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Warm Memories - Stock Music

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Short description:

- A dreamy, emotional, and sentimental, acoustic guitar track. Nostalgic and beautiful melodies will evoke feelings of inspiration, affection, and love

- Best for summer, travel, nature, family-related content, emotional sequences, storytelling, branding and marketing videos, mothers Day, ceremonies, musical backgrounds, and other romantic and memorable videos, filled with romance inspiring vibe, dreamy moments, marriage picture slideshow, film, reflective videos, Christian projects, charity video campaigns, valentine´s day video, tearful, thoughtful, emotional stories

- Features acoustic guitars, piano, and pad

It comes in two main versions:

- the full mix

- a bed version

There are also edits: 60 sec, a sting, and a loop

Additional track lengths: 2:03, 1:00, 0:08, 1:46

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