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WooCommerce Nonprofit Themes

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All You Need to Know: WooCommerce Nonprofit Themes 

Creating a nonprofit organization is hard, but getting attention to it is even harder. Charities or social projects are never something people search for, so keeping them on the page is essential. And what can you use to interest visitors? The answer is simple - choose the right design. Here we’ve collected information to help you get the best nonprofit theme.

How to Choose the Best Nonprofit Theme

As it was mentioned, an NGO theme should be catchy. But how to achieve that? Here are some tips to help you.

  • Use a simple and clear layout. Easy navigation is a must; that is the standard for every website nowadays. 
  • Be sure a template is responsive so it is friendly for mobile users.
  • Choose colors wisely. They mostly depend on preferences, but every color has a different effect. 
  • Pictures first. Make sure visitors are welcomed by a good visual representation of your mission.
  • Think about whether your design would last. Up-to-date layout will save you money in the long run.
  • Search for themes you can make unique by customization. Distinctive designs are easy to remember.  

Which WooCommerce Nonprofit Theme is Better: Free or Premium 

Although it highly depends on your budget, there are some differences between free and premium WooCommerce themes. 

Free templates are mostly basic. Premiums are of better quality and have more customization options, which you want as a charitable organization. The variety of them is also wider, so finding the right one is not a problem. Free collection is much smaller, but it can be a nice start if you are on a tight budget. You can find templates on WordPress.org or check our collection of free and premium WordPress themes. 

Get More Digital Assets with MonsterONE

MonsterONE allows you to get more content at a lower price. If you want to try different templates or have various projects, this will be great for you. Sign up for free and access themes, presentation assets, plugins, graphics, and more. There are three packages for any need. 

  • Creative package ($6.85 monthly or $82 yearly) Enjoy unlimited downloads of graphics and designs, audio and video assets, along with one-year technical support.
  • All-in-one package ($14.90 monthly or $179 yearly) Get access to all the content on our platform for unlimited projects and one year of technical support.
  • All-in-one unlimited ($599) Single payment gives you lifelong usage with limitless downloads.

What Sections You Should Add to a WooCommerce Nonprofit Website

People spend less time on a page that does not provide them with quick content. It is especially important to remember for nonprofit organizations. So choosing the right layout and pages is essential. Then what should you include? 

  1. About Page

This is the place for a short information about your NGO. Include a brief description of a problem you are helping with, your role in it, and your accomplishments. The text there must be short and easy to read. 

  1. Donate Button 

When raising money, you should make it clear how to donate. That is why having an easily accessible way to support a project is a must. The Donation button or page has to be visible from every page on your site.

  1. Blog

Not only will texts keep your sponsors updated, but they also will improve your website traffic. A blog can be used for reporting, but it is better to have a separate page.

  1. Other ways to help

A lot of people are ready to help otherwise. This page is good for searching volunteers, managers, lawyers, and other specialists that want to be useful.  

  1. Gallery

Photos are an easy and quick way to show your nonprofit organization's work and boost site visits. People emphasize things more when they can visualize.

Most WooCommerce nonprofit themes have pre-made pages that you can change according to your needs. Using WordPress customization is easy, but if you want to save time, check out our services

WooCommerce Nonprofit Themes FAQ

Should I Use WooCommerce Nonprofit Themes?

WooCommerce is a great choice due to the public accessibility, easy customization, and one of the best customer services. It also has easy social media integration and a huge collection of designs. But most importantly, all of the donations will be directed through the same website, which makes it a great choice for nonprofit organizations.

What Plugins Do I Need for WooCommerce Nonprofit Theme?

A standard choice for WooCommerce NPO includes plugins for payment, communication with members, and data collecting. Give, PayPal, and Charitable are popular choices for accepting donations. Mailchimp, AWeber, and hubSpot help with emailing, and if you plan to have posts, SEO plugins like Yoast SEO are necessary. Social media integration, analytics, and security extensions are also recommended.

How Do I Install My WooCommerce Nonprofit Theme?

First, you need to log in to your account. Go to the Appearance section in the menu and choose Theme. After that, everything is easy. Download your nonprofit template and click Install. Now activate your theme in the same section and go on to customization. Got stuck? You can always save time and energy with our services.

Are WooCommerce Nonprofit Themes Mobile-Friendly?

Most templates nowadays are responsive. This makes your website adjust to the device a person uses to view it. It is important to make a page clear and easy to navigate for all users, including ones who only use mobile versions, so while choosing a template, check if it supports the mobile version.

Best WooCommerce Nonprofit Themes: Maisha

Please take a look at Maisha, one of our best nonprofit templates. This design was inspired by the Virunga documentary so that it will be great for most wildlife charities. Maisha is modern, responsive, and clean, which is perfect for search engines. It also comes with several easily-customizable pre-made pages.

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