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Gaming Website Templates โ€” Gain a Victory Over Competitors

It is well-known that a video game should be catchy and have a fast-developing plot to appeal to a broad audience. Design plays a huge role in modern circumstances, as now we expect everything to be lifelike. To be precise, we transfer our lives to online platforms. Therefore, promoting a video game is quite a complicated task but do not worry. Our gaming website templates will serve their best.

Extend the variety of gaming clans with our outstanding gaming website templates. Use them to advertise first-person shooters, simulations, role-playing and action games, and more. You can also boost your website, share your opinions and create a forum, blog or review page. This way, you might build a big gaming community like Fnatic, Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, GLOBAL ESCORTS, RNG, Cloud9, Rogue, etc.

The themes are ready-to-use and have open code. Therefore, they are prone to the desired modifications. We ensure SEO optimization of each gaming website template to help you reach the top spots in search engines. Our professionals can conduct more effective extended on-page SEO for an extra fee. The price will please you.

Our templates boast amazing design, reasonable costs, and flexibility. Building a website, you can later transform it into a blog, online store, forum, landing page, gallery. You can use them both for commercial and personal purposes. The latter involves portfolio, resume, and even presentation. Please read the following extract and discover more about the TemplateMonster amazing web products.

Where Is it Advisable to Use Gaming Website Templates?

While creating a website, you should consider several aspects, namely your purposes, the topic, and trends. With our gaming website templates, you can become an owner of:

  •  Online Store. Having the desire to extend the world of games, you might want to build a platform where people can sell their best creations. In such a case, you should make a template with a mega menu and gallery option and place video games according to their types, have some screenshots and description adding options.
  • Landing page or website for your own video game. For example, the most renowned 2020 game โ€” Cyberpunk 77, has its website, which contains various language options. Such a feature is essential when you aim worldwide. Moreover, there is news on the website about recent updates and relevant plans. Leading a blog is important because this way, you communicate with the audience. Moreover, if you are interested in hiring staff, add a contact form on your website.
  • Video game reviews, articles, forums, and blogs. Being a passionate gamer, you would want to share your opinion with like-minded. Why don't you transform your hobby into a source of profit? Start your blog, post some reviews there, allow comments, promote it, and voilร  you can earn a living from advertisement offers.
  • Portfolio or resume. Building a portfolio is not a simple task, especially considering video games whose amount of data is huge. However, our top-notch gaming website templates can cope with it. Moreover, a simple portfolio is boring, because you must send it to your potential employers yourself. Instead, place the demos of your works on the web, promote your portfolio, and become self-employed. You are not chosen among other candidates, simply because now you decide.
  • There are more ways to use our amazing themes, for instance, to plan an event or to do a streaming server. Opt for them; you are not going to regret your choice.

Key Features of Gaming Website Templates 

Get to know the gaming website templates advantages and find which of them suit you the most:


In modern web culture, for websites to be responsive is a must. Everyone prefers to surf the web via devices with different-sized screens. Therefore, it is essential and beneficial for you to ensure full responsiveness so that your web page is sharply displayed on PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones. 

Mega Menu

If you want to place everything to ensure convenient surfing for website visitors, Mega Menu is the right feature to incorporate into your web page. People like to be cared for, and they will appreciate the time saved by a user-friendly web interface. Be sure to put the links right.

Google Maps Integration

If you have a gaming company, or a contact center, consider using the Google Maps integration feature. Customers will admire it if your website links to Google Maps because searching for your address and entering it in the app takes more actions and efforts. 

Parallax Effects and Background Video

The video game industry needs appropriate and catching presentations. Therefore, the more stylish and state-of-the-art design of your website, the more visitors and clients you get. The parallax effect creates a three-dimensional view when the background moves differently from the foreground. Moreover, you might add some background videos to engage your audience at first sight (in our case โ€” click).  

Dropdown Menu

It is a type of menu that will not distract your website's visitors from important content, and putting emphasis is necessary for video games. With this nice feature, you will not get your potential customers annoyed with menus popping out all the time. 

Top Quality and Security Assurance

TemplateMonster hires freelancers as well as full-time developers. Before being uploaded on the marketplace, all the web products undergo several testing processes. Therefore, you ought to be sure about their quality. 

Who Can Benefit from Gaming Website Templates?

There is a range of professions who may take advantage of the TemplateMonster gaming website templates HTML5:

  • a video games designer;
  • eager gamers who want to share their interests;
  • a software developer or game programmer;
  • a gameplay tester;
  • a game development company;
  • mobile games producers;
  • a game designer, and more.

The thing is that our stunning gaming website templates are flexible and can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

Important Mobile-Friendliness of Gaming Website Templates

In the E-commerce era, there is a different perception of the customers' experience. People tend to look for groceries, necessities, services, and even consultations on online platforms. The reason is that the time is the new money, and nobody wants to spend it standing in long queues or being stuck in a traffic jam. Moreover, sometimes there is no time even to turn on your PC or laptop.  

Smartphones are always at hand, and you might use them anywhere you go. As simple as it is, pull it out of your pocket and order a pizza at your house. Therefore, websites need to be compatible with mobiles because over 50% of Internet surfers do it via smartphones.

Free Gaming Website Templates with MonsterONE

TemplateMonster has recently established a new web platform โ€” MonsterONE. It contains numerous web products for MonsterONE subscription. There are three packages to choose from according to your personal preferences and financial abilities. Once you bought a membership, you can download all the items that available in your package. Moreover, the second downloading of the same thing is possible as well. MonsterONE does not limit you from updates. Therefore, the assortment in some plans will extend even during your subscription period. Compare: you might buy a single gaming website template and pay up to $99 for it. However, buying the cheapest plan will cost you only $82 a year. What a bargain! Subscribe to MonsterONE and enjoy unlimited free gaming website templates.

The Reasons to Choose MonsterONE

There are various reasons to opt for MonsterONE, to name but a few:

  • Unlimited downloads โ€” as long as your subscription is active, you can get as many items as you want and create a total number of projects without having problems with licensing;
  • Safe purchasing with well-known secure buying methods as PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and likewise;
  • All professional web development tools are on hand;
  • Partnership programs, you might become an author or a copywriter;
  • Free high-quality stock photos for every project;
  • Regular updates;
  • Choosing the MonsterONE purchase option over the retail one will save you lots of money.

Retail VS Wholesale Buying Opportunity

Opting for a retail purchase option or getting web items in bulk. Depends on your purposes.

The retail buying opportunity is suitable in the following cases:

  • You have a clear picture of what you are doing to create and promote. Therefore, you need only 1-3 web products.
  • You are looking for an appropriate gamer portfolio or resume. Such purposes require only 1-2 gaming website templates.
  • Before acquiring a subscription, you might want to try a gaming template in use. This intention is a rather good one. We are sure that you will fancy the process.

Gaming Website Templates with MonsterONE Prices

There are three plans to get acquainted with:

  1. The CREATIVE plan involves presentation templates, graphic and design assets, high-quality video and audio assets, stock images, and a year of technical support. This package will cost you skipping a cup of good coffee per month โ€” $6.80 a month equals $82 a year. Even a student can afford it.
  2. Besides the already mentioned items, the ALL-IN-ONE package contains various themes (namely WordPress, CMS, E-Commerce ones), essential plugins, and state-of-the-art add-ons. In general, the plan encompasses all the first-rate MonsterONE web products. Buying it will require omitting a brunch with coworkers for a month. The package price is $14.95 monthly and $179 annually.
  3. The ALL-IN-ONE one-time fee plan is a mind-blowing dream for a creative person. It includes all the top web items and is available for a lifetime. Imagine always having the space to embody your ideas. Moreover, some gaming website templates have sample content that may serve as inspiration. Being a constant member of the MonsterONE family, you are not limited to updates. We care that you can keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Skip a fancy weekend abroad and invest in your future. The plan is priced at $599.

How to Become an Author on MonsterONE?

MonsterONE is always looking for talents! If you are certain in your web development, sound production, or other skills, then follow the steps:

  • Get to the "Become an Author" page;
  • Sign up with your Google or Facebook account;
  • Start uploading your best works;
  • Beware that all the uploaded items undergo thorough testing before being approved and placed on the platform. Therefore, you should produce only high-quality web products.
  • Once your items are approved, you start earning money.

Gaming Website Templates FAQ

Why Do I Need Gaming Website Templates?

There are multiple answers to this question:
1. Templates are ready to use. Therefore, they will spare your time and money as well. You do not need special coding skills to use them, and it is cheaper than hiring a web developer.
2. Themes are the best decision for those who lack creative skills and need stylish design. If you are not a visual person, never mind, we provide amazing design. Moreover, some templates contain sample content to bring some inspiration to you.
3. If you are a starting computer programmer, you can learn from our templates a lot. Join our family and chose self-development with excellent gaming website templates.

Are Gaming Website Templates SEO-optimized?

Yes, they are. We optimize all our themes because:
The websites created with SEO-optimized templates are more likely to reach high positions in search engines.
Being visible in search engines will boost traffic and attract more visitors.
We care for our customers.
However, if you need more effective SEO optimization, consider using our additional services for an extra fee. There is a vast list of offers in which the extended on-page SEO optimization is included.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Website Template?

We will give you some tips: Reach our website; Enter extended keywords, for example, "blue gaming website templates." It is important to use more than two words because this way, search results are more precise. Once you get results, you might choose something from categories, tags, and features placed in the left columns.ย  Then we advise you to read the detailed description of the desired item and try the demo version. Enjoy using the MonsterONE top web products.

Are There Any Restrictions in Using Gaming Website Templates?

Every family has its rules. The TemplateMonster is not an exception:
You must not resell or share any of our web products;
It is forbidden to use our products for promoting illegal activity: threats, pornography, dealership, etc.
Please do not use our assets for on-demand services.
You can't claim your rights for our products.
Get acquainted with more terms and conditions on our website.

The Video on How To Download Gaming Website Templates

Watch a short tutorial on downloading the items from the MonsterONE marketplace. Subscribe to our YouTube Chanel to get interesting information on web design and development, SEO, the latest trends, E-commerce, etc. Join us and enjoy the immense world of opportunities.

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