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Personal Website Templates for Advertising Individual Brand Online

HTML is one of the foremost web-based technology tools. People created this markup language to construct modern websites and personal web pages. It won't be a problem for you to create a unique personal website using HTML. You can write a code for the website in any editor (NotePad++, CoffeeCup HTML Editor, Visual Studio Code). Of course, everything will depend on the level of your skills and knowledge. But actually, there's another way out. You can also buy personal website themes based on HTML and make some improvements in its design. For example, you can add your video and other graphics through a safe, secure & optimized method. And by the way, personal website templates are not meant for beginners. You need to have a certain level of knowledge to edit even simple personal website templates. And where do people usually find the best personal website templates?

The best place where people can buy flexible personal HTML themes is the MonsterONE platform. That is the best online resource for purchasing premium personal themes. MonsterONE offers its customers the best prices available on the market. Buying personal website templates on MonsterONE is highly effective. It can save people time and money. One more serious advantage is the easy setup of the customers' website. Customization is the key to success. When you go for a ready-made template, you will have nothing custom that can make your website unique. Customization will allow you the freedom to add your content and graphics instead of going for a generic and boring look. Therefore, buying a personal website template on MonsterONE has multiple advantages. And what types of businesses do these themes usually help?

Who Needs HTML Personal Website Templates?

MonsterONE authors created a diversity of themes for various business types. It can be a portfolio of a developer, a writer, an artist, etc. Also, it can be a writer, hospital, or university website. The variety of applying all of these themes is pretty amazing. But, of course, everything depends on what website type you want to receive. Here's the list of people/businesses that may need personal website templates:

  • Showing off a talent/hobby. Demonstrate to your audience the talents or hobbies you have in music, movie, theatre, and other industries. Individual website templates are designed exactly for demonstrating to the world your uniqueness.
  • Demonstrate a product or service in use. Easily demonstrate the product or service to your potential customers with the help of well-thought-out tutorials and build in YouTube videos.
  • Sharing information and experiences with family or friends. Now that has become very easy to share your experiences with the world. Share your emotions on the website and show them to your family and friends.
  • Help in launching a project/ book/ event. You can easily help a colleague or friend with starting a project or any kind of event.
  • Creating a fan site for the sports team. Individual website themes can easily help with creating a fan site of the movie star or sports team. Just try to visualize what kind of website you want to receive. The next thing is to visit the MonsterONE platform and simply download this template.
  • Improve business or drive traffic to another popular website. Sometimes businesses need additional website traffic. You can create a niche blog that will be linked to your target website. This simple trick can help to raise brand awareness among potential customers.
  • Creating a new income stream, etc.

As soon as there is no doubt about this issue, choose your template and customize your brand online. Then, visit MonsterONE and buy the best premium personal website template. Cooperation with MonsterONE service will be the best decision that will help your brand.

Features of HTML Personal Themes

MonsterONE marketplace supplies web assets of the highest quality. Each piece of product is tested before we place it on our marketplace. As a result, our templates have at their disposal such features:

  1. Developed for a variety of different businesses. People can use personal themes for starting a business in personal brand, medical, health, money, and many other interesting spheres.
  2. Personal website themes are flexible and user-friendly. We are producing only high-quality web assets. And all of those assets are optimized to adapt to different business purposes.
  3. All personal website templates have SEO-optimized web assets. There are a few reasons why each website should have a well-thought-out SEO strategy. The first thing is that good SEO puts your web page on the top search list of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. The next important thing here is user trust. When your web page is shown at the top of search results, your website receives credibility among potential customers. Then goes the level of SEO optimization. It means that nowadays people know the worth of time. They will probably click at the top of the search list. That's simple human psychology. Scientists have proved this fact. They said that only a small percentage of people visit the second, the third, and other Google search pages.
  4. MonsterONE membership subscribers are eligible to receive a free discount from the TemplateMonster platform. That's why this is more useful to purchase a membership. It's more cost-effective in comparison with making purchases in retail mode.
  5. Each modern website should be optimized for mobile devices. Nowadays, this is very important. The owner needs to make sure that the website is displaying properly on the mobile screens. We're living in times where mobile traffic is as important as traffic from desktops. According to the research, more than 50% of internet users are using mobile devices daily. Moreover, having a website's mobile version positively affects search rankings and makes a good impression.
  6. The retina readiness feature is highly important for the modern website. With this important thing, there's no need to worry about the appearance of the website. This essential characteristic guarantees website visibility on all modern screens (HD, FHD, UHD). This will give a boost to the reputation of your website in the users' eyes.
  7. Personal website templates also have drop-down and mega menus. This efficient feature will give users extended options. It can allow you to visit certain website pages or choose your other products. This special feature makes a website look more user-friendly and well-structured. The main aim of drop-down and mega menus is to save space on the screen. It was invented to protect your visitors from gigantic menus that are popping out here and there.
  8. Your website appearance is the face of the company/brand you're working for. That's why it's better when the website is fully responsive with all possible devices (PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets). 
  9. Personal websites must contain all possible features that can attract the users' eye. Blog/gallery feature is a must for the modern website nowadays. It is important to remember the fact that some visitors perceive visual information better. That's why they need those features on your website.
  10. Personal website themes have exceptional functionality based on HTML5, HTML Plus JS, Sliced PSD, Parallax, Ajax, JQuery, etc.

Why is it Better to Use Personal Website Templates than to Create a Website from Scratch?

There are many advantages of buying a 100% ready website theme. Here's the list of the most important benefits that each customer receives:

  • The templates are available for use right after being purchased. This can save a lot of money and precious time. Now there is no special need in developing a website from scratch. Just buy the template and start customizing your business tool in a matter of time! There is no need to pay big amounts of money to freelancers or companies. Just buy it and save your time for more important things.
  • Ready-to-use personal website templates can help those people who don't have visual design skills. This helpful feature will assist all junior web developers. They can learn from a diversity of personal website themes.
  • The templates may be an inspiration source. Every website developer was facing a situation when he had no idea for further website development. This happens to many people, and this is absolutely an ordinary thing. Why not purchase a ready-to-use personal Html theme? Using such templates can help you learn how to structure a website effectively. It can motivate the further creation of new trends in web development. 
  • That's a good decision to buy a ready template if you feel that your coding skills are imperfect. It would be way cheaper in terms of time/money to ask somebody for some help.
  • Buying a ready-to-use theme can assist with saving precious time. The users can spend it on preparing the content for the website. In addition, this can be a part of a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Producing the same type of content can increase product awareness among potential clients. As a result, you can generate more income by making more sales.

How to Get Personal Website Templates

There are two ways of creating a website. The first way is the developer's way. By all means, this way is far more complicated. The user needs to create a website from scratch using HTML and other programming languages. This will take more time. But you'll know that this website is 100% created with your skills/knowledge. And there's also another solution to this question that is way simpler; people can buy high-quality and 100% ready personal website templates. Purchasing a template will be useful for those who have some skills/knowledge but are out of time. The next step here will be to choose a trustworthy and high-quality platform for purchasing an HTML template. 

MonsterONE platform differs favorably from all its competitors. You may be wondering why it is so different from all its opponent platforms? Everything is very simple and obvious. MonsterONE offers only a high-quality level of services to its customers. Moreover, it offers services for the fairest prices on the market. The customer can better navigate the level of our future cooperation after reading our pricing plans:

  1. CREATIVE plan. Skipping several cups of coffee with a hotdog can afford using an innovative plan which has miscellaneous web items. For example, the plan includes presentation templates, stock videos, graphic/design assets, audio, and images. It gives the customers one year of customer support. The creative plan has a very pleasant price of $6.8 per month / $82 per year. There's no doubt that even small kids may purchase this plan with their pocket money. A creative plan is worth checking for those who are short on budget. 
  2. ALL-IN-ONE plan. This plan is far more advanced. Besides all the items mentioned above, it has WordPress themes, eCommerce themes, popular plugins/ add-ons/ extensions. This plan can be received just by skipping several drinks with friends at the closest bar. The all-in-one plan is worth $14.95 per month / $195 per year. It should be mentioned that MonsterONE does not restrict you from receiving updates. So, buying any kind of template on the MonsterONE platform can significantly boost personal brand awareness. Give it a try and unleash the space for individual creativity.
  3. ALL-IN-ONE one-time fee plan. This plan is the most beneficial from a business perspective. You will become a member of the TemplateMonster community. People who purchased this plan receive lifetime access to all first-class web assets. This is very convenient from the average users' perspective. Let's imagine that you need some high-quality web assets. All you need is to sign in and press the download button. And this need doesn't depend on the time of the year. Isn't it awesome? This beneficial package will cost you only $599. This is equal to five templates in retail buying mode. The benefits of this pricing plan are pretty obvious. Sell some unnecessary stuff and purchase this plan. And in a year, your life can significantly change. Investing money in self-development is priceless. You need to think about this statement and make the right decision. 

Personal Website Templates FAQ

Is it Necessary for the Personal Website Templates to Have a Good SEO Strategy?

Yes, it's highly important for all websites. Good SEO simply helps the user to find the online resource on Google. And this is crucial for your personal websites' awareness. The fact that most people are searching only in the top search result also needs to be mentioned. So, while customizing the website, please take a closer look at search engine optimization.

May Third Party Authors Sell their Website Templates on MonsterONE platform?

Yes, we are happy to cooperate with all talented authors. However, they need to take a simple step. The authors need to verify themselves on our website. Our support team very quickly will process all incoming applications. In a matter of time, confirmed authors can generate good income by selling content on our platform. We have plenty of authors making a good income from selling their themes, audio, video content. That is possible thanks to the big audience of our customers.

How to Install Personal Website Templates?

You can do it by yourself. There's another way out. Buy a one-year subscription and assign responsibility to the MonsterONE support team. They will do all possible customizations in a matter of time. The users can save their time for producing more relevant content. And they can pass installation and customization processes to our company.

Is it Possible to Receive Free Personal Website Templates?

Yes, this is possible. You can sign up for a free account. This is a great offer with more than 450 free products (website themes, presentations, graphic content). The user needs to sign up. And then, he can receive unlimited download options for all the free products that we offer. He can easily use it for creating or customizing the existing website.

How to Choose The Best Personal Website Templates?

You need to realize what site you want to receive in the end. All you need is to visualize it. Just think about the header, footer, sidebar areas of your site. Imagine your target audience and try to understand what will be better for them. Pretend that you are the visitor on your website. Try to imagine navigation styles, colors, etc. Don't forget to check if the template is SEO-friendly and has a responsive design. Flexible customization options also need to be mentioned.

Things that are Overlooked in Mobile-Friendly Personal Website Templates

Flexible and mobile-friendly website design is the key feature to your success. It's a fact that modern design needs to be adaptable to all the screen and user devices. So please, check this video and find out what mistakes shouldn't be made while picking up a mobile-friendly website template.

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