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IT PSD Templates

The popularity of technology-related websites is on the rise. Therefore, getting noticed is becoming more and more challenging.

An outstanding design can nevertheless help improve the user's experience, make a lasting impact and increase exposure.

Despite this, creating an exceptional web design using a software program such as Photoshop can take a considerable amount of work and time.

The above explains why more and more professionals prefer to buy templates, start with pre-made designs, and then make adjustments only where needed.

If you intend to use a template, MonsterONE has a wide selection of IT PSD templates with unique designs and different purposes.

Why you should use PSD templates

Many reasons explain why you should use PSD templates. Here are some of the most relevant ones.

Saving time

Utilizing PSD templates allows you to save time, one of the most prevalent advantages. As it includes a pre-made design, complete with layout, sections, and elements, you'll only need to edit a few things to make it more original and suitable for your clients.

Easy customization

The PSD templates on MonsterONE are all layered PSD files. Each element of the design will be placed on its layer. Therefore, you'll be able to edit each piece easily and quickly without affecting the overall design.

Professional work

Almost all of the PSD templates available on MonsterONE are designed by expert web designers worldwide. As a result, you will get a highly professional template with a high level of design and functionality.

Support and documentation

In addition to the PSD templates, most of them come with support and documentation. If questions or problems arise during using or editing a template, these will be of particular assistance. Using them means you can get answers and solutions instantly, saving you time and effort on figuring things out on your own.

IT PSD templates: what they’re used for

MonsterONE's IT PSD templates provide you with various templates that will allow you to realize a wide range of projects. Listed here are some of the most common examples of templates:

  • Software-related website
  • Websites for digital marketing agencies
  • Websites for businesses providing IT solutions
  • Websites for web development studios
  • Landing pages for mobile apps

IT PSD Templates: key features

Each IT PSD template has its unique features. However, most of them share some common features that are certainly useful for your purposes. Below are several of the most important of these.


Responsiveness is one of the first features to mention. These IT PSD templates are designed using the Bootstrap grid system, which uses columns and containers to create flexible layouts and designs. Therefore, the template design will automatically adapt to any screen size, ensuring a great interactive and navigable user experience.

Pixel Perfect

Our IT PSD templates all have sharp and high-quality designs. So, you'll get a template that is free of blurriness and other visual imperfections that make your design look unprofessional.

Images included

IT PSD templates are usually accompanied by illustrations and images related to technology. The majority of these images are free of copyright, so you can freely use them on any project that you realize.

Inner pages

On MonsterONE, most of the IT PSD templates come with the design of other internal pages of the website, which might be relevant for realizing a complete project. As a result, you will not have to create them from scratch and recreate the design of the homepage for all the others.


If you are a web designer, or somehow you work with many clients, you might have to undertake multiple projects. A new template will be needed for each one, which can be quite costly and time-consuming. Instead, some of the IT PSD templates available on MonsterONE are multipurpose. Thus, a single template will be able to be used to realize a variety of projects, even if they all serve different purposes.

Free Google fonts

Most of the IT PSD templates include free Google fonts. Consequently, you can take advantage of modern and stylish typography for every project you want to create.

Modern design and regular updates

The IT PSD templates you can find on MonsterONE all have a modern design that follows the latest UI and UX trends. Also, they are regularly updated by their creators to ensure you have a trending product.

How to download IT PSD templates

There are two ways to download and get IT PSD templates:

  • Get a MonsterONE membership. Subscribe to one of MonsterONE plans. Following that, you will be able to download IT PSD templates and a variety of other digital products designed by expert web designers.
  • Buy a template from TemplateMonster marketplace. You can purchase individual IT PSD templates from the TemplateMonster marketplace as an alternative to subscribing.

IT PSD Templates FAQ

How many IT PSD templates can I download with a subscription to MonsterONE?

Once you have subscribed to MonsterONE, you can download as many templates as you want. Nevertheless, we do not recommend mass downloading.

How can I choose the best IT PSD template?

When choosing an IT PSD template, there are many factors to consider. However, a few of the most relevant ones are responsiveness, modern design, easy customization, and documentation.

Are IT PSD templates convertible?

The majority of the IT PSD templates are convertible. It is possible to convert them to HTML, WordPress, Joomla, and other popular CMSs to make the template live and start using it online straightforwardly.

Can I sell IT PSD templates on MonsterONE?

Yes, you can sell any of your IT PSD templates through MonsterONE. Check out the Become an Author page for more details.

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