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NewsPilot AI - Automatic News Post Generator WordPress Plugin

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Short description:

NewsPilot AI - Automatic News Post Generator WordPress Plugin designed for automatic news post generation and display on your website. This tool is incredibly useful for streamlining the process of creating and publishing news articles. It seamlessly integrates with three key APIs Newsdata.io, Worldnews API, and NewsAPI to facilitate the generation of new posts.

Note - Please keep in mind that using these integrated APIs may necessitate a premium key, and the associated cost will vary depending on your chosen pricing plan. We strongly recommend thoroughly reviewing the pricing details of each API to make an informed decision.

In addition to generating news posts, the plugin offers a Content Spinner feature that allows users to rephrase content. To achieve this, three distinct APIs, namely Spinbot, Prepost SEO, and SpinnerCheif, have been integrated. It's important to note that all these APIs require a premium API key for content rephrasing. What sets NewsPilot Blog apart from other platforms is its unique ability to schedule posts according to your preferences and display news posts from your chosen country.

The built-in shortcode feature assists you in customizing the blog layout, and the plugin supports multiple languages for generating news posts in your preferred language. Furthermore, the plugin's impressive color customization functionality enables you to adjust the colors to match your website's theme, ultimately attracting more visitors to your site.

Experience the future of content creation with our plugin – your go-to solution for generating engaging news posts that drive traffic, boost user engagement and elevate your online presence. Get started today and unlock the full potential of your website or blog.


Incorporate three APIs ( https://newsdata.io/, https://newsapi.org/, https://worldnewsapi.com/ )

Adapt to various languages based on the selected APIs

Automatically generate news posts

Choices for different color schemes

Customize the styling of five blog shortcodes with robust parameters

Utilize a Text Spinner on individual post pages

Employ a personalized script option

Adjust the status of generated posts to your liking

Have the option to cancel scheduled tasks

Includes comprehensive documentation for reference

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