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Industrial Website Templates - Succeed with Ease

Do you know that there are many companies today that do not have a physical location? No, we are not fooling you. Thanks to the Internet, to offer your services all you need is a computer, a few computer skills and that's it. Today 80% of purchases are made through the Internet; people no longer spend time browsing stores when they can make the purchase quietly lying on the sofa. What's more, your employees might also work from home, which will be more comfortable for them, and cost-saving for you. With industrial website templates, you can receive emails from clients as well. At the same time, you can send emails to your clients with new promotions and offers. An online resource enables you to dedicate a space on the web to your company's news; this will ensure that your clients are informed about any changes. You could use a forum or a blog associated with your company updates.

Why Do You Need Industrial Website Templates?

When deciding to opt for one or the other, a user pays a lot of attention to the web page. What does this mean? If you enter a company's online resource and a disaster occurs, you might avoid trying their services. Now, suppose you have a simple but professional web page that is easy to navigate and attractive to the user. In that case, it might capture their interest and make them want to hire your services. If the portal gives information that answers all the users' doubts, they might like it and decide to hire your services. 

Moreover, a modern, SEO-optimized online platform must be available to your customers 24 hours a day. Any user on another side of the globe can place an order at any time of the day. Thus, an online resource allows you to be operational 24 hours a day, regardless of whether you are a service company or an ecommerce. In both cases, you are interested in having a functional space 24 hours a day because you never know when a potential client may appear. Consider our web assets, and we guarantee great results!

Who Benefits from Industrial Website Templates

Here you find all you need for any industry-related project, including items for:

  • Engineered products and services.
  • Steel industry-related business.
  • Oil and gas-related industry.
  • Technological machinery and engineering.
  • Cybersystems.
  • IP networks.
  • Big data analytics.
  • Chemicals supply.
  • Retail banking.
  • Consumer packaged goods.
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Advanced robotics equipment, etc.

Consider MonsterONE and download free industrial website templates without limits. 

Key Features of Industrial Website Templates

  • Retina-ready design.Β 

Your online project is displayed sharp on Retina screens. 

  • Google Maps integration.

Customers find your office and the shortest way to it.

  • Mobile-friendly layouts.Β 

Almost half of the online purchases are made via hand devices. Don't miss a client with our mobile-friendly options.

  • Straightforward customization.

Modify the contents of your platform with ease.

  • Social Media extensions.

Promote your business via popular social media.

  • Responsive layout.

Let customers view your online resource well on their computers and mobile devices.

  • SEO-optimization.

Portals with this feature are easily found on Google search results. Plus, optimization helps your resource to load faster, which improves your customer's online experience.

Why Are Our Website Templates Industrial Business SEO-optimized?

Thanks to SEO-optimized products, the portal is easier for users to view and use to find the information they need in seconds. By downloading our optimized items, you will provide a better user experience and greater usability. Your customers will appreciate it and return to your project repeatedly.

Moreover, with our premium-quality assets, you achieve a better search engine positioning. How does it work? Well, internet search engines, especially Google, take into account whether an online resource is optimized or not. They give so much importance to this fact that it influences the search results. An optimized portal appears in a higher position than other portals when a search is done for the same keywords. For people to know your project, you have to let yourself be seen. Install our items and get better visibility today. 

Why Should Industrial Website Templates HTML5 be Mobile-Friendly?

With the increasing importance of creating mobile-friendly sites, Google puts pressure on all portal operators. Google dictates the rules of the game that everyone must follow. Managers of large companies, institutional online resources, e-commerce, or online magazines have to deal with these parameters, keeping time and costs as efficient as possible. With our web items, your portal has the following advantages:

  • Your content adapts to any mobile screen while remaining within the limits of the display's width.
  • The menu is easily clickable with the fingertip. 
  • The layout and graphics ensure that the images are always visible. Both written and graphic content are reduced not to create very long pages.
  • The contact information is visible and clickable.
  • The navigation is fast. This way, you don't risk losing visitors.

Reasons to Consider Our Responsive Website Industrial Templates 

On the Internet, it is quite common for web developers to orient themselves to the largest search engine standards: Google. Website developers who ignore these standards, therefore, risk losing visibility on the net. According to his data, Google prefers a responsive design. Advantages of our web assets are the following:

  • Responsive layout content is only available with a URL and is shared/linked more easily.
  • Unlike mobile pages' functioning, Google easily assigns specific indexing properties to responsive layouts parallel with the desktop version. Therefore it is no longer necessary to report the presence of related desktop or mobile pages.
  • Responsive online resources need less maintenance than those with multiple pages of the same content.
  • Since responsive layouts work without redirects, typical errors that might occur when assigning separate mobile sites are avoided.
  • The most important aspect for Google is that with responsive sites, the portal is crawled only once. As opposed to mobile sites, which are crawled separately from the main site. Thus, the search engine saves resources thanks to the application of a responsive design.

Exclusive Benefits You Get With MonsterONE

Suppose you need to create multiple projects quickly. The MonsterONE subscription is your best solution. There you will receive a premium-quality template for web design, marketing, and other online projects. No need to waste your time looking for suitable web products or services on the whole Internet. Just become a member and get unlimited access to all of our top-notch assets. Moreover, our products are regularly updated, so you can be rest assured to have only the trendiest products available on the market. 

Advantages of MonsterONE Membership

MonsterONE subscription brings you many benefits. They include: 

  1. Unlimited download of best-quality products. Our optimized, responsive, and mobile-friendly layouts are available for you 24/7. Here you find many multipurpose items to serve your project. 
  2. One year of skilled technical assistance. Suppose you face a tech issue. All you have to do is just drop us a message in the down right corner via live chat, and we will gladly assist you asap. Other ways of communication with us include a ticket system, emails, and calls. Consult the get in touch page to know more. 
  3. Become a part of our community and join as an author. If you create something original, just send us your projects for verification. Once verified, your items will be displayed on our marketplace, so be ready to earn some money. 
  4. Premium services discounts. Every member receives a chance you receive our premium services at a reduced price. If you need online resource optimization, content writing, logo creation, or other handy services, you are eligible for substantial discounts.

MonsterONE Tariffs

Check out three plans we have created for any budget:

  • Creative. It comes at $ 82 / year and includes presentations, graphics, and pictures. Besides, you receive one year of professional tech assistance.Β 
  • An All-in-one plan is $ 179 / year. It gives you one year of unlimited access to CMS and ecommerce items, plugins, graphics, video, and audio products. Moreover, you get professional technical support for one year.Β 
  • All-in-one Lifetime plan is a one-time payment of $ 599. You don't have to pay for the membership every time anymore. With this membership, you receive unlimited access to all MonsterONE web products, both already posted and future ones.Β 

Each plan includes:

Creative Plan All-in-one All-in-one Lifetime 
Graphic & Design AssetsGraphic & Design AssetsWordPress and CMS Themes
PresentationsPresentationsE-commerce Themes
Video & Audio AssetsVideo & Audio AssetsPlugins Included
1-year Technical SupportWordPress and CMS ThemesGraphic & Design Assets
E-commerce ThemesPresentations
Plugins IncludedVideo & Audio Assets
1-year Technical Support1-year Technical Support
Unlimited Lifetime Access

Can't decide which packages suit you the most yet, then a free account. With it, you have access to our free collection, but remember that they don't include tech support. Make a single purchase on the TemplateMonster platform if you need only one particular item. 

Free VS Premium Options

Are you tired of the poor quality of items you find on the Internet? Then subscribe to MonsterONE. Download free website templates of the best quality possible. Moreover, you get regular updates and professional technical support that other free items don't have. The assets we offer you are also high in originality and performance. Consider them today, and let's succeed together. 

Industrial Website Templates FAQ

Why do I need industrial website templates?

Using technologies, you can make an official presentation of your product. Moreover, you easily respond to users' questions in real-time. That will give an image of closeness between you and your customers. It is not just a matter of young people thinking that it does not exist if a company does not have a platform. Many adults believe the same way. Prope online resource helps to enhance the image that your customers have of your brand and, on the other hand, increases its prestige and sales.

Are industrial website templates mobile-friendly?

Yes, sure. Today, everyone has a smartphone to browse the web. A portal optimized for mobile devices becomes a fundamental aspect. Moreover, Google rewards mobile-friendly sites. It gives greater visibility to sites that have mobile-friendly features. This is because it considers the ability to easily navigate a smartphone as an extra quality element available to those who surf the online resource. With our adapted product, you will increase visibility and improve customer's online experience.

Do industrial website templates have a responsive layout?

Yes, they do. A responsive feature is related to the platform's ability to adapt to various screen sizes, including mobile gadgets. As the mobile-first index approaches, the need to optimize mobile devices has never been more pressing. Mobile search is incredibly important to advertisers and businesses of all sizes, so consider a few stats. Most Google searches happen on a smartphone or tablet; 50% of local mobile searches are for local business contact information. 69% of mobile researchers said they were more likely to buy from a brand with a mobile site that responded to their inquiries faster and more dynamically.Now, with mobile web design, speed takes precedence over almost all other ranking factors. 70% of mobile web pages take 7 seconds to load visual content. It is too long. Beat your competition with a high loading speed today.

Are industrial website templates SEO-optimized?

Yes, they are. There are many advantages of having an SEO-optimized platform. The content and information offered on the portal will be of higher quality. It presents a greater informational value and causes greater interest in users, favoring their loyalty. Moreover, SEO does the indexing of all the information published on the portal faster and more efficiently. It makes all Internet search engines find your online resource quickly. Another advantage of optimizing your platform is that both the content and the information you offer have a higher quality. This way, your visitors enjoy simple navigation; therefore, stay on the portal longer.

Industrial Website Templates Video

Don't hesitate and subscribe to MonsterONE today! If you need additional information about all the advantages you get with the membership, watch this video. Subscribe today, and we guarantee great results!

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