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Promote Your Ideas with News Websites Templates

Town criers lost their functionality. With the flow of time, sharing news becomes more convenient via the Internet than by gossiping. However, some online platforms such as social media, forums, and chats involve scandalizing unproven facts. If you can read some news at home, will you go outside and buy a newspaper? You will probably not.

Modern people tend to buy a magazine or newspaper online subscription rather than occasional ones made of paper. Time is the new money. Therefore, everyone knows its worth and wants to employ it well, avoiding standing in infinite lines to get the desired thing. Moreover, reading the news has recently started to be our habit. We do it in the morning and at night, before and after work.

Spreading a word through the Web will not only simplify the process but also attract more readers. Imagine you do not have to spend money on printing an edition, and people do not waste their time being stuck on their way to getting the product. Moreover, our news website templates have an amazing design, and they also include stock pictures, videos, and audio. Developing a website, you do not need to hire a designer or photographer for a blog. Learn more about news websites templates key features in the extract below.

News Websites Templates Top Features

There is a vast range of features news websites templates boast, to name but a few:

Full responsiveness.

The websites created with our news websites templates are sharply displayed on any size screen. Whatever device Internet surfers use, they will be pleased with the high quality of your web page. This range of gadgets includes PCs, laptops, tablets, and more. Be sure of the clear appearance of your website with the news website templates.

Mobile Compatibility.

Having a convenient website mobile version, you can be sure of the high traffic. The reason is that over 50% of Internet users do their daily affairs with their phones on the move. Therefore, mobile compatibility is a big deal in terms of website promotion and sufficient functioning.

Retina Readiness.

The retina readiness ensures a website's clear visibility on prime quality screens. They include such display resolutions: HD, FHD, UHD, etc. Such a feature will bring more visitors to your website because it becomes available for all devices.

Using Templates for Multiple Purposes.

After creating a website, you can change your mind and transform it into a blog, forum, landing page, portfolio or resume, newsletter. We took care of the templates being both for commercial and personal purposes. People tend to rearrange their plans, and we do our best to meet our customers' requirements.

Gallery and Blog Opportunities.

The news websites templates are suitable for publishing a fashion magazine, thematic blog, or photographer edition because they own gallery and blog features. Enhancing the text content with a visual compliment is always a good idea as some people are visually-minded, whereas others perceive written information better. 

Purchase Options For Everyone.

Considering different needs, preferences, and financial capacities, we provide our client with two buying opportunities: wholesale and retail. The first purchase option is for creative people with enduring projects. In contrast, the second is suitable for beginning web developers, one-time projects and people, who need only several web items.

News Websites Templates with MonsterONE

MonsterONE is the platform where you can get all the top-notch web assets at once. The process is plain as day:

  • Choose from three packages, each containing additional web products or is available for a longer time duration.
  • Buy a MonsterONE membership, signing up, and verifying a payment method.
  • Download as many available in your package items as you want.

One price β€” infinite opportunities. Compare: a single template for news websites costs up to $99, while you can buy the whole package only for $82 per year.

News Websites Templates FAQ

What Are the Prices of News Websites Templates with MonsterONE?

There are three plans to consider:
1. CREATIVE consists of presentation themes, graphic and design assets, videos and audios, and has a year of technical support. All of these cost only $6.8 monthly and $82 annually.
2. ALL-IN-ONE package contains additional CMS, E-commerce, and WordPress templates, important plugins, and add-ons. The price is $14.95 a year, $179 a year.
3. ALL-IN-ONE one-time fee plan has all outstanding web items and is available for a lifetime. Moreover, after acquiring it, you have access to updates. Embody your craziest dreams and stay trendy for only $599.

How to Upload Templates for News Websites to the MonsterONE Marketplace?

Follow the tips: Reach the "Become an Author" page. Sign up with a Google or Facebook account. Start uploading your works. After being uploaded, all the web products undergo thorough tests. Therefore, you should make sure to supply only high-quality items. Otherwise, we will not approve them. Once your web items are available on the marketplace, you start earning profit.

Is it Important for News Website Templates to be SEO-friendly?

Yes, it is. SEO optimization contributes to your website traffic and boosts its reputation. If your web page is on one of the highest places in search engines, people will not scroll by. Considering it, we make sure almost all our products are optimized.

Can You Help Me Install a News Websites Template?

Sure, do not hesitate to take advantage of our additional services. The list includes installation, extended on-page SEO, copyrighting, logo creation, and more. Check it out and find what you were looking for.

News Websites Templates Video

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