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WooCommerce Music Themes

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Rock on with WooCommerce Music Themes

Music is an art form that has seen great development in the modern age. We have new genres, millions of new artists, billions of new tracks – all thanks to the Internet. Want your music to be heard by the masses? Build your own website and sell tracks using our WooCommerce music themes.

E-commerce is the most prospective direction one can take in every business – including the music industry. You can use the Internet to distribute your new tracks, tickets to upcoming concerts, merchandise, and much more.

However, nobody is going to buy from a random website that looks like it came straight from the 90s. People are much more likely to click away if your website takes too long to load or looks aesthetically displeasing. This is where our WooCommerce music themes will come in handy. Those brilliant designs will ensure the best user experience for your customers and subtly increase your income.

Who Benefits from Using WooCommerce Music Themes

WooCommerce music themes are not universally applicable. It makes little sense to use these templates for sports-themed websites, for example. However, there are many cases where you would wish you had those bad boys earlier. Here is only a small list of businesses that could use our splendid designs:

  • Independent artists – if you are a new and upcoming star that has not yet made a deal with a studio or do not want to deal with publishers in general, you might find it lucrative to set up your own website. Sell your records, merchandise, tickets, and more with our WooCommerce music themes.
  • Music publishers – big or small, every music publisher needs a website. You can display your talented artists’ creations, distribute access to albums, notify about upcoming concerts, etc.
  • Songwriters – while you may not be cut out for the stage yourself, your skills might still be useful to performers. So why not sell your songs’ lyrics and/or music sheets to someone who can make them come to life?
  • Agents – big stars need help managing their day-to-day life, and this is where you will come in to help. Display your portfolio, show the services you offer, and convince the next rising star to choose you.
  • Music shops – you are at the forefront of the music culture. You distribute not only the biggest hits in the industry but also the different means to create them. Put all the awesome guitars and synthesizers on display, along with some vinyl copies of old-school rock bands, and you are all set.
  • Concert venues – your place is where the music happens, and it only gets better with more people hearing it. Advertise upcoming concerts, sell tickets and merchandise – make your venue the place to go for all the music lovers.

Of course, this is not the definitive list of people who may find it useful. Just think of the possibilities for music teachers, journalists, different kinds of music engineers, franchise owners, and many others involved or related to music production.

Choosing WooCommerce Music Themes

When choosing a proper theme for your website, it is important to understand which criteria it has to fulfill. There are hundreds of different designs, and choosing the one that suits you best might be the difference between earning millions and going out of business. Here are the three most important things in every template:

  1. Overall design – while not everything is set in stone with our themes, it is important to have a website that appeals to your potential customers and you. You can customize almost every aspect of a design, but every theme has its own boundaries.
  2. Plugins – some plugins are more important than others, and different authors have varying views on this issue. Check out which plugins come pre-installed or have been accommodated for in the design.
  3. SEO-readiness – this aspect might not seem important for you, but it will certainly help to push your website to the top of search engine results. SEO-readiness is everything on the back-end of the site, including loading speeds, code organization, and other results of years of UX development.

Advantages of WooCommerce Music Themes from ONE

Do you want your website to be the very best? Then you will need a good ground to start off with. We here at TemplateMonster provide this ground. Here are some of the advantages of using our templates that other designs may not provide:

  • Mobile-friendly design – all of our themes easily adapt to screens of different resolutions and aspect ratios, as well as adjust UI elements for different platforms. This grants faster loading times, comfortable navigation, and a slick, modern-looking interface.
  • Retina-ready – this feature allows to have sharper images with more vivid colors. Most modern devices support Retina technology, and our templates are ready to take advantage of it.
  • Bootstrap – this powerful yet easy-to-use framework has a myriad of features, including JavaScript extensions, HTML and CSS templates. All of that can be used for buttons, forms, typography, and more. It’s all open-source, so you are free to make any necessary adjustments.
  • Ajax – utilizing this technology allows the website to load additional information in the background without affecting the main design of the page. This allows you to have dynamically-refreshed information without needing to reload the whole page.
  • Clean HTML5 – our codes are pristine, which leads to two positive outcomes: your website loads quickly, and it is easy to modify the existing code even for amateur coders.
  • Google Maps integration – put your company on the map! If you have a physical location of your shop, feel free to mark it on Google Maps, add directions and comments, make a few photos to really show that you are not an abstract online shop but a real physical venue.
  • Parallax effect – with this technology, images on your website will look deeper. This is just a piece of eye-candy, but it goes a long way to keep customers on the website for longer.

Free vs. Premium WooCommerce Music Themes

The allure of having free stuff is always strong, especially for inexperienced web-designers. There are many websites offering free themes to users of different levels of quality. Some are good, others – passable, but most of them are downright broken. Here are the advantages of using premium templates:

  • Professional quality – our templates are constructed by experienced authors who have spent years perfecting their craft. Their personal style is impeccable, and their coding abilities immaculate. This results in only top-quality products, leading to a great user experience and, in turn, higher sales.
  • 24/7 customer support – if you are stuck while setting up your website or have some technical difficulties, you will have to rely on forums and communities when it comes to free templates. On the other hand, we are ready to provide all the necessary assistance and guidance for our customers 24/7. 
  • Legality – buying premium assets secures you legally in the future. You are the owner; you are free to do whatever you want within the bounds of the license agreement. With free stuff, it is not always so cut and dried. You are not the owner of the property, and so your rights to use assets may change later down the line.
  • Uniqueness – all authors at TemplateMonster bring their unique designs. Nobody will accuse you of plagiarism when using our templates. Free assets are not completely secure against this. They might be unique. They might not be. But why play Russian roulette instead of having a website that is guaranteed to be unique?

Get More WooCommerce Music Themes with ONE

TemplateMonster understands that one-time purchases are a thing of the past. Whether you are a professional web designer or an amateur just trying to carve your own niche on the Internet – you need many costly assets to make it work. Buying them separately will cost you a pretty penny. Taking this in mind, we came up with a solution – ONE subscription. It features different pricing plans suitable for all your needs:

  • Creative – get video, audio, graphic, and design assets with additional presentation templates for just $7.40/month, totaling a small sum of just $89/year.
  • All-in-One – gain all benefits of the previous subscription plan with the addition of e-commerce, CMS, and WordPress themes and myriads of plugins for them. All for only $14.95/month – or $179/year.
  • All-in-One Lifetime – same conditions, different duration. Get all of the aforementioned perks forever for a one-time payment of $749.

ONE Free Subscription

We get it: not everyone has the money to invest in professionally-made WooCommerce music themes. Sometimes, you just want to dip your toes into the industry without risking too much. Other times, you might want to experiment a bit and just see where it leads you. For those of you, we have a perfect solution – a free subscription plan.

It’s a perfect way for testing things out: you get over 86,600 various web-assets. Some of them are more or less limited in their functionality, but all of them are on the same quality level. If you like a particular design – feel free to upgrade to paid subscription and gain all benefits of the chosen theme.

WooCommerce Music Themes FAQ

What assistance will I get to set up WooCommerce music themes with ONE?

All ONE members gain 24/7 access to our customer support. It is available via online-chat or ticket system. Specialists are always available to help in resolving any issues.

Can you construct a whole website for me with WooCommerce music themes?

Yes, we have different options for helping you set up your website – including complete setup with up to 1,000 words of professionally copywritten text. Click here to check this and other options for a totally hands-free experience.

Will I receive updates for WooCommerce music themes?

Yes, all members of ONE benefit from consistent updates as long as their subscription is active. You will also receive all the latest updates if you make a one-time purchase.

Will there be more assets available via ONE?

Yes, we are adding new assets monthly. This also includes the free subscription plan, as authors are encouraged to create content for our free users.

Is there any limit to downloads with ONE?

You can download as many assets as you need for your projects – there are absolutely no limits. They will be available to you as long as your subscription is active. Just be mindful of mass-downloading as it might be considered a fraudulent action. For more info check Terms of Use, subclause 1.3 (b), referring to Antifraud Check.

15 Best Final Cut Pro Templates 2021 for WooCommerce Music Themes

Want to make your music truly stand out? Support the audio pleasures with stunning visuals. Make a small promotional video for your store, create ads for upcoming concerts, target specific audiences using templates with character or try to appeal to broader masses with calm and reserved styles.

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