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Restaurant Website Templates to Increase the Web Traffic and Improve the Visitors' Web Experience

Before going to a restaurant or café, we always check its website to find the house's news, menu, services, and specialty. It helps to avoid any confusion while choosing the meal or while selecting the place for the celebrations. So, having a website is vital for the catering establishment promotion and advertising, which increases your income. However, creating the design for the website is not that easy, as you have to consider a lot of points like functions, design, and hosting. But we suggest a solution to simplify your life and save valuable time. Get the MonsterONE subscription, and you will get unlimited access to the restaurant website templates, designs, plugins, and visuals that will help you create a high-quality website.

Who will benefit from using the templates from the MonsterONE platform?

  • Front-end developers who create websites for their clients. Each business person wants his project to be unique, and creating a distinctive design can be difficult and time-consuming.
  • Design studios that want to cut expenses on premium assets.
  • Anyone who enjoys and knows how to work with the code.

Generally, if you are good at coding and need a fresh and extraordinary HTML theme for any project, you are at the right place.

Restaurant Web Templates Suit any Catering Establishments

Nowadays, most people prefer eating out and do it regularly. So, there is a constant growth in the number and types of restaurants. Considering the market, we developed a universal web design to suit all kinds of food business:

  • Café,
  • Fast food,
  • Mexican food,
  • Coffee shop,
  • Steak house,
  • Cooking blog,
  • Any restaurant type like seafood, Italian, sushi.

So, it does not matter what kind of restaurant you have. You will find a perfect template at MonsterONE.

Main Features of the Restaurant Website Templates

It is not enough to have an attractive design to surprise the customers. The website should be user-friendly. So, here is the list of features that our products have and that influence the UX.

  • Different user interface elements,
  • Amazing animation effects and visuals,
  • W3C valid code,
  • Grid, gobbles, and masonry gallery type,
  • Blog with four layouts,
  • 24/7 support,
  • HTML5,
  • Bootstrap,
  • HTML plus JS,
  • Dropdown Menu,
  • JQuery.

How to Choose Restaurant Website Templates?

If you think that you need a few seconds to find a perfect theme, you are mistaken. There are dozens of websites and an enormous amount of templates, and it isn't easy to make a choice. So, here is a short checklist for choosing the perfect design.

  •  Concentrate on Functionality

We always check the front and then check the back. It would help if you first considered the characteristics. Otherwise, you may spend extra money on customization. Useful features might be responsiveness, reservation options, text-based menu forms for the catering and events. The website is the online representation of your business that can influence your reputation. Therefore, you should create a positive image with convenient and easy-to-navigate web pages. Please note! Your website visitors or potential customers are looking for the phone number, address, working hours, menu, reservation, and ordering online. So, make such information valuable.

  • Showcase visuals

There is not enough to describe the perfect decoration, service, and meals. In other words, it is vital to show people the real pictures. Your website must include photos of extraordinary quality and high resolution. There should be the hall photos, for customers to choose the place of holding the event, meal picture, for them to know what to buy and how it looks.

  • Choose a good structure that is easy to customize

Your template should be easy to control and adapt to the needs and style of your restaurant. Choose the colors and style that dominates your interior and suits the brand. In such a way, the web pages will be more stylish.

  •  Predict the future needs

Do not rely on the features you need right now, try to predict which services you will provide and which characteristics you require. For instance, if you are not ready to offer the catering service, but you are planning, it is easier to switch on this function rather than buy it. In such a way, you will save money and search time.

Why Does My Café Need the Restaurant Website Themes?

Here is the list of reasons for choosing the theme rather than creating it on your own:

  • Create a positive and trustworthy brand image as all the designs are developed according to the modern trends in web designing. Ensure that theme colors match the web design, and you will add more style to your web pages.
  • Improve the search ranking, as all templates are SEO optimized. However, do not forget that the content you add is unique and has keywords.
  • Convenient for getting information and making online orders. As a result, you will satisfy the customer with speed and convenience. It is hard to equip the website with online orders and booking options without any specialists' assistance, even if you have good coding knowledge. 
  • Enhance a sense of trust and brand loyalty. A well-developed website promotes your business and advertises your product.
  • Promote additional services as while internet surfing, people have more time looking through the website and considering all products and services you provide.

Which Hosting is Better to Choose for the Restaurant Website templates?

Depending on the purpose of your website, whether it is informative or fully functional e-commerce, here is the list to fit your requirements together with its positive and negative sides. For more information, click here.

Restaurant web builder for giving information.

  1. MotoCMS  is the best choice for informative web pages. It provides menu widgets easy to customize. There is also a free trial available. You can also find the pre-installed menu, menu creator, and online table reservation.
  2. Weblium is a free website builder, that enables you to add such pages as a menu, reservation with the contact form, specialties. This platform enables you to create your own CRM.
  3. Weebly is great for the designed websites. It provides limited menu designs, and it does not include reservation features, but it has a free plan.

Restaurant web builder for getting online orders.

  1. Square Online is the best restaurant web builder for e-commerce. Customers can change the order, choose either the restaurant pickup or delivery. The platform provides the EPOS integration that organizes the cost-effective supply chain. Besides, it has the Dordash and Postmates delivery integration, but only in the USA. The platform fee is reasonable and affordable.
  2. Squarespace is good for creating attractive web pages. It is integrated with the Open Table and has in-house scheduling widgets, enabling you to get notifications when a table is booked. Also, it provides good customer support.
  3. Shopify is the best choice to establish e-commerce. It is a well-known platform that provides the best sales features, but it does not have online booking and a menu creator.

Look through all platforms and choose one that suits you the best.

Why the Subscription is Better than the Single Purchase of the Website Restaurant Templates

  • Cost. The subscription price is almost the same as the price of the single purchase of the theme. That makes the subscription better in terms of the price as you will get unlimited access to the items for the whole year.
  • Many products. Subscription enables you to download any product plugins and graphics to website templates. Therefore, if you do not like one downloaded theme, you can download another. While with a single purchase, you can buy only one product, and there is no chance to return the item and get another one.
  • Technical support. With the membership, you get 365days of the professional technical support to all products and customer support. In comparison, some single-purchased designs do not usually have any professional assistance.
  • Regular discounts for the extra services. MonsterONE platform is interested in simplifying the customers' life and saving time, so we provide a range of additional services like web design installation, store setup, SEO optimization, content writing, etc.
  • Constant updates.

Which Information Do I Need to Add to the Restaurant Template for Websites

  • Restaurant description. Here you need to include the reasons for creating such a business and a general description. It helps clients to find out more about the eating establishment.
  • Description of the halls with the pictures. It increases the number of bookings as people will see the interior and decide whether they want to hold their event and which table they want to order.
  • Introducing the staff. As clients are concerned about their health, they want to know people who cook their meal so that such a page will be of great help. It will establish a sense of trust between you and the customers.
  • Meals descriptions with photos. It is not a surprise that we like the meal, which is beautifully served. So, the pictures will show us the future outlook of the dishes. Besides, such images can attract bloggers as they want to make good content for the viewers.
  • Contact forms will simplify the way of communicating with the clients and getting their feedback. It also saves time, as there is no need to search for the email address or the phone number. However, you have to present a wide choice of contacting options to keep in touch with the potential clientele.
  • Guide on effective website navigation makes it easy to find the needed element.
  • FAQ block makes the site useful and informative. Also, it will predict the possible questions.
  • Page with the reviews and photos with the famous people will promote and advertise your business. People are used to believing all the thoughts. Therefore they carefully look them through and make their own decisions. 

MonsterONE Subscription Plans for Free Downloading of the Restaurant Website Templates

There are pricing plans. They differ in the type of product available for unlimited downloads and the price. All of them include a year of professional technical support.

  • A Сreative plan costs just $6.80 per month. It is equal to approximately several cups of coffee, but it is more useful than such a beverage. You get access to the unlimited free download of graphics, designs for the presentations, video and audio resources, and projects for 365 days.
  • All-in-one is twice as expensive as the creative plan, but it gives you access to all projects from MonsterONE for the whole year. So, if you need any plugin, e-commerce theme, or graphics, you can get everything for free without any limitation. It will cost you just $15 per month.
  • The best offer is the Lifetime all-in-one plan, where you can pay $749 once and enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life. It perfectly suits the needs of the companies, which develop and create the websites. 

How to download for free the Restaurant Website Theme?

Look at the competitors' websites and write down the positive and negative sides.

When you have a checklist, it will be easier for you to choose.

  • Sign in to the MonsterONE platform;
  • Choose the type of product you need;
  • Sort out the results with the help of the filters, tags, and keywords;
  • Once you have chosen the design, read the details carefully and look at the Demo;
  • If you are happy with everything, click download.

Well done! Now you have a high-quality design for your restaurant website.

How to Become an Author of the Restaurant Website Templates?

If you are a developer and have decided that your product's quality is good enough for selling, we are welcome to try your best and become a part of our experienced professional team. We offer:

  • A marketplace with high traffic. As MonsterONE, together with the TemplateMonster, have a huge visitor number, so your products will be viewable to more than 2M potential clients from around the world.
  • High income depends on the quality and the number of the uploaded files. In other words, the more items you sell, the higher income you get.
  •  Professional feedback. Our professionals regularly check each product to ensure high quality. Also, they will give you well-grounded comments for developing your skills. 
  • General support to all items, so you are not obliged to provide the support on your own.
  • Simple license;
  •  Ability to earn on what you like doing.

You can sell plugins, themes, graphics, presentations, video, audio, font. So do not waste time to become the author now. For this, you need to:

  • Click the red button in the right-left column;
  • Fill in some personal information;
  • Send you works for the review;
  • Once you get positive feedback from ONE team.

Restaurant Website Templates FAQ

Who Can Help with the Restaurant Website Customization?

MonsterONE subscription provides one year of technical support, so if you have problems with the theme, you can contact them. Also, you can reach our professional customer support. You can contact them by clicking the hot button in the right-hand corner.

Why is Responsiveness Essential for the Restaurant Website Template?

To save valuable time, we go shopping with the help of the mobile phone. The mobile-friendly design ensures the appropriate size of all images, makes the web information readable, and generally looks good on screen resolution. It will better the web experience and improve the sales.

What is the Demo of Restaurant Website Templates, and why do I need it?

Each time we purchase any item, we question ourselves whether it is the right choice. Because of this, we have introduced this function. The Demo is the visual representation of how your website will operate with this particular theme. It will have a real website. You can also click all the buttons, go to all menu sections and check the navigation. To find the Demo button, point the mouse cursor to the item, and two buttons appear.

Is the Restaurant Website Template SEO Friendly?

We know the importance of SEO optimization, as it improves the web traffic by placing the website higher in the search results list. So, we ensure the availability of such functions in each item. If you want to make your website even more SEO-friendly, that will improve the general web performance, so consider ordering the services by MonsterONE.

Setting up the Contact Form in the Restaurant Website Template

Contact Form is a perfect tool for getting the message from the client to your email box. Such communication is better than just stating the email address as it is faster and more convenient. This simple tutorial helps you understand how to set up the Contact Form in the HTML themes with the builder.

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