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WooCommerce Photography Themes

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Showcase Your Best Photos With WooCommerce Photography Themes

Photography is an art of a moment. But only a real artist can show the whole world at this moment. Modern photography can easily be considered a popular art form. With the use of expensive equipment, software for processing - the picture can be transformed into a masterpiece, a true work of art. If you are looking for the best way to present your projects, consider our WooCommerce photography themes. 

Moreover, you have an exclusive opportunity to subscribe to ONE membership, enabling you to download an unlimited number of premium quality templates. Continue reading and find out about our products' key features and membership options. 

Who Can Benefit from ONE Membership

Everyone takes photos today because each of us has a camera on the smartphone. But a professional photographer still takes pictures on expensive equipment and makes money off of their craft. Professional photos are always well exhibited, highlighted, processed, look great in albums, and collect many likes on social networks. With any of our WooCommerce photography themes, you can design a private gallery website or a WooCommerce photography store. Also, you can find all the necessary digital assets for creating a photography printing website. Anyone, who has a photo-related project, can benefit from our products, including artists working with: 

  • Portraits.
  • Nude photos.
  • Nature.
  • Landscape.
  • Macro photography and microfilming.
  • Photo hunting.
  • Reporting news photos.

As well as professionals working in various techniques should consider ONE, such as:

  • Astrophotography.
  • Photojournalism.
  • Aerial photography.
  • Architecture.
  • Fashion or studio shooting.
  • Shooting food.
  • Portrait.
  • Sports.
  • The wild nature.
  • Aesthetic photo.

Key Features of WooCommerce Photography Themes

Digital products we offer possess multiple handy features. Each one of them makes a big difference. With their help, you can drive customers in, get new orders 24/7, feedback, and boost your sales. Key features of our templates include:

  1. Built-in Google Maps. With its help, customers can find your location within a few clicks.
  2. Search filter. Let visitors select the necessary item easily. Add filters like a topic, price range, or special purpose categories. 
  3. The responsive layout offers an optimal reading and browsing experience for users of any devices (mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, computer monitors).
  4. A successful "Responsive" user experience involves minimal resizing (zooming), cropping, and multi-directional page scrolling. 
  5. The mobile-friendly design optimizes navigation and optimal display of images and text on a smartphone or tablet.

Why is SEO-optimization of WooCommerce Photography Themes Important?

There are many advantages our optimized themes provide you with, such as:

  1. Through SEO, sites gain recognition without using too much advertising that can easily drain your budget. 
  2. Generation of quality traffic. The site will receive visitors through the paid listing, but there is no guarantee that these customers will make purchases. It is the consequence of poor customer targeting. While SEO referencing targets people concerned by the theme of your site.
  3. The improvement in the conversion rate and the increase in turnover will be greater with our products.
  4. Quick site loading, improving customer experience, and optimizing sales pages. 
  5. The differentiation of your site from the competition is a major advantage of our items. Don't leave market share to competitors; subscribe to ONE today.
  6. It takes a few seconds for a visitor to get an idea of ​​the website they are facing. If the site takes a long time to load or has other flaws, you may lose a potential customer. SEO-optimized products we offer won't let it happen. 
  7. Optimization helps build community on your social platforms: when visitors like your project, they tend to come back to it by inviting like-minded people. It has the advantage of developing a community of committed people.

WooCommerce Photography Themes For Various Projects

If you have a photography-related project, you can take benefit of our products. Become a member of ONE and add your services with ease, including:

  • Love Story.
  • Individual.
  • Wedding.
  • Home/Erotic/Portrait.
  • Professional/Studio.
  • Family/Pregnant/Children's
  • Adult/For men/For Women, etc.

Besides, you can showcase your services, such as:

  1. Product photography/photo 360 (clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, glass, metal, and other objects).
  2. Services for Amazon / Etsy.
  3. Photo of the product on a white background, with design information graphics, product in use or demonstration of goods with models, etc.
  4. Food photography (ingredients, serving items, in a restaurant or studio, etc.)
  5. Photography of interiors (restaurants, hotel rooms, offices, conference rooms, private houses, other premises, special optics, and marketing needs).

How to Succeed with WooCommerce Photography Themes?

There are many articles available that describe how to make your platform cusses. Here is our list of things you should bear in mind to stand out from the crowd. 

  1. Determine the purpose of your site and your objectives.
  2. Ask yourself what the purpose of your website is. This important question may seem trivial to you, but it is often overlooked early in the process of building a website. Do you want to sell ​​your photos online? Teach people how to take pictures? Or maybe you want to offer a professional photo session? Every site and every business has a different purpose, and it's very important to think about it from the start!
  3. Define your target customers. Knowing who will be interested in photography is essential. With a clearly defined target audience, a site's chances of success increase. We can adapt it to a specific clientele and offer them certain content according to their interests.
  4. Present your best works. Make a good first impression with well-designed, high-resolution photos. Showcase your portfolio, add a description, and other important information to each tab. Think about what you would like to see once you visit a website? Ask you, friends and relatives, to evaluate customized templates and listen to their feedback closely. 
  5. Built the structure of the platform. Take inventory, list all the content you would like to find on your website, and then categorize it according to importance. Inspire yourself by your competitors who have already prioritized the information on their site. To help you determine the priority of your content, try to imagine possible browsing scenarios.

Additional Things to Consider

  1. Keep navigation simple. Beyond seven items in your navigation, you risk losing the attention of your visitors. The most important thing is to keep your navigation straightforward. Simple navigation options make the site's appearance much cleaner and more organized, and your visitors will find the information they are looking for faster.
  2. Write the content. Consider writing the texts for each page if you haven't already. The content should engage readers. Your texts should also include links to other pages of your site to facilitate navigation. 
  3. Don't hide your contact information. Your website is the easiest way to start a relationship with your new customers. 
  4. Consider investing in a logo. A personalized logo is an essential element of branding, which you can use especially for your social networks. So it's worth investing a little in a logo for your project. Visit our premium services page and find out the updated prices for logo creation.

What Skills Does a Photographer Need?

Anyone can become a photographer, regardless of education, if you like to take pictures. But to reach a professional level, you need to learn to be a photographer, mastering the secrets of photoshoot taking special courses for photographers, studios, and photo schools, where experienced photographers teach. Besides, the photographer needs to have some special skills that include: 

  • Good taste, sense of style, understanding of the basics of working with light, knowledge of the rules of composition, the ability to capture the object in motion.
  • Knowledge of the basics of photography, lenses.
  • Knowledge of the properties of photographic equipment and lighting equipment, the ability to use them.
  • Knowledge of Photoshop and Lightroom.
  • Understanding of psychology and business communication.
  • Being patient because photo editing is quite monotonous and meticulous.

To make a great photoshoot, any photographer prepares for it. The preparation includes various stagers. The key stages are:

  1. Choose the topic and place of shooting.
  2. Talk to the customer, if necessary.
  3. Obtain permission to shoot.

In photography, a professional chooses the optimal lighting, background, suggests the best poses for models, manually rotates the focus and aperture. And then also processes photos: tightens colors, retouches shortcomings. Photographers are different: studio, reportage, wedding, advertising, fashion, forensics. But often, one specialist works in several genres at once.

2021 Photography Trends

Customers want content that others do not yet have, and you need to do something unique to be a sought-after photographer. To find your place under the sun in the photography industry, you need to follow trends. They are:

  1. Draw attention to your projects with the help of bright colors. The richer the color, the louder it screams. This approach should be where it is justified. Otherwise, the entire feed of social networks will turn into a continuous kaleidoscope, and you will lose the attention of customers.
  2. Vertical frame. The era of mobile gadgets dictates its own rules - it is more convenient for people to hold their phones upright. Not to bother with unnecessary actions, most videos and photos today come in vertical format. 
  3. Use drones. Since the advent of drones and quadcopters, the popularity of pictures and videos captured with their help has grown. They made it possible to shoot from previously unavailable angles. Today, drones have become affordable, and their use in photoshoots is growing. Among the negative phenomena of recent years, it is worth mentioning the tightening of these small air vessels' flight rules in different countries, up to a complete ban on their use.
  4. Saffron 14-1064. Working with color in the frame is an important skill of a photographer when creating a composition. According to the American Color Institute, Pantone was named 19-4052 Classic Blue as the year's color, but Saffron is also very popular. Both of these colors work well, and they are rich and vibrant, so get creative!

360 °/Mirrorless Cameras/Minimalism Trends

Other popular approaches will be trendy in 2021, including:

  • 360 panoramas.
  • The mirrorless will replace DSLRs. The obvious advantages are lower weight, dimensions, and the absence of a click when the mirror is rising.
  • Minimalism. It is a way to eliminate everything unnecessary from the frame and focus the viewer's attention only on virtual objects. It applies to modern portrait photography, clothes fashion, nature and landscape photography, and more.
  • To become a good photographer, you need to develop your visual culture constantly: visit exhibitions of famous masters of photography, go to museums, watch different movies.

To become a good photographer, you need to develop your visual culture constantly: visit exhibitions of famous masters of photography, go to museums, watch arthouse movies. 

ONE Pricing

To fit any budget, we have three options available. All of them give you unlimited access to our finest digital assets. Depending on the plan, there are some differences. We have Creative, All-in-one, and All-in-one Lifetime packages. 

  1. The Creative comes at $6.80/month $82/year. 
  2. The All-in-one costs $14.95/month $179/year. 
  3. The All-in-one Lifetime is $599 (one-time fee). 
Creative Plan The All-in-one package comes with all items of the Creative plan, plus:All-in-one Lifetime plan comes with:
Graphic & Design assetsWordPress and CMS ThemesWordPress and CMS Themes
Presentation templatesE-commerce ThemesE-commerce Themes
Video & Audio AssetsPlugins IncludedPlugins Included
Unlimited Projects1-year Technical SupportGraphic & Design assets
1-year Technical SupportPresentation templates
Video & Audio Assets
Unlimited Projects
1-year Technical Support
Unlimited Lifetime Access

If you are interested in a single purchase option, please consult this page

The Advantages of ONE

There are so many benefits you gain with the subscription. Let's have a look at some of them:

  • You don't have to search for premium-quality items anymore. We’ve gathered all of them under ONE subscription roof. It saves your precious time and effort. 
  • Get upscale technical support any time you need it. You have access to a live chat option and professional troubleshooting support simultaneously;
  • Download updated products only. We’ve made sure that all of our assets correspond to high-quality standards, which includes regular update as well;
  • Can't find what you need, then easily cancel your subscription in 14 days. This option works if you made no downloads in two weeks. 
  • Straightforward licensing policy. You may download any number of designs with ONE, but it is forbidden to download many items simultaneously, or the system will suspend your membership due to safety measures.

WooCommerce Photography Theme Installation

All you have to do is to follow this simple algorithm:

  1. Sign in to your ONE account.
  2. Use the website menu to find the necessary category.
  3. Select the template you like and read about the product's features.
  4. Download.

Moreover, we have a demo version available. Get acquainted with the template's capability, so you will see what exactly you will deal with.

WooCommerce Photography Themes FAQs

Are WooCommerce photography themes mobile-friendly?

Yes, sure! By reducing the width of the window, the site design adapts: Content decreases in size but remains readable. Call-to-action buttons shrink in size but continue to occupy an important place. Images also adapt to screen size. Mobile-friendly sites appear higher in search results. Mobile searches account for more than half of the searches done on Google.com. For many advertisers, most of the traffic comes from users using their cell phones. If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, visitors are 5 times more likely to leave it. Please don't give it a chance with our premium-quality items!

Why are SEO-friendly WooCommerce photography themes good?

Today's online dynamics focus on making the market find your business on the Internet. To achieve this, with the amount of competition that already exists online, you must include SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies in your online marketing plan. But with ONE, you don't have to worry about coding. All of our premium-quality assets are optimized.

How to install the WooCommerce photography themes?

It is quite easy, but if you encounter any difficulties, check our services page. We can assist you with main troubleshooting services, like installation or configuration. Besides, we can help with content or logo creation. Get in touch today, and we will gladly support you.

What are additional WooCommerce photography themes features?

Simple installation. Download any ready-to-use product with no coding skills. Work with straightforward customization thanks to an intuitive interface. Stand out from the others with a personalized platform. Reliable licensing.

WooCommerce Photography Themes With ONE Video

Discover other handy web products for any photo-related project, including professional website templates, games, creative videos, and top-notch graphics. Remember that all of our items are updated regularly. To know more about the latest web design trends, please check other videos on our YouTube channel.

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