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Customisable Tea Bag Mockup Product Product Mockup

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Short description:

Customisable Tea Bag Product Mockup

  • Adobe Photoshop 2022 File - 5 Files of Product Range

  • Graphic Artwork Size:
  • Tea Bag Tag - Width: 2.7 cm x Length: 3.3 cm

size your artwork within the layer until you are happy with positioning

  • Background is fully removable in a separate layer within the file
  • Easy customisable layer - compatible with PNG, PDF, JPG image files for your graphic

How to:

  • Click the Eye Symbol on the Background Layer to Turn off the Background - turn the background transparent
  • Add your Art Work into the Layers under 'Customise Items Here
  • The layers under the 'Customise Items here', drop down group, Double Click the Paper like Icon on the Layer Image - another Photoshop page will open up in a separate tab, place your artwork in this separate tab
  • Save this Page (Command S), once placing your artwork in the Smart object separate layer then close the separate page for the artwork to appear in the main file
  • Go to the file drop down or Command E to export the file as a PNG
  • If you are not comfortable with this software, I am happy to add your graphic into the software for you - just contact me for assistance
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