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WooCommerce Restaurant Themes

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Create Successful Business with WooCommerce Restaurant Themes

To be successful, it is often not enough to start a business. You have to work out all the details to make sure more clients know about you and come for your services. Business cards and advertisements will not suffice. You need to create an online resource that will provide customers with convenient forms of ordering and payment. But how to do it, especially now, when there are millions of unique solutions that are shining with creativity? Take a risk and build your website with our WooCommerce restaurant themes. You may forget about the complexities because you don't need coding skills. These products come with a full set of features for the easy creation of an online resource. Besides, each template has an exclusive design. And another great source of digital assets is ONE membership. It is an awesome offer with the best web solutions for online and offline projects. Stop waiting and hurry up to get your perfect template!

WooCommerce Restaurant Templates For Various Projects

Using the template, you may build a simple website without investing money or wasting much time developing it from scratch. A ready-made theme is useful for designers, business owners, and novice website creators. If you have chosen the restaurant WooCommerce and reservation WordPress theme, then you will create a resource for:

  • bakery,
  • restaurant,
  • bar,
  • health food store,
  • pizzeria,
  • fast food,
  • food delivery,
  • coffee shops,
  • patisserie,
  • beerhouse,
  • pub,
  • wine shop,
  • sales of vitamin complexes,
  • nutritionists, health coaches,
  • cooking schools, 
  • farms,
  • homemade food,
  • fitness club.

WooCommerce Restaurant Themes Key Features

So, you need to have the required features built into the product for a perfectly operating website. And we provide the essential functions for your ready-made project to be nice to look at and feature-rich. Therefore, when choosing our solution, you'll get:

Built-in page builders. These constructors allow users to create pages and even entire websites in a drag and drop interface. And it all happens in minutes because page builders are super intuitive.

Responsive design. It is a page design that provides a correct and mobile-friendly site display. The pages of a template are automatically adjusted to the size and resolution of the browser window. As a result, you will get a flexible site design.

100% customizable content. It's easy enough to add new elements. Plus, each component is easy to change, customize, and remove (from color schemes to blocks and forms.)

Built-in Bootstrap. It is a free toolkit that includes an HTML and CSS design grid for typography, web forms, buttons, navigation blocks, and other web interface components.

WPML plugin. It is a tool for making multilingual sites to attract customers from other countries.

Revolution Slider. It is a modern system that allows displaying images and videos with trendy 3D transitions.

Google Maps integration. Now you may add a physical location point of the restaurant to the map.

Blog. Create interesting blog posts, longreads, share your experience, info about new products, and review new recipes, menus, etc. It will help you get closer to your customers and see their reactions.

Lazy Load effect. It is a technique that helps reduce page load time and the size of a splash page by uploading images into the viewport only when they are accessed. This technique helps to improve performance, optimize the use of device resources and reduce related charges.

Free VS Premium WooCommerce Restaurant Themes

To find out which items are better, you still need to know the main differences. Let's start with the design. The paid items have a unique design. Free variants are downloaded dozens, hundreds, and thousands of times. So, here it's not even worth saying that there may be other similar sites, and you may forget about uniqueness. The premium item is completely customizable. They can be configured to meet any project's requirements, while free ones have limited functionality and flexible configurations. Paid templates are regularly updated, which makes the sites more secure and advanced. Moreover, technical support also plays an important role because free solutions don't provide support properly. They have no support at all.

To conclude, if you do not need to implement a complex idea and do not have the required budget, use free themes. If you are looking for a quality tool that will have powerful functionality, focus on premium ones. 

ONE Subscription Pricing Plans

ONE service is the top offer on the digital product market. It is the most cost-effective method for creating projects. After all, we have gathered in ONE subscription unique solutions for all tastes and purposes. And to get access, you only need to subscribe. For this, you have to choose the right tariff plan. At the moment we offer three packages:

Creative. It is the basic plan that costs $89 annually/$7.40 monthly. This package includes:

  • Graphic and design assets. It includes PSD files, logos, illustrations, resume and certificate templates, icon sets, fonts, product mockups, patterns, UI elements, animated banners, etc.
  • Presentation templates. These are pre-packaged materials for PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote presentations.
  • Video and audio assets. These items include After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro templates, audio effects, stock audio, and photos.

All-in-one. This plan costs $179 annually. It includes all the same products as the Creative package and adds multipurpose themes and templates based on the leading CMS, such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, etc., eCommerce themes, and plugins.

All-in-one lifetime. It is the best offer that comes with all the products from the subscription. The access price is $599, and it's a one-time fee that guarantees lifelong access to great solutions.

Plus, each plan includes 1-year technical support and the ability to create an unlimited number of projects. 

Main Benefits of Using ONE Subscription

The vast number of items is not the only advantage of the community. It also includes the following:

Money and time savings. It is probably the most important thing now because, with the rapid development of technology, it's hard to keep up with trends. That is why we have all you need for web projects on a single resource. You can find the product you want in minutes using the left sidebar. Besides, you may forget about regular payments because the subscription fee is charged either once a year or once a lifetime. 

Professional technical support. It is an essential option, especially for beginners. Specialist support is available for absolutely every item from ONE community. When launching a project, on-time consultation is critical because work on it can keep going 24/7. And even if you have a complex question, there are experts here to help you solve it.

Services. It is clear that for a multi-functional website, you need not only a stunning template. It's worth thinking about SEO optimization, plugins, and content. TemplateMonster services will help in this matter. There are discounts, especially for subscribers, and you can buy a service at a quite lower price.

Regular collection growth. Enriching the list of available products will allow you to use the most advanced templates and functionality. In development, it is especially important. Every month ONE grows, and the team adds more solutions. The best part is that you will continue to receive updates on downloaded and installed products even after your subscription expires.

WooCommerce Restaurant Themes FAQs

Are all WooCommerce restaurant menu themes have a responsive design?

Adaptability is the website's ability to adjust to different devices and screen resolutions. By installing a mobile-friendly theme, you enable your customers to use the website on any device. An adaptive template for WordPress ensures that both users from desktop platforms and mobile devices will be able to land on your website.

What is better: ONE subscription or WooCommerce restaurant theme single purchase?

If you work with website creation regularly, then, of course, it's better to use a subscription. Moreover, it includes products not only for this purpose. After all, there are whole sets of icons, fonts, illustrations, which will be suitable even for postcard making.

Who benefits from buying WooCommerce restaurant ordering themes with ONE subscription?

It's suitable for anyone involved in the restaurant business and a web studio, freelance developer, and regular user.

How to download WooCommerce restaurant themes for free?

MonsterOne has a free account that also includes over 320+ digital items. You can get access to them easily. Register the account by entering your email, first name, last name, phone number, and password. Then go to the free products collection, select the items you want and download them. And for this, you need to share the link on social networks.

11 Best WooCommerce Restaurant Themes For WordPress

Our growing collection is everything you need for a successful business start. High-quality items with a feature-rich base are at your disposal. That's why hurry up and check out our selection of the best WooCommerce templates. Take a look at the exclusive features, and choose the perfect solution for you.

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