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Top HTML IT Templates for Computers and Digital Projects

Do you run an IT company, IT project, or informational technology-related business? Do you want to boost sales? Then, consider our HTML IT templates. With their help, you can solve business and organizational problems easily. A professional platform is your 24/7 business card, which can widen your client's database. Modern design, optimized code, and other handy features will make your customer's online experience more pleasant. Besides, for your convenience, we are offering a cost-effective subscription called MonsterONE. With its help, you can download an unlimited number of premium-quality IT templates. Keep reading to find out more!

Website Templates for Various IT Projects

Everyone involved in the IT business understands how important it is to have a great website. If the platform is slow and low-functional, how can you convince that you are the one who will help with tech issues? That is why we urge IT professionals of all areas to consider our products. Promote your services, including:

  • Maintenance of computers and office equipment.
  • Backup.
  • Development of the company's IT strategy.
  • Automated IT monitoring.
  • Purchase of computer, network, and other equipment.
  • IT relocation of the company.
  • Implementation of IT security policy.
  • Creation/modernization and maintenance of IT infrastructure of any complexity.
  • Creating a virtual IT infrastructure
  • Design and installation of cable systems.
  • Security systems installation.
  • Creating and maintaining a website.
  • Selection and installation of software (anti-virus software, software for accounting, etc.).
  • Cloud services, etc. 

Major Characteristics of HTML IT Templates

There are many handy features you get when opting for our web assets. The top three are:

  1. SEO. It will allow your site to be positioned by the right keywords, and your content will be adapted not only to the language but also to the way your new customers are.
  2. Multilingual content. Find new customers all over the globe! But don't entrust the translation of your company's website to the Google translator. The result will be poor, and it will likely contain errors that will make your international customers suspicious. Always call on professional translators: you will have flawless text perfectly suited to the country of destination (number or date formats, local expressions, etc.) while being sure to offer the best presentation card to clients internationally.
  3. Mobile-friendly layout. Let potential clients browse your platform on the go. It will help your business run 24/7, withstanding time difference gaps. 

How to Get HTML IT Templates?

There are only a couple of easy steps you need to go through to get your desired item:

  1. Create ONE account. 
  2. Go to the HTML category.
  3. Select any item that corresponds to your project requirements.
  4. Download.
  5. Install.
  6. Customize.

ONE Subscription Advantages

The benefits are numerous. To name but a few:

  1. Unlimited access to our template's database. 
  2. Discounted TemplateMonster products.
  3. 24/7 tech support.
  4. Regularly updates assets.
  5. Flexible cancellation policies
  6. Clear licensing. 

ONE Tariff

  • Download the Creative plan, and you will get presentation templates, sorted audio and video content, and excellent graphics, only paying $82 per year. 
  • Get the All-in-one subscription plan. It includes all the Creative program benefits plus plugins, WordPress, E-commerce, and CMS themes. This plan comes for $179 per year.
  • Consider the All-in-one Lifetime subscription plan. It is a perfect solution for big scale projects. Pay once $599 and get a lifetime unlimited package of all our top-quality products.

HTML IT Templates FAQs

Are HTML IT templates SEO-friendly?

Yes, they are. Thanks to this feature, your potential clients easily find your platform on different searching platforms. Don't miss a customer with our SEO-optimized themes.

Are HTML IT templates mobile-friendly?

Yes, sure. Let your clients check your website on the go! Besides, they can easily find your location via phone, phone number and read more about your company.

Can HTML IT templates be multilingual?

Yes, they can be. Add languages you wish and reach customers all over the world. But remember to double-check the content and don't trust translation to Google translate. Refer to professionals.

Can I be an HTML IT templates developer?

We are always open to collaborating with new IT professionals. To know more about this opportunity, please refer to the become an author page.

Save with ONE HTML IT Templates

Sounds interesting? Then follow the link above and watch a video on how to save with ONE subscription. Please find us on other social media and never miss updates and trendy news from the web world.

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