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Dashboard earning with analytics UI Element

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Dashboard earning with analytics UI Element
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We understand the evolving needs of our users and continually strive to provide a seamless and enjoyable journey from exploration to purchase.

Detailed Earning Statistics

  • Lifetime Earnings: Track your overall earnings on the platform over time. Understand your cumulative success and financial achievements since joining our platform.
  • Your Commission: Gain insights into the commission you’ve earned on each transaction. Our transparent system ensures you are well-informed about your contributions and rewards.
  • Upcoming Commission: Plan ahead with information on upcoming commissions. Get a sneak peek into your potential earnings, empowering you to make informed decisions for the future.
  • Total Sales: Monitor your total sales in real-time. Track your performance and celebrate milestones as you contribute to the platform’s success.


  • Trends: Explore comprehensive statistics on the yearly demand for various products. Identify popular categories and stay informed about the latest consumer preferences.
  • Yearly : Discover the top-selling products based on user demand. Stay ahead of the curve by exploring what’s currently trending in the market.


  • Dekstop


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