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Christmas Joke Big Production Pack Stock Music

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Short description:

Hello) A fun humorous Christmas track. The sound of a Symphony Orchestra and more bells. Each part is unique. The track gradually develops. Also contains a relaxing part(1:04). Listen to the dialogue of strings and trombones from 2:00.

Perfect for Christmas, winter, fairy, new year, magical and enchanting projects. 

Instruments: Bell, Tubular bell, Windchimes, String, Trombone, Horn, Basson, Harp, Woodwind, Jingle bell, Timpani, Cinematic FX.

 Key - G. Tempo: 100BPM.

For greater flexibility, I added 1 minute, 30 sec, 15 sec version, logo, swoosh/accent and 6 loops.

01_Christmas_Joke (2:50)

02_Christmas_Joke_One_Minute (1:00)

03_Christmas_Joke_30_Sec (0:30)

04_Christmas_Joke_15_Sec (0:15)

05_Christmas_Joke_Logo (0:13)

06_Christmas_Joke_Swoosh (0:09)

07_Christmas_Joke_Loop_A (0:19)

08_Christmas_Joke_Loop_B (0:19)

09_Christmas_Joke_Loop_C (0:19)

10_Christmas_Joke_Loop_D (0:19)

11_Christmas_Joke_Loop_E (0:19)

12_Christmas_Joke_Loop_F (0:09)

You can easily add voice-over (narrator voice), so that the mid channel track has a place for him. At the same time, I took care of mono compatibility. This track will sound good on any device.

If you want more Christmas: please stay in my Portfolio, or let me know. 

 I hope you enjoy this track and find it useful for your media. I love to see what you are doing with my music, so please email me a link of your finished product. 

Thank you for attention! Please help me, place a rating and comment)))


Roman Spivak

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