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The Best Wedding Website Templates For Promoting Event Business

When the ringing of wedding bells is planned, creating a web resource dedicated to this occasion is hardly a priority. Nevertheless, using the site to resolve organizational issues can significantly facilitate the preparation process for a significant episode in life.

Free wedding website templates minimize the effort to generate such pages. They will be interested in those who need their own web resource, but they cannot develop it from scratch.

Businesses that Need Animated Wedding Website Templates

Since PHP is the leading programming language, many developers make it main for internal functions. Besides, PHP has excellent security and supports all types of protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS. It means that it is the ideal language for system and database administrators in many areas. If you need a web page that monitors the server and returns HTML output, PHP is the right choice.

The lack of website development skills should not prevent you from realizing a bright dream. Photographers and web designers are constantly looking for a way to demonstrate their creativity. Building an online portfolio, business card, or store to showcase the best labor is a great way to attract customers. You can be a front-end developer by choosing one of the react wedding templates; you can give life to such projects:

  1. Personal or corporate blog. Let's start with simple ideas for the website. Do you have a wedding, or are you a frequent guest at such parties, like to share experiences, ideas, and tips online? Then go ahead β€” people love personalized content, and they are happy to read about real cases.
  2. Decorating parties. Sell accessories, rings, dishes, jewelry, teach people to make decorations, or come to the place of the party and decorate everything yourself. Customers order decor not only for weddings but also for many other occasions. There will be no little work.
  3. Culinary business. For some, cooking is a hobby; for someone, it is not the most pleasant duty, and someone does not know how to cook at all. Collection of wedding cake recipes can attract a vast audience.
  4. Retouching photos. Too many people don't know how to use Photoshop or any other graphic editor. Create an image gallery to promote services as a photographer.
  5. Clothing store. The outfits of the newlyweds are an important element of the party. The bride and groom will not attend the event naked. In any case, everyone needs clothes, high quality, original designs are most appreciated.
  6. Car rental. No wedding is without a motorcade. Show customers your fleet in all its glory.
  7. Designer services. Ideas here are almost limitless because a person of this profession can develop concepts in interior, graphic, web design.
  8. Scrapbooking. All you need is to attend a thematic wedding or be someone who participates in its organization, cool photos, and a basic understanding of graphic design principles. Use the ready templates and you don't have to work hard on composition and visualization.
  1. Gifts. A rare person will allow himself to come to the wedding empty-handed. Compose such a store based on HTML, the mood of the social network, and wait for the visitors.
  2. Catering. Serving a wedding is not a task for one waiter and a cook. A group of people should work here. Build food delivery pages with party services.
  3. Beauty salon. The world probably has not seen a single bride without makeup and hairstyle. Build a business with a full range of services in the beauty industry.
  4. Wedding Disc Jockey (DJ). Some couples like to invite singers to the wedding, while others prefer a live group, someone else wants both. Choose to provide any of these services. Download wedding DJ website templates to tell the world about yourself. If you are interested in wedding music and do not know how to sing live, you should become a wedding DJ.
  5. Wedding Master of Ceremony. If you are funny, witty, like to talk, especially in front of a large crowd, you will not have a problem with becoming a wedding MC. Each wedding needs a person responsible for consolidating the happening and making the wedding guests happy.

Perhaps you know how difficult it can be to prepare for a wedding, and you can share some helpful tips. Then do not hesitate to find the right layout using the MonsterONE and begin a rescue mission. If you do not want the site to be based only on personal experience, consider launching a platform for couples in love and wedding organizers.

Good Features of Wedding Website Templates

Distinguishing features of using our templates:

  1. Bootstrap framework. A free set of tools for developing sites and web applications that greatly simplify mobile design creation.
  2. Customize page browsing on screens of any size.
  3. SEO-friendly. A resource devised according to SEO requirements can be given to the promotion specialists immediately after launch. It will be possible to bring the site to the top search results without modifications.
  4. Convenient, understandable, and efficient navigation.
  5. Google Maps integration. Surprisingly, teleportation has not yet been invented, so location matters. Integration with Google Maps makes it very easy to plan routes for those who visit their customers.
  6. Mobile-friendly. Site structuring, easy to view on mobile devices. As a result, attracting more visitors.
  7. Accessible control system.
  8. Information layout. The correct information architecture will help easily structure the site according to the required parameters.
  9. Options. The diverse content of the gallery allows you to choose the most suitable choices for the site.
  10. Using HTML5 plus JS, Ajax, Sliced PSD, Parallax, jQuery.

HTML5 is undoubtedly a new stage in the development of the hypertext markup language. Despite the fact that it provides some completely useless elements: the same output can be calmly replaced by an ordinary div and not soar about whether the result of calculating any expression; several useful fiches are stored in his tannery: for example, autofocus, data list. In this case, HTML5 makes it easier for the client-side programmer to work: it allows you to make a good figure in one or two lines instead of implementing it in JavaScript.

Simple Guide of Downloading Wedding Website Templates

HTML pages are strange enough to use. The variety of functions is much poorer than in CMS. But this does not mean that you must stop using the first. The main advantage is automatic updates and security. It is most convenient, with a passive site (without updating content).

To use it, you only need to load the desired template with the appropriate options. After selection, two buttons will appear in front of you: "View demo" and "Free download." To get a paid version, you need to select unlimited downloads and follow the instructions.

Use any available text editor to edit the template, including working with the TXT format and starting work.

How to Change the Logo on Wedding Website Templates

To change the height and width of the logo in the template, take a few simple steps:

  1. Find the site folder on your computer.
  2. Enter your panel/FTP.
  3. Open the folder where the site is located.
  4. Find and open "index.html" files.
  5. In the change bar, specify the part of the code that includes the blank information. That is, enter the necessary width and height indicators.
  6. Save entered data.
  7. Then restart the site page and check your changes. 

Please note that the logo size should be adjusted manually.

What is MonsterONE Platform?

In the modern world, the online sale of goods (services) has a huge advantage. The Internet today is the main source of tools for web designers and developers. Using the templates for the project is a time and money-saver. It facilitates the process in general: you do not spend the time on making up the creation, looking for fresh, inspiring ideas, coding to constitute it in working order. If you are often faced with the fact that to launch a new strategy, scour the entire Internet in search of necessary assets and designs.

It means great service for those who work with web design, development, marketing, related fields. The platform gives the skill to download an unlimited number of products in one space without paying every time you need a design or image. It is a unique collection of templates, plugins, audio & video files, and graphics for every taste and purpose. A subscription gives you access to a collection of over 4 000 products compatible with the latest versions of favorite CMS, eCommerce platforms, audio files, plugins, and other digital apps. The feature includes both premium and free samples growing with offers. Besides, the range is expanding and full of current recommendations to authors. The service consists of a collection of assets for OpenCart, PrestaShop, Shopify, Joomla, Magento, VirtueMart. It provides unlimited use of a collection of 1,500 samples for WordPress and WooCommerce, which will suit any purpose and task. There is a wide variety of themes for landing pages, email newsletters, site administrators, and other purposes.

MonsterONE and its Benefits 

Get the MonsterOne subscription and enjoy the vast experience of our team in providing the best service. You will get thousands of items, unlimited projects, 24 hours a day common assistance, powerful additional advantages. Each subscriber is given unlimited access to all products on the marketplace: posted on the site at the period of purchase of the tariff and those added after the transaction. You may download all products without restrictions and extra payments at any convenient moment.

For whom is the MonsterONE?

There is selected the following target categories of users who will appreciate all offers of the service:

  1. Web developers and web designers who are interested in just a click to a collection of templates for WordPress, eCommerce themes, and other types.
  1. The service is useful for those who work with design elements, like icons, fonts, which can be edited in Photoshop or Figma. Your goal is to implement sites for many customers.
  2. Agencies and studios interested in quick, simple access to visual effects, images, and presentations can produce a large amount of content in a short period. 
  3. Online business owners who want to redeem hundreds or thousands of dollars in hiring developers, designers, content marketers for or websites and creative content.
  4. Somebody is making content and having a wish for royalty-free products (audio and video assets, images, etc.).

MonsterONE will be useful for all digital workers.

MonsterONE Offered Tariffs 

There you see the choice of one of three paid options:

  1. All-In-One β€” $179/year, no more expensive than the average cost of assets samples. This map gives you annual unlimited use of the full collection of templates, including all fresh units that will be added after signing up. With All-In-One, having SCS and eCommerce patterns, plugins, images, video, audio samples. There is also provided a guarantee for professional technical support for a year.
  2. Creative β€” $82 per year. This fee applies to presentations, graphics, free stock photos, visuals, and audio items.
  3. Lifetime one-time payment of $599. You pay once and forget about the need to update the subscription after a year. The marketplace provides an unlimited variety of digital products.Β 

The user has a free account that gives you the opportunity to download everything. If you enjoy the service, everyone who subscribes has a chance to switch to any of the proposed paid rates by checking out. The paid user receives free access after the end of the fee. It means that even if this period has expired β€” you may continue to use assets which are not requiring payment.

What the Subscriber shouldn’t do 

The user may load any asset for their needs. But mass unloading is prohibited due to security measures taken to prevent fraudulent activities. It occurs because of the increasing number of fraudulent transactions by people who are not real holders of credit cards during the purchase. In the case of items being downloaded from different IP addresses, such accounts will be blocked temporarily.

Wedding Website Templates FAQ

I make wedding website templates HTML5. How can I sell them using MonsterONE?

Join as an author. Add new lovely products to MonsterONE in one click.

What happens after a year with wedding website templates free, which are downloaded?

The only difference from the old days is that bulk downloads are prohibited. It is to prevent fraudulent activities. You lose the right to download the assets included in terms of the MonsterONE if you do not renew it after a year.

Where can I seek help with wedding website templates WordPress?

Please contact our live chat, which is situated on the left-right corner of the website. Qualified specialists give you hints and instructions on how to handle the website wedding templates and other assets.

Are there any limitations to MonsterONE membership to utilize wedding website templates?

Every product you download from TemplateMonster cannot be resold or transferred to third parties. It is restricted to launch more than 5 downloads at the same time to avoid the block of your account. The system might see the action as a fraud attempt.

Wedding Website Templates Video

The video offers users to see a tutorial on how to manage the effects. You will get clear instructions on how to replace the images in the gallery even if you have no coding skills. The layouts have ready sections and sliders that allow watching the pictures comfortably and smoothly.

The All-in-One Membership

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