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Top-notch Military Graphics for Your Projects on MonsterONE

Engaging social media posts, eye-catching resumes, well-designed illustrations, and website backgrounds are all masterpieces of modern graphics. These items are consumables for SMM specialists, content creators, web developers, and bloggers, just like a thread for a seamstress or a paint kit for an artist. Most often, speaking of illustrations, people imagine blue-winged butterflies or cute kittens that fit into fashion projects or personal blogs. But what about army & defense pages? A gun store, police station page, or lawyer's CV should be as impressive, eye-catching, and colorful as other resources. If you also think so, discover military graphics!

Why is it a perfect option for your projects? Imagine that you need to complete hundreds of resumes, sites, or 3D models to order. However, constructing all the elements yourself is time-consuming and exhausting, while buying every detail is too expensive and irrational. Fortunately, TemplateMonster offers the most cost-effective & professional solution: MonsterONE membership. This service provides a treasure trove of digital assets, including images, videos, audio files, plugins, and templates for unlimited downloads. The scheme is simple: you pay once for a subscription and save a lot of investments to invest in the prosperity of your business! Do you want to learn all the intricacies of ONE and weapon images? You are welcome!

What Do You Need to Know about ONE Membership?

Imagine a space that brings together the best digital assets for your creations - a magazine cover, a social media post, or a brand-new online store. And no, it is not a marketplace where the purchase of the item costs a tidy sum. It is MonsterONE, a world of great possibilities for web developers! It provides access to tons of graphics, plugins, and website themes. It works like a subscription to Netflix when paying once you get unlimited products at your service. Do you need icons for your army web resource or online weapon store? With a membership, all of these items are here for free download!

And what about the price? This crucial detail will please you! There are several reasons for this:

  1. First of all, this membership offers three pricing plans for different purposes and budgets. Moreover, there are variations: monthly, annual, and lifetime subscriptions. Thus, if you are interested in military graphics, then you can purchase the Creative tariff and not overpay for goods you do not need.
  2. The price of illustrations, such as logos, reaches $500 per unit! However, these same items are accessible with ONE subscription for free unlimited downloads for only $89/year or $18/month.
  3. The collection of military & weapon graphics on TemplateMonster accrues over 250 solutions. By joining a membership, you get almost all of them for unlimited commercial use with just a payment!
  4. And finally, the last but not least argument in favor of ONE: the monthly subscription price starts from $7.4. It is the same as having coffee in a cafe or buying a bar of chocolate in the nearest supermarket. 

Rest assured that it is a worthwhile investment that saves you resources and gives you access to unlimited professional IT solutions.

How to Choose a Pricing Plan?

As you see, a membership with MonsterONE is not sky-high and out of reach. On the contrary, the service offers affordable prices, a flexible system of discounts, and favorable conditions. Let's start with the fact that there are three tariffs that differ in their content. However, they have a lot of cool features in common. You receive regular updates on the assortment and versions by choosing any membership option. Also, all goods are available for unlimited free download and use with different domains and for all your works. Reliable support is also guaranteed!

Now let's move on to the content of each package to determine the best option for you:


If you are a web designer or content maker, you cannot do without this solution for a year or a month. It's the key to over 146,000 digital assets, including stunning models, eye-catching illustrations, breathtaking photos, and much more. Of course, military graphics are also in this package and are available for free download after joining. Tanks, pistols, handcuffs, guns, police cars, and criminals - all at your fingertips to bring your top-notch ideas to life!


This option significantly expands the range of items. In addition to illustration, you have web page templates and plugins for popular CMSs. There are solutions for WordPress, Shopify, OpenCart, HTML, and other platforms. It is a beneficial deal for web studios and developers, as the membership allows you to have trending themes for free downloads. The package is accessible for annual and lifetime subscriptions. A little tip for you: if you are striving to pursue your career in web design, then choose lifetime because, for the price of a couple of templates, you get access to over $500,000 worth of items.

All-in-One Pro

It is a brand-new & cost-effective offer for those who want to work with Weblium and Draftium. It means that you save on a subscription to these tools. Plus, you have a set of templates, a free domain, Google Cloud hosting, and even integration with the innovative and sensational ChatGPT. Sounds tempting, doesn't it? Then another excellent news: all products from the All-in-One tariff are also in this package.

Don't miss your chance to win unlimited opportunities for your career growth with ONE!

All about Military Graphics 

Here is a collection of professional assets, every detail of which looks flawless. The best specialists have worked on these images to ensure the perfect result. So, at your disposal are stunning illustrations that will fit into any work and help build a unique corporate identity. Are you running a social network for a defense academy, creating a CV for a lawyer, or developing an eCommerce resource for selling weapons and uniforms? This collection has the best solutions for your projects for free downloading with a membership. All items have the following features:

  • modern look - there are no outdated models here, as MonsterONE offers only fresh and attractive solutions;
  • clarity and brightness - these images look perfect on all devices while maintaining all the shades of colors;
  • resolution - icons of different resolutions from high to lower are at your service; they differ in the level of detail and loading time;
  • various effects - images include modern effects, including shadows, reflections, and transparency, which enhance the visual impact;
  • file formats - these digital assets are available in various file formats, such as JPEG, PNG, SVG, and more; their main difference from each other is compatibility with different software applications.

Military Icons & Images - Where to Use?

Membership is an indispensable tool for web developers and studios who deal with hundreds of creative tasks. This package allows you to streamline your workflow and take your team's performance to the next level. Access to free downloads of all material for work at any time will give you an edge over your competitors. Let's say you need a security website template to complete a client's order on time. It is much easier and more cost-effective to download it on ONE than to buy it for a large amount of money or build it from scratch.

As for military graphics, this set is as much a must-have as social media icons or building images. It is an excellent highlight of any resource about the army, weapons, criminals, or the law. Let's take a look at an illustrative example. Your client wants an attractive CV for a lawyer position. Agree that with assets in the form of handcuffs or a judge's gavel, it will look much more spectacular. Moreover, on ONE, you download a job application template and simplify all tasks even more! In a nutshell, these images are perfect for the following developments:

Weapon shop

A platform for selling handguns and shotguns should be as attractive and up-to-date as fashion eCommerce. To make your work stand out, add images to it and surprise your customers.

Job resume

A well-prepared CV plays a huge role in hiring lawyers, notaries, and judges. Take care of its appearance and make it unique with unlimited access.

Military resource

The defense industry is gaining momentum and reaching a new level. Therefore, orders for a web resource for an army base or college are no longer a novelty. The icons from the collection will look great on such a page and help emphasize its individuality.

Social network

Law firms actively maintain their social networks to attract as many clients as possible. If you are a content maker at such a company, you cannot do without modern images for catchy posts. Complete stories with different military graphics or start an exciting section with pictures of criminals and judges. It is a great move to grab the attention of the audience.

Finding The Best Icon Set - Key Tips

A significant advantage of the ONE subscription is that you are insured against choosing the wrong asset and losing money. Everything is convenient and straightforward: if the selected solution does not suit you, you download the next one and the next one without any restrictions. No additional fees - all solutions are at your service for one payment.

Moreover, there are tips to find the most suitable product for your site the first time. Follow these guidelines, and success is guaranteed:

  • First of all, make a clear plan of action. At this stage, decide on the concept and idea of your work. Will it be a resume, web resource, or presentation? What effect do you want to get? Answer these questions to move forward with confidence.
  • Visualize the appearance of your future work. Do you want to build your development on minimalism, in black and white shades or with cartoon elements? Decide on all the appearance details to choose the icons that fit the colors and style.
  • Read all the details about the option. Read the description and view the images from all angles. Also, check the compatibility of the format file with the software in which you want to work. Another tip: look at the reviews and ratings of previous clients to find out the ratings from the outside and form your own opinion.
  • To download icons and many other assets, select the desired ONE plan and subscribe for a month, a year, or a lifetime. Thus, to win hundreds of thousands of solutions you need to join the membership! Grab this opportunity and take your company to the next level.

How to Use Military Graphics in Website or App Design?

Modern colorful illustrations are integral to UI/UX designs, including military-style. They allow you to make the development bright and visualize the desired material. What is the best way to use icons and images in your project? TemplateMonster YouTube channel offers an engaging video on this topic. Follow the link and get inspired!

Military Graphics FAQ

What is military graphics?

These are ready-made graphic elements, including icons, images, and illustrations on a defense & army theme. They are of high quality and modern look, so they fit into any of your projects, including a resume or an online weapons store.

How to download military graphics?

With ONE subscription, downloading the desired illustration takes a few minutes. Therefore, first of all, you need to choose a suitable plan (Creative, All-in-One, or All-in-One Pro) and join the membership. After activating the subscription, you have access to unlimited downloads of any weapon icons.

May I use military graphics commercially?

Yes. Products with MonsterONE are available for unlimited projects with the possibility of selling the finished result. It means you don't have to pay extra for a commercial license - everything is already here.

What do I receive in the Creative package besides military graphics?

This pricing plan includes the best digital assets for web designers. At your service are 3D models, presentation layouts, and video and audio files. Moreover, reliable technical support and general assistance are available during the subscription term.

The All-in-One Membership

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