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Perfect City Video Templates For Impressive Project

The sounds of taxis, many lanterns, and the constant movement of cars are invariable attributes of the noisy and large modern world. Our beautiful products help diversify any project and add dynamics, drive, and modernity. That's why the above collection is so vital to your visitors. Look at what cool and bright materials we have prepared for you. You don't need to keep track and rent the filming equipment. It's enough to download one of the city video templates and adjust it according to your preferences. Try excellent content from MonsterOne, and return for additional materials and graphics!

What Are City Video Templates

Our items are ready-made materials you can modify, edit, and insert as a ready-made part into your project or film.

Among the assortment presented above are such variants:

The first category is a small clip the buyer can place in his advertisement or film. Use it as part of the plot or as a basis to overlay text, logo, or special effects.

Motion Graphics is a component that looks like a filmed material, but authors created it thanks to smooth images moving. Screensavers with texts may also appear in the plot. Therefore, use it to produce a promo and add messages for your potential audience. Web developers rarely use traditional live shooting to create such materials. Setting up the product is relatively easy. Change all texts and colors at once if required.

After Effects are goods created using the software of the same name from the Adobe company; you'll find special effects, animated graphics, and much more. Receive a quality product because real professionals created it based on well-known programs.

Also, find paid and free options in the list. For the latter, buying a tariff in our library is unnecessary. However, many aspects of the quantity, assortment, and general appearance differ from the paid ones. You can access unlimited downloads and many great products by purchasing a monthly plan.

Who Needs City Video Templates

The goods offered are excellent for many purposes. Among them are:

  • Development of a promo.
  • Creation of movies.
  • Speeches in front of the public.
  • Presentations on the projector.
  • Screensavers for the background of the website.
  • As a part of an online project.
  • Posts for social networks.
  • Intros for channels and official groups.

Remember, many businesses download ready-made goods on MonsterOne to develop their business. Among the companies that are interested in scenes or special effects with noisy and busy streets are:

  • Taxi services.
  • Car rental.
  • Excursions and guides.
  • Fashionable clothes and accessories.
  • Clubs and cafes.
  • Tourist agencies.
  • Marketing and PR companies.
  • Sportswear and footwear.
  • Delivery services.
  • Translators
  • Web designers.
  • Factories and productions.

We offer short scenes showing life in New York, Shanghai, Seoul, Paris, Rome, and other destinations people love. Watch the preview and choose the option that best emphasizes the features of your project. Develop your business with the help of the MonsterOne graphics library!

Advantages Of City Video Templates

Our items have always been of high quality. That is why many companies try to issue a one-year or lifetime subscription. This variant lets you download unlimited plugins, pictures, content, and graphics. Terms and conditions are at the link.

Also, the collection above differs in some qualities that community members are interested in knowing. We'll talk about some features and notable pluses below.

Original stories

Is it possible to show streets or traffic jams in a new manner? Our talented web developers will surprise you. They also want you to have original content for a new advertising company or website. Therefore, watch the demo and get inspired by unique ideas for your company's future PR.

High quality

Content authors are real professionals, and they know what you need. Therefore, find the best resolution and HD quality in the description. This point allows you to use a ready-made promo on a laptop, projector, or large screen. Impress your viewers with shots from a provincial town, unique New York, or relaxing plots. Let people fully immerse themselves in an excellent film and see a fantastic, high-quality result.


Change many details of the plot, color, texts, apply a logo, etc. It all depends on the purposes for which you need the materials. We advise you to watch additional special effects at the link. They help diversify the promo and add an even more positive viewing experience.

Ease of use

You don't need to learn new programs to master the skills of working with our goods. First, every web developer has added detailed documentation about editing. You'll receive these manuals together with downloaded goods. There is an alternative option - choose your favorite editor and adjust the appearance yourself.

TOP 12 Intros For Your Project

Look at great examples and try to create or find a ready-made one on MonsterOne! We have such a variety that every visitor will be satisfied!

City Video Templates FAQ

How to choose city video templates?

First of all, the plot should suit you. Check the speed of movement of objects in the frame. They should connect perfectly with the following scenes from your film. Wow, you can watch the demo on our website directly without going to the product page. Please click the Play button on each material's image on this page. Please read the description in detail. Find out if there is musical accompaniment. Then make a decision.

Is there support for the content from MonsterOne?

Yes, all subscribers to our library receive the service. Create a ticket in your account, and a team of web developers will answer your question. Remember, the first year of using the service is free!

How to set up promos and special effects from MonsterOne?

It would help if you had standard editing programs. For After Effects, you should use Adobe software. Also, try your usual editor to insert a piece purchased from us into a finished film.

What is the difference between paid and free city video templates?

Our library is a profitable purchase because you download unlimited graphics within the tariff framework. However, there are also free variants. The main difference from paid ones is a less excellent and diverse appearance, lack of support, no updates, and fewer techniques and technologies that web developers spend a lot of time on.

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