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Share Your Culinary Delights Online with the Best Food Website Templates

Building a website is an important step forward for every business. It allows you to gain a new audience, promote your deals and services more effectively. That is why it is essential to build a trustworthy, fancy online recourse to construct an efficient marketing strategy. With our food website templates, you get reliable, premium-quality web assets to create a powerful web page that will boost your sales quickly.

Ordering food online has become a common practice nowadays. It is a fast and cost-effective way to get the necessary products and stay inside. Your website should have an attractive, easy-to-navigate layout with the right accents to keep up with the times and be a competitive supplier. In the blocks below, you will find information about the templates, their features, and peculiarities. You can use it as a check-point list to pick the perfect option for your site. If you want to get more information about a specific theme, please join our pre-sales chat. Friendly agents provide answers instantly, share tips, and advise on the most suitable option. 

Reasons to Use Food Website Templates

The main purpose of such templates is a pre-made design. It lets you save thousands of dollars as you skip the most pricey steps like coding from scratch. Besides, there are many other advantages you receive with our food truck website templates:

  1. Clean source code. It is one of the must-have features for any website, as it influences other aspects. The web page is light; there is nothing to overload it with, so it works fast.
  2. Enrich your client base. When becoming online, you get more chances to get found by people all over the world. With proper optimization, it is an excellent chance to grab the attention of thousands of potential buyers. 
  3. More ways to advertise. Promote your company with email campaigns, launch PPC, integrate your ads to social media with a storefront page. It’s an effective solution for collecting new leads. 
  4. Always at hand. Stay in touch with clients 24/7, no matter whether your working day is over - you can still receive orders and letters via the website.
  5. Easy communication. The online store is a great mediator between customer, seller, and supplier. You can quickly share new deals and get instant feedback, receive business offers from other potential partners in a real-time mode. 
  6. Website = more profit. Modern clients do their research on the Internet. If you are unavailable online, your competitors get a great chance to make money instead of you. Thus, having a web page is a must-have thing for a successful shop. 

Who Can Use Food Website Templates?

The templates you see on this page are all premium quality, fast, with solid support. Why can we guarantee that? Each of these beauties has been through the review process. Our experienced team checks whether the archive contains sample data, documentation, and malware-free. Thus, anyone can benefit from using them, but there are some points you should consider before going for HTML templates. 

First of all, you should be ready to code. It is a static HTML5 CSS3 design, so all the functionality implementation and layout changes are possible via coding only. If you aim to work with an easier in use solution, we recommend hiring the WordPress conversion service or MotoCMS3 admin panel integration. After we deliver it, you get a drag & drop website builder with a convenient CMS.

If you are a web developer and passionate about coding, our HTML food website templates are the best choice. Enjoy the smooth work with trendy designs without limits! With MonsterONE, you can download as many samples as you require for projects, so there is no need to worry about changeable client requirements.

The niche variety is essential for any marketplace. That is why we have picked the best representatives for food truck websites that you can quickly accommodate according to your needs. They are a perfect match for:

  • Cooking and recipes blogs;
  • Nutrition & healthy lifestyle coaches;
  • food delivery services;
  • restaurants and cafes;
  • fruits & vegetable suppliers;
  • web designers and developers;
  • content makers;
  • grocery and poultry stores.

Key Features of Food Website Templates

  • Fully editable layout. You can change any detail to match your corporate style, including info and media blocks, colors, fonts, buttons, etc. It is essential for successful branding development, as you may easily accommodate the look and feel to the required ones. 
  • Fast loading speed. High metrics in this aspect are the key to good search engine optimization. Nowadays, clients would rather go to another webpage than wait for loading a few seconds more. Make sure your store is quickly reachable from any device. 
  • 100% responsive design. More than 55% of the overall traffic comes from tablets and mobile devices. It means your food website must look brilliant on any screen size. Due to Bootstrap, this works automatically on any device.
  • SEO-friendly. Web templates are ready for high-quality optimization, so you have a chance to reach the top positions of search results! Do the local and global analysis, collect keywords and place them into the proper code lines. Don’t forget about the content; it should be unique and well-written. You can also hire our SEO services and save your effort on that aspect.
  • Solid support. Have issues with editing? No worries! Our online general assistance chat is available 24/7. Just join it and ask for help, documentation, or tutorial, and we’ll provide an effective solution in a blink of an eye.
  • Cross-browser compatibility. Your website is up and running from any browser.

Can I Have the Food Website Template Design with Another CMS?

The other benefit of plain HTML templates is that you can convert them to any other platform. If you are not a big fan of coding stuff, you can use it to create WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Joomla, OpenCart, etc., web pages.

MonsterONE - Ultimate Digital Design Subscription

Each developer knows that it’s hard to find a perfect match for a client. Several issues distract your attention from the main purpose - launching a full-fledged site that covers customer’s needs. New requirements, changes in corporate branding, growing appetites of consumers raise in your way, and you should be flexible to keep up. With MonsterONE, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Here you can get everything you need for development from scratch - pre-made designs, illustrations, logos, fonts, newsletters, plugins, and media templates under commercial license are in a few clicks distant from you. Thousands of premium templates are ready to use right after unzipping the archive.

Reasons to Join MonsterONE

We have launched the subscription to provide the best complex solutions for developers. We understand that there are many extra tools each master requires for efficient work - the templates are not enough. That’s why we have collected the best deals from leading partners and are ready to share all the must-haves at a seductive price. What you get:

  • Discounts - get 35% off for any non-included template from TemplateMonster Marketplace.
  • Best price for services - up to 50% off on offers from our TM Web Studio. Save your time on more important things; meanwhile, we do our best to represent your project ready in the shortest terms;
  • Affiliate program. Invite a friend and get profit from each purchase. Contact our affiliate team and get your link to share with wishing ones;
  • 24/7 community support. If you feel stuck or have questions regarding the items, you can join our chatbox at any convenient time. Our agents will provide fast, professional support and solve your query in a few minutes;
  • Special offers. Get a year of free Draftium Pro mockup tool, Crello, and enjoy the straightforward website building. Besides, the first step of website creation is fast & reliable hosting - get it with our partner deal and save more!
  • Free stock images. Complete any online source with high-resolution graphics.
  • Regular collection growth. We add 4000+ items each month. They become immediately available for all active members without extra fees. 
  • Vast community. Work with thousands of developers from all over the world, improve your skills and learn new tricks.

Sell Your Food Website Templates with MonsterONE

Are you looking for a vast and reliable marketplace to sell your products? Congratulations! You are lucky to come across this page, as you can join the leading digital store and sell your themes in the best conditions. We always aim to grow and enrich our collection, so we are happy to meet new authors in our community. 

What will you get after uploading your items?

  • Stable customer flow. Your themes are always at the center of attention, as there are thousands of new clients every day.
  • Regular promotions. We regularly advertise your items on our blog, social media, YouTube channel, and more! 
  • Participation in sales. Boost your profit by vending templates on holidays, happy-hours deals, and other special offers. We do marketing - you get your income.
  • Transparent payout system. Once you earn $100+ on your account balance, you can easily withdraw your money via PayPal. You can do it each month between the twenty-fifth and thirtieth every month. Get your stable income quickly and on time!
  • Solid community support. We are here to help with any question or query you have!

Subscription Pricing

By joining MonsterONE, you get unlimited access to all the items available in the inventory. To decide which option is the right one for you, check the plans below and pick the one that fulfills your creative needs.

  1. Free account. It’s an option to test how membership works and review more than 200 high-quality items. We don’t request your billing information - register with your email and use the advantages. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and get special deals for the upgrade to premium plans.
  2. Creative. With this tariff, you get thousands of graphic items, plus audio, video assets, 3D models, and high-resolution stock images.
  3. All-In-One. Use the benefits of the Creative plan and download unlimitedly the website templates, plugins, extensions.
  4. All-In-One Lifetime. The best choice for web devs, studios, or marketers. You’ll get lifetime updates for all the available items.

In the chart below, you can find what categories each plan includes.

$82/year$179/yearone-time fee
CreativeAll-in-One All-in-One
Graphic and design assetsWordPress and CMS themesWordPress and CMS themes
Presentation templateseCommerce templateseCommerce templates
Video & Audio AssetsPlugins includedPlugins
Unlimited projectsGraphic and design assetsGraphic and design assets
Presentation templatesPresentation templates
1-year technical supportUnlimited projectsUnlimited projects
1-year technical support1-year technical support
Unlimited lifetime access

What to Choose: Free or Premium?

It is natural to strive for cost savings and choose the best solutions. But free doesn't always mean good. Validation-free items come without support & regular updates. When launching a website, it is very important to ask for advice because you never know what might go wrong. Plus, low uniqueness hurts your branding. Thousands of other clients can use the template simultaneously, and therefore potential users can be confused.

With the premium option, these hassles will not be so critical because you will always have a reliable shoulder of our technical support nearby. We are always ready to provide a solution as soon as possible and provide complete information about optional versions, documentation, and tutorials.

How to Get a Food Website Template?

There are several ways to obtain the desired design for your website.

  1. Download free template. Pick the option you like from our free templates list and share it on your social media. In a few seconds, the button becomes available, and you can start editing right after unzipping.
  2. Register a free MonsterONE account. Register it in a few steps and start downloading - no billing info required! 
  3. Shop at TemplateMonster. You can buy a layout you like by adding it to the cart and completing the checkout process. It takes no longer than a few minutes to get your order on your email after the purchase.
  4. Join MonsterONE. To get a template with ONE, you need to find it in the HTML collection, go to its page and click the “Download” button.

Food Website Templates FAQ

Are there any restrictions for food website template usage with MonsterONE?

There are some points you should learn before use. Primarily, we recommend reading the Terms & Conditions for MonsterONE. Here you will find detailed information about licensing, permissions and restrictions. The main points are:
You cannot resell the included items at their origin. However, you can redistribute it as a final product for the end-user.
Bulk downloads are prohibited. You can download and use as many samples as you require to deliver the project, but we’ll freeze the account in case of suspicious activity. To solve it, please, contact our support department.
Using samples for Saas and CMS is not allowed. To get such permission, consider buying the Extended license for a product at TemplateMonster Marketplace.
Using items for personal portfolio and promotion of services.

Will you add new food website templates to the subscription?

Of course! We add more than 4000 new options each month, so the collection growth is guaranteed. We are also free to open new categories and product types, so if you want to add brand new solutions - please, submit your items by registering an account here.

How can I edit food website templates?

The only default way to edit such designs is to make changes in source files - HTML, CSS, JS codes. To do it, use such software as Dreamweaver (code mode), Sublime Text, Notepad++, etc.
If you aim to work with WordPress, you fell in love with the HTML design - no worries! You can convert it to any platform you want or order our services, and we will do it for you in several business days.

Who can help me with launching a website based on a food website template?

Our 24/7 online assistance is always here to help you with template setup. If you require advanced development, you can hire our specialist. Besides, TM  Web Studio offers all-in-one solutions for a quick and effective website set up to save your time and effort.

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