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Travel Website Templates - Great Designs for Memorable User Experience

Traveling is medicine for the soul. It breaks down barriers between communities and encourages an open exchange of ideas among people. Hitting the record highs and being on the rise, the tourism industry will never fade. That is why numerous online platforms related to this sphere appear now. People engaged in this business trips bloggers who share impressions with their readers, or even hotels and different places providing accommodation services promote their web sources. If it is also a hot topic to you, travel website templates by TemplateMonster are a fantastic entering point.

Are you willing to immerse yourself in tourism or want to improve your platform? Make it happen with our beautiful ready-mades. Their rock modern and eye-catching layouts can easily capture the attention of any client. Powerful functionalities and multiple additional options will help you bring the ideas of your loyal customers and future travelers into life and arrange their dream tours. Are you willing to start the journey and learn more? Then look for the details in our article.

Why are Travel Website Templates Important for Your Project?

Good-looking web design is vital for many factors. It plays an essential role in making a great first impression and determines whether your page visitor will trust you. Tourism-related platforms are not an exception. They allow you to share information about your company or services with your potential clients any time of the day or night. Your visitors can even make purchases or some bookings around the clock.

With our awesome HTML templates for travel websites, you may compose a stunning online portal for presenting your firm and sharing your contact information. It can become a source of inspiration for people you work with. Inspire them to order a trip, stay at a hotel you advise, or visit some interesting location by your recommendation. Besides, a well-crafted page is your calling card in the digital world, which is essential for building relationships with your customers.

Thus, running a tourism-related portal, you may:

  • Provide credibility and value for your agency;
  • Personalize your brand and introduce it to the world;
  • Take full control of your bookings and online reservations;
  • Be available 24/7 and stay in touch with clients;
  • Achieve higher online visibility and increase your customer base;
  • Showcase vacation package and sell them from your source;
  • Share your clients' feedback and reviews;
  • Expand your boundaries and reach new levels.

Who Will Benefit from Pre-made Travel Templates?

All the assets from our collections are multipurpose. No matter which type of travel site you’re planning to create, the end product will always be premium-quality and responsive. The pre-made products we provide are a real catch for many tourism-related platforms, including:

  • Travel agencies;
  • Tour management firms;
  • Booking holdings;
  • Official city tourism sites;
  • Travel blogs;
  • Adventure online journals;
  • Informative pages of hotels, villas, or other accommodation places;
  • Any other firms or platforms that are dealing with the organization of tourism activities online.

The web items from our digital gallery are a perfect solution for any project to all effects and purposes. You are free to go into the tiniest details showcasing your product, including different locations, hospitality industry services, and travel packages. You may tell your customers about must-see travel destinations or compose impressive online journals to imprint your adventures in memory. 

Travel Website Templates Must-have Characteristics

Selecting an asset that perfectly fits your portal and reflects your main ideas can be a challenging task. You have to consider so many factors contributing to your project's success. Powerful options and flawless operation are only several of them. A ready-made template boasts semantically correct and valid code, a responsive and customization-friendly layout, a convenient content management system, etc. That is why we carefully check any web item before adding it to our rich digital gallery. We guarantee their exceptional quality and modern functionality, trying to provide our users with the best layouts.

Our products are in tune with the latest trends and SEO standards. Moreover, they are mobile responsive by default and suitable for a wide range of needs. Such ready-mades may help you compose a unique web space in no time and with zero effort.

As well, our tour travel website templates come in a set with excellent features:

  • SEO-optimization allows you to achieve a top spot in search engine rankings and increase your traffic;
  • Clean coding for making your page work properly and without any interruptions;
  • Extended documentation with comprehensive instructions and even video tutorials, which is vital for newbies in web design and people with no coding skills;
  • Mobile adaptation that optimizes any page for playback on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets;
  • Sophisticated and thought-out information architecture that comes with convenient sections and modules.

Additional Functionalities You Should Consider

Alongside all the premium characteristics described above, our assets also include rich extra options. They will be a great addition to your tourism-related project, contributing to its uniqueness and multifunctionality.

Our ready-to-use items for touristic purposes also feature:

  • W3C validated and retina-ready layout;
  • Sticky navigation bar;
  • Efficient search filter system;
  • Convenient booking forms;
  • Google Maps;
  • Dropdown menu;
  • Fully accessible admin control;
  • Immersive gallery options;
  • Newsletter subscription box;
  • Complete destination listing pages;
  • Various extensions and additional plugins;
  • Detailed search section for activities and tours;
  • Blog grid, and much more.

Creating a modern, clean, and professional online presence is possible. Visit the TemplateMonster marketplace to get your perfect design.

How to Get Professional Samples for Travel Online Sources

TemplateMonster platform offers you three variants for buying pre-made products for your multifunctional online source:

  1. Free download. To install the preferred asset, you need to select it from the list of free products and then share its link on your page on social media networks. After performing this step, you will be able to find the ready-made you choose in the downloads section of your account. 
  2. Single purchase. Add to cart a template that suits your project. You have to pass a couple of easy steps including registration (for new users) and choose a preferable payment method. After several minutes, an email will be sent to you with an invoice for the paid asset and the download link. To facilitate the searching process, you can use the left panel. It contains filters and different tags, like topics and features. The search bar can be useful as well.
  3. MonsterONE subscription. It gives you the possibility to pay once and get free access to any product from our comprehensive collections. You only have to log in and click on the "download" button on your sample's page. We use only fully secure payment methods like Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.

MonsterONE Subscription - All-in-one Solutions At Your Fingertips

If you are thinking about travel website templates free download or search for any other asset for your numerous projects, you've found the right place. MonsterONE is not just a service, ensuring access to professional samples. It is a revolutionary subscription, allowing you to receive everything rolled in one. Opting for it, you get a chance to discover unlimited possibilities and download the best items for free. Only imagine. You pay for the subscription and receive access to all the files from TemplateMonster digital gallery free of charge. 

MonsterONE Key Benefits 

Free unlimited access to the top samples from experienced and talented specialists is only one of the advantages our service covers. There is a long list of cutting-edge benefits you may explore when deciding to join our community. The most prominent ones are the following:

  • Cost-effectiveness of each offer we provide. It seems to be the first factor worth mentioning. As each of our pricing plans is budget-oriented, you may save money. Having ready-made solutions for any purpose, you will also win time.
  • Extensive choice of high-quality pre-made items. Our marketplace includes everything needed for any user. More than 80K unique designs for your unlimited online and offline projects are always at your service. Being suitable for everyone, our subscription also covers access to stunning presentation assets, creative logos, top-notch illustrations, and even animated banners.
  • Professional premium services. We try to do our best to make your job easier and help you create an impressive online space. You are free to order web page optimization, content writing, logo creation, and more. Moreover, they come with pleasant discounts, available to our subscribers only.
  • Technical support from our experienced specialists. Each package you may purchase includes one year of professional assistance. If any questions regarding some technical issues or platform policy arise, you can always rely on our support team. Just drop a message in our live chat, located in the bottom right corner of the page, and wait for the response.
  • Сoding knowledge needed. Exceptional knowledge of the coding, typography, optimization aspects is a must. Users with a high level of skill in this field will manage our assets with no difficulties. Each product is user-friendly and contains help files with extended documentation.

Free vs. Premium Items

All our samples boast exceptional quality, flexible framework, and reliability. But if you are still in doubt if to choose free travel website templates from unauthorized and insecure sources or give preference to the premium ones, consider some significant factors. Finding free products related to any sphere is easy, but you can never be sure of their quality. They usually lack originality and proper licensing, come with no technical support and show low overall performance. Thus, using such themes is risky. 

On the contrary, premium products are available with far more functionality out of the box. Ongoing support and regular updates also prove that such files are secure solutions in the long run. Besides, any design is unique, contributing to making your platform stand out from the others. If you care about your reputation and do not want to face legal issues, we have a solution for you. Premium products with clear licensing policies and flexible cancellation procedures from MonsterONE are an excellent choice for you. 

Pricing Plans and Tariffs

There are three pricing plans available. They are perfect for any budget and come with multiple benefits. Which one to pick depends on your preferred choices and the number of pages you will need to compose.

  1. The Creative package comes for $6.80 per month or $82 per year. It gives access to all graphics, presentation assets, top-notch sounds, and videos beyond all bounds. This option is great for anyone who needs top-quality digital content on the regular.
  2. All-in-one package that is available for $14.95 per month and $179 per year. It covers all the pros of the previous option. Besides, it opens access to the unique collection of professional themes for WordPress and CMS platforms, different add-ons, extensions, and plugins. People who need to craft multiple customer portals will surely love this plan.
  3. All-in-one Unlimited is at your disposal for $599. It provides a lifetime subscription. All the products from MonsterONE collections are granted here. It is a comprehensive and cost-efficient option for experienced designers and business owners who focus on multiple projects simultaneously.

Consider the items each package contains:

Creative All-in-one All-in-one Lifetime 
Premium GraphicsThemes for WordPress and CMS platformsThemes for WordPress and CMS platforms
Samples for Presentations and SlideshowsE-commerce DesignsE-commerce Designs
Video & Audio FilesPlugins IncludedPlugins Included
Unlimited Projects1-year SupportPremium Graphics
1-year Support From Technical SpecialistsPremium GraphicsSamples for Presentations and Slideshows
Samples for Presentations and SlideshowsVideo & Audio Files
Video & Audio FilesUnlimited Projects
Unlimited Projects1-year Support
Lifetime Access

Visit our pricing section to learn more.

Some Restrictions of MonsterONE Service

Having subscribed to MonsterONE, you may use all its benefits in no time. Yet, there are some limitations you should consider:

  1. Redistribution of products is strictly prohibited. They are available for commercial and business purposes only.
  2. The items are subject to the end product only. Their use for promotional needs is not allowed.
  3. Install as many assets as you need, but avoid mass downloading. Our security system may consider it a fraud and will have to take measures for its prevention.
  4. All the rights belong to MonsterONE only. 

Travel Website Templates FAQ

What travel website templates functionalities should I focus on when choosing them?

When searching for a pre-made item, always pay attention to the key characteristics it comes with. Must-have ones are a responsive and mobile-friendly layout, compatibility with the latest SEO standards, syntactically correct coding. Flexible navigation, an easy-to-access admin panel, efficient information architecture are also essential. As well, the chosen ready-made should suit your central purposes and reflect your ideas.

How can I make sure that my travel website templates are mobile-adaptive?

Several suppliers provide specific analysis tools, allowing you to check your site's compatibility with mobile devices. One of the ways to check your source for such a feature is performing the Google test. You have to enter your page URL in the search bar and press the "analyze" button. Your result will be ready in a few seconds. It will also show you how your page looks on a mobile screen. As well, the following service provides advice on how to optimize your portal.

Can I get professional assistance in installing and configuring my travel website templates?

Numerous premium services are at our clients' disposal. Professional assistance in setting up and further customization of the products you've purchased is one of them. Select the needed service, and our web developers will implement it in the shortest terms. Besides, our subscribers may get all the options at a considerable discount.

Are travel website templates SEO-optimized?

All our ready-to-use samples boast SEO optimization and support its latest trends. Driving more people to your site, this significant functionality helps users to find your source via search engines faster and easier. As a result, you can build better relationships with your audience, improve your clients' experience, and even expand your customer base.

Best Travel Website Templates - Download For Free with MonsterONE

To immerse into our world and find more about unlimited possibilities you can explore, check our videos from our channel. Here you may find appealing information concerning web design in all of its aspects. Discover the all-in-one solutions for your travel project and surprise your customers with top-notch service!

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