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Sports Graphics

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Enrich your Projects with Fresh and Cutting-Edge Sports Graphics from MonsterONE

Soccer matches, Olympic games, tennis training, basketball, volleyball, hockey, paintball tournaments, and other events require publicity. People go to the platforms first to choose the best seat in the stadium. Others wait for video reports with details of the most interesting game moments. Some subscribe to fitness magazines and follow the personal blogs of gym trainers and experienced athletes. To correctly and successfully progress in each of these areas you need to have a strong skill base. For online and offline ventures, the most crucial point is to select a productive approach and implement all sorts of instruments. Some of such solutions are amazing in terms of visualization and top-quality sports graphics. The assortment comprises a range of layouts and mockups that enhance the information delivery. You easily create dynamic and energetic designs with icons, animations, banners, logos, and other elements. Bright colors, fast-paced lines, and impactful typefaces accentuate the intensity of athletic moments and sharpen the eye. And MonsterONE will help you become much closer to realizing your ideas.

We suggest a new development concept - subscribing to a pricing plan and applying the best web solutions for websites, presentations, advertising, and social media. Membership says yes to creativity and unlimited possibilities of its manifestation. So now is your chance to join our community and start carefree building of eye-catching social media projects.

What Role Does Graphics Play in the Artwork?

Design materials are of paramount place in any job. Small components and multi-part layouts make visuals richer, colorful and, of course, highly functional. Just imagine what you would do without ready-made backgrounds, product mockups, or illustrations. Would you develop them yourself or seek a specialist? Both processes are quite costly in time and money, so pre-made offerings solve several issues at once. They don't require any special knowledge. You only need to know how to operate a program with which the items are compatible. They involve a minimum of time and settings. You are in line with your corporate style and make content adjustments. It's even simpler with illustrations. You put them as backgrounds in presentations, banners, or advertisements. From there, you just play with colors and representation of the whole picture. This results in serious resource-saving power of graphics.

In addition to this, it also solves a number of the following challenges:

Increases brand recognition

Creating a logo and applying unique scripts establishes the brand identity of any company including athletic one. Our assets serve as a visual brand identifier, making the design easily recognizable and memorable. Moreover, the collection covers thousands of offerings among which selecting your logo is super effortless! Be sure to check it out via this link.

Engaging and sharpening the user's focus

Let's imagine that the reader now opens your sportswear store's Instagram page. What is the first thing he/she should see? It's a stunning visual presentation of the sneakers, apparel, and accessories' quality. Provide this by applying our vector sports graphics and custom digital marketing templates. These bundles encompass dozens of themes for creating beautiful content - posts and stories. And sports motion graphics complement your professionally shot reels. In turn, the pages' pleasant appearance catches people's eye and makes them subscribe to your store or recreational blog.

Improved user experience

Colorful and informative presentations and detailed infographics contribute to simple comprehension of complex content. Moreover, UI elements come to your rescue. After all, small components can be easily adapted and implemented in website and app design. Customers get easy and quick navigation through the platform.

Boost in marketing and advertising

Banners, logos, and other sports graphic elements serve as effective tools for digital marketing because they attract attention to products or services. In addition, they facilitate the process of creating a marketing campaign. You find any solution in two clicks in the library that the selected plan reveals to you.

What Tasks Are Sports Graphics Suitable for?

Sports graphics has unlimited possibilities of application. To begin with, the goods don't end with ball and cup layouts. The library covers a wide range of educational and sports-related objects. Adapt them to the following:

Racing Platforms

This is the simplest example. Team websites, news portals, and event organizations should have dynamic and engaging visuals. Clients expect fast resource performance, responsiveness of every button, and easy navigation. Our solutions are sure to fulfill these expectations.

Tennis event broadcasts

Event streaming design is impossible to do without these components. Decorate beautiful captions, statistics, pause effects, and other visual animations.

Mobile apps for fitness and health tracking

Do you like it when after downloading a long sought-after app you get a perfect resource? Your customers also expect a nice interface, workout tracking, health management, and results monitoring. Add buttons, schedules, launch feedback, connect signup forms, etc. Sports graphics are enough for every such purpose!

Charity soccer/basketball, etc. festivals

Here you require high-quality materials for advertising. We have prepared banners, posters, business card templates, flyers, and brochures.

Educational resources on fencing and skating

Sports involve more than just training. It encompasses a careful attitude towards health. This manifests itself in the study of anatomy, muscle groups, water balance, and other nuances. A platform with training tutorials needs the involvement of infographics and video content. And we're right there with our stuff.

Gymnastics blogs and soccer magazines

You need quality and engaging illustrations for your articles. Plus, you have to create interesting headlines and layouts.

Sports nutrition stores and supplies

Custom branding, packaging, and promotional materials for gym supplies and services companies also include our design assets. They allow you to reinforce a powerful brand identity.


Integrating sports graphics into interfaces and creating visual elements for mobile applications and computer games involves high-end solutions. They enable diversifying the atmosphere, adding new scenes, and attracting players with upgrades.


The combination of text and images, animations, and interactive tools contributes to audience engagement. A person better assimilates info when it is presented interestingly and accessible. Plus, slideshows are structural along with the correct arguments. How to do without layouts and colorful outputs here? A training demonstration must be clear and concise. It means you require our infographics and, of course, amazing and sparkling typefaces.

Exclusive Designs Based on Sports Graphics

As you already understood while flipping through this page - there are a huge number of goods. And if you think you can use only a few models - don't rush. We encourage every designer, developer, freelancer, student, and user to realize that producing demonstrations, brochures, and large-scale businesses online becomes a pleasure with ready-made solutions. Profit from our next offerings:

Logo Templates

Start recognizing our collection of high-end and modern logo layouts. After all, any wrestling section, gear store, and large community needs to express itself. With a solid logo, you stand out from your competitors and build a unique self-image. This visual element helps clients easily identify the company's goods or services. Our offerings come with flexibility and multi-targeting in mind. Some are even ready for animation to realize all your ideas.

Social Media

These are incredible layouts for digital marketing. Your fitness nutrition store's stories have never been so vibrant and engaging. Your volleyball team's Facebook banners are bound to sparkle with new colors. Ready-made templates are a wonderful way to diversify your approach to advertising and presenting messages. A huge advantage is that we have collected them in bundles. For example, download the discount layout for visiting a fitness gym and adapt it to boxing, weightlifting, dancing, and so on. The library also has thumbnail templates for various types of sports activities on YouTube. Build professional-looking preview images or video icons now.

Product Mockups

You need our product mockups to develop a new line of vitamins, supplements, and delicious protein bars. Change colors and visuals in a few clicks, and see in volume mode how the goods look now. It's convenient for the planning and pre-design process of your brand. After all, apart from analyzing the visual part, you can also make immediate adjustments. Mockups are also useful for advertising campaigns. Eye-catching and high-quality items increase credibility and catch the customers' attention.


What project does without illustrations? And what about bright pictures with accurate drawings of fans, cheerleaders, and main players of teams? Download any suitable image and integrate it into banners, ads, social media, flyers, and presentations. Most are available as packs, meaning you create complete stories by applying pictures stylized in the same direction.

Corporate Identity

Here the solutions allow you to create unity and consistency of all visual aspects of the athletic company brand. Select a business card visual and infuse it with the corporate identity colors. Check out which flyers and brochures are better at communicating info about the upcoming match. Make changes in a few clicks with the help of a handy program.

Icon Sets

Enjoy all kinds of sports graphics related to recreational activities. We provide specialized soccer, basketball, tennis, badminton, boxing, and even chess icon packs. They cover a large number of figures related to a particular field of endeavor. Moreover, general direction icons are available. These goods are great for structuring and organizing data, especially on websites or in program interfaces. Plus, they generate intuitive pics for buttons, menu items, and links, facilitating the user experience.

PSD Templates

Templates stand on the side of developing an eye-catching display with a professional look. They enable you to effortlessly incorporate logos, colors, and scripts to establish a unified corporate brand identity. Plus, PSD presets speed up development as they provide a pre-made framework to operate from, saving time and effort.

UI Elements

Apply these components to produce intuitive and user-friendly menus. UI elements include buttons to register for athletic events, subscribe to news, or interact with website functionality. Apply them to make simple and easy-to-use forms for registering for tennis tournaments, placing orders, or subscribing to fitness club services.


You probably require attractive and multi-purpose fonts. We have thousands of such goodness in our collection. Typography shapes the platform's mood and serves as a powerful tool for conveying messages. For sports projects, we have prepared playful, modern, calligraphic, and futuristic items. Browse through the deals and decide which ones best emphasize your personality.

Resume Templates

We offer you hundreds of professional layouts that can be easily edited in the desired program. Pick from understated or more artistic templates. Talk about your sports achievements, education, and clubs you have joined. Our authors create beautiful and versatile layouts working with which don't take more than an hour. It means you will find your dream job very quickly.


These are solutions for presentations and websites. The products come in high resolution and various sizes. Moreover, there are several file formats in the archive for easy customization. Adjust color, and saturation, add effects, and create thematic backgrounds for your artwork.

Certificate Templates

Own a gym that everyone wants to visit? Do you practice excellent massage therapy or rehab courses? Then a professionally crafted certificate in brand colors becomes the perfect gift for your clients. Suggest gift and promotional certificates. Divide them by price category and let everyone have access to your expertise.

Which Programs Are Suitable for Sports Graphics Settings?

Editing and customizing your projects is simple. There are many software programs with a huge range of instruments. They enable you to animate and enliven characters and add changes to already finished scenes and productions. Our stuff is compatible with most programs. You can check this already at the moment of viewing the page in the column of compatibility with files. After downloading you receive a zipped archive with all the embedded files. Further, you should unzip it and pick a convenient format for operation.

We provide you with a comfortable interaction with:

Adobe Photoshop

Designers utilize Photoshop to produce a variety of illustrations, logos, banners, web designs, and other elements. It's an ideal software for editing and processing images, creating textures, backgrounds, icons, GIFs, etc. They are useful for games and three-dimensional applications. The software supports handling layers for complex designs. It allows you to more flexibly manage the picture components.

Adobe Illustrator

This is another vector editor from the Adobe suite. Illustrator is useful for producing vector illustrations. Due to the emphasis on detailed work, the result turns out to be of good quality. Software instruments allow clients to develop unique logos and branding elements. The quality despite scaling remains high. Plus, the program supports handling various color models and allows you to generate multi-color projects, including CMYK for printing.


This is an online platform with a simple and intuitive interface. Canva doesn't require the user to have professional skills. It is accessible to a wide range of people due to its simplicity. The platform provides basic instruments for editing graphic assets, including cropping, color correction, and adding filters and text elements. Plus, there is an option to build a project together with a team.


Resort to the help of this software as well. Inkscape is a free and open-source vector editor providing features for developing multi-component logos, emblems, and artworks. You get the ability to manipulate individual objects in images and change their shape, size, and color. There's also text manipulation, involving creating text blocks, selecting fonts, resizing, and applying effects to text.

How to Get Closer to the Dream with MonsterONE Subscription Benefits?

It's time to obtain sports graphics and designs at an undervalued price. A subscription is an exceptional boon for people of creative professions. The community reaches thousands of customers worldwide, giving them an incredible foundation to express themselves. MonsterONE has tons of advantages.

At the top of the list is, of course, the tremendous savings. One graphic item costs approximately $20. This price is comparable to a monthly fee for a plan that covers over 200K design assets. Plus it tends to provide thousands of other goods that come in handy.

It's also worth considering secure and convenient payment. Opt to purchase via Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal. The payment itself goes through a level 1 PCI-compliant environment.

Another tangible benefit is the huge range of solutions for every taste and purpose. Website templates, presentations, plugins, models, images, banners, certificates, and resumes are available for you today. It's a crazy savings since these merchandise cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The library refreshes weekly, and that's plus hundreds of unique items. You receive them even after you pay for your subscription plan.

What's more, community members enjoy nice discounts on expert services. It means that building a store or optimizing a project will be cheaper for you. Besides, there are discounts on exclusive deals from TemplateMonster.

Tariff Plans Breaking All Stereotypes

Well, one of the key strengths of MonsterONE is its unique tariff plans. You find 4 packages here:

  • Creative - it includes sports graphics, 3D models, video and audio materials. Also, a year of product and general support is at your disposal. Develop an unlimited number of projects. Download a limitless number of tools for them.
  • All-in-One - it has access to the entire library including WordPress, CMS, eCommerce, and HTML templates, best plugins, and extensions. Experience innovative graphics offerings that cover sports graphics.
  • All-in-One Lifetime - benefit from all the content in the collection for life. This is an opportunity to use spectacular and quality items forever. But you don't get weekly updates to the collection. Only enhancements and updates on products remain in force.
  • All-in-One Pro - This plan also offers improved Weblium and Draftium editors. These are perfect instruments with prepared themes and other tools for website development.

How to Find the Best Product in the Library?

Start by defining your goals. What kind of project are you planning to develop? If it's a website, you'll need almost all of the content in the collection. If it's advertising, we suggest typefaces, banners, and other such components. Next, you need to narrow down your list of requirements:

  • choose a topic - it's clear that you're developing a soccer or basketball-related design. However, we have a variety of topics in which your perfect product may appear.
  • decide what format you need - we provide AI, PNG, PSD, EPS, JPG and PDF files. It's up to you to decide which one you prefer for interaction. Moreover, our deals come in several formats at once for easy editing.
  • decide on your corporate style - focus on your brand identity and primary colors. Our authors prepare goods with a focus on several colors considering the latest trends. It makes selecting the best item even easier.
  • try to find a bundle - bundles with goods are the most favorable choice, even considering the savings on subscription. A set covers dozens of items tailored in the same style.

Also, check out our left sidebar. There you narrow the search and find the desired solution faster. Our marketplace gives out the most relevant options, and then just browse through the offered variants and download them.

Web Design Trends

What's the perfect website for you? It's a combination of versatility, pleasing visuals, and customer interaction. To achieve this you should apply powerful tools in the form of a website template, icons, banners, typefaces, and other brand identity solutions. We suggest a detailed video with an overview of the latest trends. Follow them and develop innovative visuals that impress your customers.

Sports Graphics Templates FAQs

Why use sports graphics?

Such components make tasks simpler and help to present complex data clearly and understandably. Fonts, certificate templates, resumes, images, mockups, infographics, banners, posters, etc. build a recognizable brand and catch the audience's interest. Essentially you have ready-made elements to saturate your projects.

Is it possible to find free sports graphics templates?

Yes. We have a free account that contains design materials. That's over 1500 stylish products for any purpose.

How to edit sports graphics?

Turn on your favorite program and start adjusting. A variety of file formats allow you to accomplish this. Pick your instruments and make adjustments to shapes, placements, saturation, etc.

What formats are available for sports graphics and designs?

EPS, AI, PSD, PSD, OTF, JPG, JPEG, FIG, PNG, PDF, and other file variations are ready to go.

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