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Passionate Emotional Piano and Strings - Stock Music

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Short description:

- Emotional, heartfelt, and heartwarming track. Evokes strong feelings of love, passion, longing, and hope. It starts minimal and builds to an uplifting dramatic moment.

- Best for dramatic and emotional scenes, touching life stories, documentaries, commercials, tv programs, projects with epic, dramatic, and cinematic ambiance, sad stories going into an optimistic ending, adverts with a lot of deep emotional meaning, films, television, commercial projects, happy end videos, and beautiful passion, inspiration, and nostalgia.

- Features piano, cello, strings, pads, and bells

It comes in two main versions:

- the full mix

- a bed without the main melody

There are also edits: 60 sec, 15 sec, and a loop.

Additional track lengths: 2:40, 1:00, 0:15, 1:14

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