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Stock Video - the Biggest Collection of Video Footage Templates

Do you want to capture the attention of users to your project? We know the way! Stock video is your perfect choice. We know how important videos are. With the help of visual content, the brain processes information 60 thousand times faster than texts. This article will discuss key features, advantages, and usage options of stock videos once you decide to become a member of Monster ONE ultimate membership. We will also tell you about finding the best stock videos and downloading them without breaking the law. Moreover, you will learn about what's trendy in 2020. Let us begin! 

Download Stock Videos for All Kinds of Projects

Have you decided to start your own business? Our templates will become your reliable partner. Take care of your business, and we will think of the rest. Our digital items are a real catch for:

  • IT & Business Branding;
  • Design & Photography;
  • Home & Family issues;
  • Sports, Adventures & Travel agencies;
  • World of Fashion & Beauty;
  • Modern Society & People around us;
  • Food & Restaurant industry;
  • Health Care;
  • Education & Books;
  • All kinds of Vehicles;
  • History of Art & Culture;
  • Entertainment, Games & Nightlife;
  • Real Estate Services;
  • Electronics;
  • Animals & Pets samples;
  • Holidays & Gifts, etc.

Usage and Key Features of Stock Video

Sooner or later, the traditional website layout may seem boring and outdated, and any webmaster will wonder how to insert a video into the site? Especially if you want to revive your platform and attract more visitors to it. There are also projects where you can't go without video content. For example, if we are talking about an educational portal, a large online store, an online cinema. Moreover, video clips are a comfortable and popular way to present and design new information. You can add it in different ways. It depends on the preferences, complexity, and type of content management system (CMS). With the help of our stock videos, you can make:

  1. Background for your platform.
  2. Previews.
  3. Broadcast.
  4. Title.
  5. Promotional purposes.
  6. Presentation, etc.

Besides being multipurpose, our stock videos have other handy features, such as:

  • Eye-catching elements.
  • Modern design.
  • High resolution.
  • Contain multipurpose videos/images.
  • Do not require additional plugins.
  • Packages come with customizable text holders.
  • Drag and drop features.
  • Detailed, comprehensive video tutorials included, etc.

Mobile-Friendly Stock Video

The modern world is constantly changing. The number of Internet visits from mobile devices is growing every day and already reaches 50% of total traffic. The better the mobile version of the site, the more customers will linger on it. And, of course, the rating. Google loves websites with a mobile version. This factor has a positive effect on promotion. The task of developers and owners of Internet resources to take care of customers and make their stay online comfortable. That is why we offer you only mobile-friendly stock videos that have various advantages. Here are some more reasons why you need your stock video to have a mobile version on the site:

1. The mobile version has a simplified code and loads very quickly.

Many users still use slow 3G. Besides, even in large cities, there are places where the Internet speed is very low (for example, railway stations).

2. Search engine loyalty. If a user accesses the Internet from a smartphone, Google will first show him only those sites with a mobile version. Such sites receive more traffic - while all others lose potential customers.

3. The site owner gets more opportunities to interact with customers. If you have a mobile version, you can:

  • set up sending SMS from the site;
  • add QR-code reading function;
  • determine the nearest store to the buyer, where you can pick up the goods;
  • offer the user to install a proprietary mobile application.

Mobile-friendly videos are convenient for both customers and the owner. You can adjust the Internet marketing strategy, thereby increasing the conversion and, consequently, the company's profits.

Cross-Browser Compatibility in Stock Videos

Users usually browse sites using various browsers. All browsers interpret a website's code slightly differently, so it may look different on different browsers. As a general rule, you should not rely on the site's appearance in a particular browser. For example, don't expect the browser to correctly detect the content type or encoding if they are not specified. This information is particularly useful for those who plan to add a stock video to their site. If you want your video to be displayed well in all browsers, you should get ONE  subscription and download unlimited cross-browser compatible videos. Once you add it to your site, you can check yourself that it works well. To do that, you have to open your pages with as many browsers as possible.

Once you've created your website and added our video, you need to ensure that it provides all users with the full range of features you've been working on for so long and that all design elements display correctly. Ideally, you should start testing your website as early as possible. The site can be shown differently in different browsers and even in other versions of the same program. You can find out which browsers your visitors use the most using Google Analytics. All in all, whatever stock visuals you select, we guarantee great results.

Why Is SEO Important in Stock Video?

The video format is interesting because, in addition to being entertaining, it allows information to transmit in a more comprehensive form. Videos are an effective way to promote interactions, generate backlinks, and increase your visibility in Google. 82% of businesses believe that videos are essential to their marketing strategies.

People around regularly search for products in Google, Yandex, or Bing. So, this also applies to your potential customers. The answer to why it is so important to be on the first web page is quite simple: most users never look further, usually finding the item or service they need on the first page of search results. Engine optimization is not responsible for whether your potential customers find your website or not. But Google should "like" your page. SEO is essential, as it aims to increase the number of your website visitors. One of the most inexpensive ways to give more visibility to your site and land customers is high results ratings. If search engines do not see your web page, then its existence means nothing. 

Advantages of Optimized Stock Videos

SEO is critical for any project, that has a video since:

  • Your site tops Google search results. It provides you with constant customer flow.
  • It is responsible for the presentable layout of your website. Our digital products are unique and work smoothly on any device that makes it more user-friendly.
  • It helps you to gain the audience's confidence. If Google trusts a site, most Internet users will do the same.
  • SEO gives more visibility to your site at a low price. Your current visitors will regularly return to your page and trust us, which is much more affordable than attracting new ones. Choose us, and you will not have to pay extra for additional SEO services. 
  • It allows you to attract a different target audience. Continually increasing your site traffic, you will only improve and expand it. 

Stock Video Trends 2020

Stock video makers understand that today's users need high-quality videos as soon as possible. By following the stock industry trends (and anticipating them before they happen), they upload relevant videos to stock as soon as they become available. There are some steps you can do to understand what is trendy this year:

1) Watch videos that are released by large brands in a niche with high competition.

2) Check out the video stocks, especially the categories "popular" and "recently added."

3) Analyze the latest music videos

If you have been browsing stocks for a long time, you understand that you can't follow all stock video trends. You will have to choose a couple of directions that are suitable for your project the most.

Download Stock Videos with Monster ONE Subscription 

Are you tired of looking for budget options for templates? Do you think top-notch digital items can't be affordable? Do you feel confused with all these packages and offers? TemplateMonster has found the best solution for you! Monster ONE subscription service will save your money and allow you to use as many templates as you like for your numerous projects with no additional charges.

ONE Membership will provide you with multiple cost-efficient reasons. First of all, purchasing our subscription is much more profitable than buying a single template. For $82/year, you will be able to download digital products without any limitations. Just compare. The price of a particular template is about $72. Besides, it comes with only a one-time use license, while our inexpensive premium services are available for you throughout the year without any boundaries. If you wish to create an original product, you will probably need to try various templates, which cost money. With our service, you can use many samples and do not have to pay extra.

Benefits of ONE Membership

Choosing ONE membership, you get the following benefits: 

  • Professional 24/7 technical support to assist you in any problematic question regardless of your experience level. In case you have any issue, there is always a person here to help you solve this problem;
  • The most stylish and modern products on the market are available for you. We keep up with the times and follow the latest trends, regularly updating our product range, adding new graphics, and the most relevant items and services. With ONE subscription, you will be the first to learn about these updates, even if your membership expires. Pay once and discover a variety of premium layouts and page styles. We promise to consider all the significant factors for web design, including the latest trends, page loading speed, usability, popularity among customers, and much more.
  • Download without limits! Every subscriber can use the offered items and services as often as they need to build a unique and complete project.
  • Items for Elementor and JetPlugin to increase the functionality of your project are also available for you. Even if your concept is rather complicated, our subscription service will successfully cope with it. 
  • We respect your choice. If you do not find what you need, you may cancel your subscription within 14 days.

Three Packages Available 

Each user may choose one of the subscription types:

  1. The creative package. It costs only $6.80 per month and $82 per year. Annual Unlimited membership provides you with the option to use all graphic fonts an infinite number of times throughout a year. Compare our charges with your ordinary everyday spendings, and you will understand how cost-effective our offers are. At a reasonably low price, you receive unlimited access to all our files, layouts, presentations. Also, you may always subscribe for a month to try our product. In case you feel comfortable with our policy and services, you may always extend it to a full year package. 
  2. All-in-one package. For $14.90 per month and $179 per year, all the advantages of this subscription type are open to you. You may also add free WordPress and CMS samples, eCommerce samples, plugins, and other professional digital items in addition to standard features.
  3. All-in-one Unlimited package. For $599/LIFETIME, you receive all the options mentioned above and lifetime access to all our best products with no boundaries. You will make sure that this membership type is worth its money and much more profitable than buying each item separately. Select this package and forget about the need to renew your monthly or yearly subscription every time. 

How To Download digital products with ONE Subscription

To become one of the TemplateMonster users and join our community is easier than you can even imagine. To install our services, you should first select the type of package that suits you most. Then enter your general contact information, including first name, last name, email, address, and create a password. Also, you have to choose the payment method: it can be a PayPal account or Bank Card. Join us, and you will be able to download any digital products even faster. Only log in and choose the product you need from the list. A few clicks of a mouse and your items are ready for further use.  

How to Select the Best Stock Video with One

Once you are on the Monster ONE platform, try to:

  1. Narrow down your search query: enter not one but three to five words. The phrase "Rome Trevi Fountain" will give you more accurate results than just "Rome." See what keywords the picture you like contains and use them for further search.
  2. Select the image size required. We advise you to download the illustrations in the largest size (you may still need them for your billboard). Remember to optimize them before placing them on the online page, not to affect load times.
  3. Please read the license agreement carefully before downloading visuals to avoid legal problems.

Additional Premium Services

Our best authors will be happy to create top-grade content for you. If you wish, we will write original and SEO-optimized content, carefully choose keywords, and provide you with 100% free-plagiarism texts for your web page or blog. This service is available at an extra cost and takes a full one week. Contact us and learn more! 

License Policy to Keep In Mind

If you decide to subscribe to ONE membership, you have two license options: 

  1. Yearly Unlimited License. This subscription allows you to download any number of products from the chosen package within a year from the purchase date.
  2. Lifetime Unlimited License. According to this option, all the yearly license features are also available for you, but for an unlimited time. 

If your yearly license is over, you should prolong it to use our services again. There are also some restrictions concerning the license policy you should remember. Take into consideration that:

  • Redistribution of our items and services is strictly forbidden.
  • You are not allowed to use our tools for the Saas website.
  • Using Monster ONE digital products to promote your items is prohibited.
  • All the rights for products you upload belong to Monster ONE only.
  • All digital items are subject to the end product only. 

You should also bear in mind that the system can consider it fraud when using numerous web tools simultaneously. So it would take care of necessary measures to protect itself from a possible hacker attack. If you still have questions concerning these restrictions or personal rights, contact our support team, and we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information.

Stock Video FAQ

What comes with a package? Do I have to pay extra to download stock video?

The price directly depends on the package you choose. The more services you get, the higher the fee is. Such options as fonts, style sheets, HTML files, design sources in PSD format, flash elements are basic ones, so you do not need to pay extra. Otherwise, the use of the website premium package and the options it provides demands an additional fee. The list of these options include conversion to WordPress, GDPR & CCPA Compliance, Add Drag & Drop HTML Builder by Novi, and other useful facilities. In case you need assistance choosing the package or fixing some installation issues, refer to our support experts without delay.

How to get a logo to use with a stock video?

Entrust the creation of your logo to professionals! Create a logo for your project. We understand how important this tool is, so if the result does not satisfy your demands, we will redesign it for you up to 3 times. It is not a simple decoration, but a powerful web tool, the proper use of which can promote your brand and contribute to its formation at the very beginning. Our experts will take into consideration all the particular characteristics of your company. So the final product you get will reflect both your expectations and the strength of your company. When designing a concept for your logo, we maintain the following principles:
Beauty in simplicity. Supplementing each other, all the elements will carry clarity and a specific meaning. 
Readability. The logo should be easy to read and remember. 
Color, graphics, and font should convey a specific meaning that will reflect its main ideas. 
The logo display is to look well both on a small business card and a billboard.

What are the license limitations on stock video I should keep in mind?

All videos on the Internet have authors. Some allow you to download their work for free. Others sell it. Please read the licensing information before downloading any content. Pay attention to the type of license: sometimes attribution or prohibition of commercial use is a prerequisite. What a violation of the rules can lead to: if the author complains about your resource to Google, the page may be removed from the search results; if the copyright holder sues you, you will have to pay a fine.

If I need technical support on stock video, whom should I contact?

Three possible options are available for you: Contact our technical experts via the Ticket Support service that works for you from Monday till Friday. Our general assistance chat for item-related questions is at your service 24/7. Unfortunately, it involves only fundamental issues, not complicated technical troubleshooting. Get in touch with our advanced support service. For an additional charge, it is open for you to fix any technical issues.

Unlimited Download of Stock Videos with One Subscription

Watch this informative video to find out how to sign in, select the needed stock video, and download necessary items. To perform all these steps couldn't be any easier. With a single click of a button, you will install all items you need. Create your projects with ease, and we will take care of the rest. Enjoy yourself!

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