Navigation signs help to remember each point of your web resource page as quickly as possible. It is to replace the text in the responsive template completely. Or, in other cases, it changes the interface.
  • Functional buttons. Operate to refer to any element of content. Sometimes they can be uncalled for. However, it affects the perception of the overall creative template of your ad, post, or profile story.

Types of icons

Each type of image performs a different function and affects the perception of the template. We offer a closer look at each type of sign.


It is an evolutionary branch of the original signs. It is one of the most popular styles today. They depict powerful images using simple shapes and outlines. We suggest you hurry up and check our MonsterONE options. It has many bright and minimalistic designs. It is universal for any niche.


It is a visual style. The specialist presented such objects in monochrome forms. They have thin empty spaces separating their different parts. Despite the simplicity of the visual, the style can be effective, especially in small sizes. Glyph style can be considered the predecessor of flat design.


There has been a shift in design towards a minimalist approach. Flat item specialists broke objects down into tiny components. The confrontation of the largest corporations caused a new type of badge appearance. Specialists focused on the careful operation of colors and basic geometric shapes. Experts saw the potential of flat templates and started creating new items based on shapes without gradients or shadows.


In 2014, Google decided to embrace these changes. To create this, the company invited an illustrator. So, they developed their visual language. It was called Material Design. Material items brought back reflections and shadows but gave them a more subtle presence, creating a visual style in which objects are stacked on each other.

Network Graphics for Animations

Animation is one of the most proven marketing strategies of this millennium. It is a dynamic image that is appropriate for any purpose. Almost every business uses it to make content enjoyable and engaging. For example, you watch gifs, funny memes, banners, etc. Digital animation can be seen everywhere on websites and social media. Marketers operate it as a business strategy. The main goal is to attract the attention of the audience. Why is digital animation an attractive marketing strategy for your corporation? We tell you more in this section. You also find many cartoon motion network graphics on a MonsterOne subscription.

Brand trust

Network graphics digital animation is your powerful strategic tool for building trust between you and your target audience. Buyers trust those firms that evoke positive emotions more. Such firms develop trading strategies that help entertain their customers. Animation is the most effective way to entertain and interest customers. If you would like to attract your visitor, we recommend you choose business or profile items.

Audience engagement

It is the most complicated marketing task for experienced marketers. Specialists see a decrease in people's attention. With the help of animated network graphics, you attract their attention because they are interested in animation.

Call the association

Digital animations are attractive visual effects that interact well with traffic. It helps create an emotional association with your profile visitors. Such animated network graphics have impressive visual effects and sounds.

A complex concept

It is the best way to explain a complex idea of your brand. Sometimes, simple texts cannot solve a complex task and mark the issue briefly and clearly. But with the help of animated objects, you depict the answer faster and more clearly. Animation helps people understand complex concepts.

Main Tips for Perfect Social Web Profile Visual with Network Graphics

Become more visible

If you use images, they should be of high quality and visually impressive. You download quality items with MonsterOne and customize them. It facilitates the illustration process. You should spend time experimenting with different types of visual aids. So, you determine what will be effective for your brand.

Decide on a style and be consistent

The graphics you use should be consistent with the brand aesthetic. However, it is complicated to publish images in the same style. You need to be consistent in your profile so that your readers begin to associate a style with your company. Set goals and work towards a more coherent image. It helps your visitors notice you in their feed.

Choose atmospheric photos

When it comes to selecting network graphics, you need to get people to look at the photo several times. The point of running a social media page is to post images that visitors will associate with your brand. You need a selection of network graphics, which you find on Monsteron. You filter thematic items.

Bring dynamics to static posts

Animated illustrations are a new and unique feature that can engage your audience. You may not use text in animated posts. Modify ready-made templates to match the style of your brand. You add other components to make the template more unique.

Network Graphics Video

You have the opportunity to learn templates, illustrations, and images. Watch this video to learn more.

Network Graphics FAQ

What Are the Most Popular Network Graphics for Marketing?

If you are an active user of social web resources, blog, create a website, or engage in e-commerce, you cannot do without additional graphics. We recommend downloading icons for widgets, hovers, icons, buttons, visuals, animations, fonts, and more. Such elements make your profile bright and memorable. It helps you draw the user's attention to your account or site.

How to Use Network Graphics?

You use the templates as you download them. However, we recommend making the design more unique. After uploading the file, you have ready-made documents in various formats: EPS, SVG, AI, PNG, JPG, etc. You discover it. You have a finished material with layers for your convenience. You edit templates using various programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Where Can You Use Network Graphics?

You use this to attract attention. Some elements of your main image in a Facebook post, Instagram story, or TikTok video require visual complementation. Network graphics from MonsterOne will complement your idea with visual elements, buttons, fonts, icons, animations, etc.

How to Get Network Graphics for Free from MonsterOne?

You have several tariffs to select from. The Creative plan includes Graphic assets, PowerPoint, Keynote Templates, Google Slides, Video & Audio Assets, PSD, Logo, Animated Banners, 3D Models, one year of Product Support, one year of General Assistance, and unlimited use of downloaded items. After payment, you download items for free and operate them without limits.

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