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Best Nonprofit Website Templates: Build Professional Projects with Great Solutions 

Nowadays, everyone wants to self-express and tell the public about the services and offerings. The most beneficial way to do that is to create a website. And if you can't find one or don't know how to start, we have the perfect ready-made solutions. Here is a collection of the best, multi-purpose and feature-rich nonprofit website templates. They are easy enough to work with if you have coding skills.

Moreover, the themes are designed so that you only have to adapt them to suit your purposes. We offer a unique design and essential features, without which any site today would not fully work. These are SEO-optimization, mobile-friendly layouts, and valid, error-free HTML5 code. To get access to these exclusive products, you only need to subscribe to one of MonsterONE's plans. This subscription is a unique service on the digital market. After all, no one has ever built a library with more than 90K web products, which help build any online or offline project, and the price of which is just a few cups of coffee. Do you think that's all? No, we've got a lot more for you. So, please don't lose the chance to realize your ideas with MonsterONE.

Nonprofit Website Design Templates are Ready for Various Purposes 

For most charities and nonprofits, using ready-made themes is a practical way to get a decent and professional online presence. Our templates help in the work of building eye-catching websites for anyone who needs a high-quality product. You can be:

  • professional coder,
  • freelancer, 
  • developer, 
  • web studio owner, 
  • beginner. 

Now, the range of our offerings is wide. It can be sites for:

  • nonprofit organizations, 
  • charity firm, 
  • fundraising funds,
  • announcements of different events, 
  • schools and educational centers, 
  • volunteer organizations, 
  • churches,
  • funeral homes, 
  • donations, 
  • religious groups, 
  • community work, etc. 

For such projects, a website is the best way to raise public awareness, declare yourself, and tell society about your goals and good deeds. So, if you have such a desire, safely opt for our web solutions. 

Great Nonprofit Website Templates Must-have Features 

The first thing that will surprise you when you come to a nonprofit products page is, of course, the number of these items and their visual appearance. Yes, design is an aspect that we are proud of. Our authors are making more and more high-quality products that impress with their looks. Each template is a uniquely chosen design that responds to the topic and emphasizes its strengths. But the design is not the only thing that excites our customers and makes them return to us again. It's all in the functionality. Because each product has a complete set of features with which it is real to make a multi-component site in a few days. We offer templates that come with the following features:

Mobile-friendly layouts. Statistics show that the majority of Internet users browse web pages from mobile devices. That's why the adaptivity function is required to attract more visitors. And we provide it. Now your website will look great and equally on smartphones, laptops, PCs, and tablets. 

Cross-browser optimization. If some of your customers use Safari browser, Google Chrome, or Opera, there is no problem. Cross-browser compatibility is also available to you. And you do not need to customize the template to different browsers and test it in them. 

SEO-friendly code. Promoting an online resource is an important aspect of a successful website. Clean code includes SEO optimization, which will help you be visible and take high positions in search rankings.

Google Web Fonts integration. Clear and bright typography on a website can radically change the design and attitude of the clients. Having Google fonts integration will help you find the perfect fonts. But remember that it is better to apply a few ones so that the design will not be too intrusive and unnecessary beauty won't distract the audience from the useful content.

Latest Bootstrap framework version. It is a very user-friendly adaptive grid, which includes a huge set of tools for building mobile design.

Slider Revolution. It is a slideshow that can present the team, mission or familiarize people with interesting facts extraordinarily.

Contact Form. It will help users communicate with you quickly and easily. You can collect information about the r customers, provide feedback and allow them to contact you at any time.

Parallax effect. It is one of the most popular ways to create magic in web design. This technology is so popular because it is often applied in a storytelling format and everywhere where visual effects play a significant role. 

Blog connection. This option will also help you make contact with the audience and share interesting posts with them. Most of the themes include several layouts so that you can choose the best fit.

Gallery variations. Want to present your organization, achievements, and team unusually? Use different gallery variations and choose the one that will help you stand out and showcase yourself better.

Downloading Modern Nonprofit Website Templates: MonsterONE Pricing Plan

MonsterONE is a great way to create projects using only the best solutions. This collection covers much more than access to thousands of web products. Amazing, agree? We provide our subscribers with expert services, 1-year technical support, and discounts on different products. To get all this, you need to choose one of the existing pricing plans:

The Creative package, which costs $82 annually, or $6.80 monthly, opens access to the following categories of items:

  • graphics (logos, PSD files, illustrations, patterns, backgrounds, icons, fonts, and more);
  • presentation templates (PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides);
  • audio and video assets (stock materials, templates for After Effects, Premiere, Motion Graphics, and audio effects).

The All-in-one package costs $179 annually or $14.95 monthly and covers the following goods:

  • all Creative package items;
  • CMSs templates and e-commerce themes (Magento, PrestaShop, WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, and so on);
  • plugins.

The All-in-one lifetime package is now the best offer in the digital marketplace. And the reason for that is pretty simple. $599 is opening up access to the entire MonsterONE library for life. The collection is constantly updated, so you'll have hundreds of thousands of ready-made solutions at your disposal.Β 

What are the Reasons for You to Join MonsterONE Subscription?

It is an exclusive service for anyone who has a desire to create great projects. The fact that we provide products related to website development does not mean that all offers are strictly for coders and web studios. If you are a regular user, you can use resume or certificate templates. You may download illustrations, fonts, and icons as many times as you want. Of course, for developers, it is also a great treasure chest. After all, the theme is the best and fastest way to get the site done in a few days. MonsterONE is a lot of opportunities and benefits, among them are:

  • Professional services. They include many activity vectors: copywriting, logo creation, filling the site with content, setting up a theme, creating an online store from scratch, and much more. Everything is done according to your requirements.
  • Huge assortment. As has already been saying and as you can see there are many products. And here you will find the perfect solution for any of your purposes.
  • It's suitable for every wallet. If you need graphics, you need to take the standard package, the price of which is equal to a cup of coffee. If you create websites, then choose between the other two. The plans' prices are more than low because the total cost of all the products in the subscription exceeds $500,000. 
  • Bonuses for subscribers. There is a discount for you not only on services but also on all products from TemplateMonster's official website.
  • Time savings. Because you do not need to spend hours on the Internet searching for the right solution, it is not the fact that it will be of high quality. On our resource, the search takes minutes. You only need to use the left sidebar, specifying the criteria you want.

Nonprofit Website Templates FAQs

What should a nonprofit website template include?

It depends on your organization or foundation. The must-have are a team page, blog, donation page and reports, event banners, carefully designed text blocks, calls to action, and the like. It concerns the visual part. If we are talking about the necessary functions, we should point out SEO optimization, full customization, valid code, built-in constructors, various layout types, and responsive design.

Can you help with nonprofit organization website template installation?

Absolutely! Feel free to refer to our services. We offer an Installation option that costs $44 for subscribers. It includes installing the chosen template on your hosting, with sample data imported into it, in just 3 hours. We guarantee only the best and fastest results.

How do I get free nonprofit website templates?

MonsterONE offers free account creation. It is perfect for those who are not sure if it is worth joining the community or if financial means do not allow you to do it yet. So, you need to enter your data (email, first and last name, phone number, and password). After registration, you may choose any of the 490+ available items and download them by sharing the product link on social networks.

How to edit nonprofit website design templates?

Let's not lie. You should have basic code knowledge and skills to work with it then the process will go smoothly. If there are any difficulties, you can refer to building a website service (installing the template, adding content, creating a logo). You may also watch the tutorials on our YouTube channel. They are easy enough to follow.

Using Graphic Design Trends in Nonprofit Website Templates

To surprise the audience and keep up with the competition, you need to be on top of the trends. If you're ready to experiment, then feel free to check out this video with the best web design trends. Only brave decisions can lead you to success and popularity.

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