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Construction Website Templates: Why Do You Need a Professional Platform?

The importance of web pages today lies in the fact that they are a channel through which we can offer company's services or products. A modern website is a source of information for users seeking answers on a construction-related subject. Therefore, whether you offer products or services, our construction website templates will be an opportunity to improve your clients' online experience and the company's reputation. Keep reading, and we will tell you how exactly you can do it. 

Key Features of Construction Website Templates

Construction company website templates we present come with multiple handy features, such as:

  • SEO-optimized web assets.

Attract customers easily with our free construction website templates. Thanks to an optimized design, your platform will hit the top of Google search results.

  • Mobile-friendly layout.

With mobile-friendly construction company website templates free, you can spread the word about completed or future projects to mobile users.   

  • Google Maps integration.

Tell your customers about your physical location and shortest route to it with the help of Google Maps.

Who Can Benefit Construction Website Templates

Do you have a construction-related project? Then you should consider our web assets. They are suitable for advertising: 

  • Industrial equipment.
  • Construction of shopping/office centers, private houses.
  • Landscaping.
  • Related services, such as electrical/painting works.
  • Plumbing.
  • Dismantling works.
  • Wallpaper installation.
  • Installation of windows/doors/roof, etc. 

What is MonsterONE?

MonsterONE is an ultimate subscription developed independently by TemplateMonster. It is a great service for anyone working in web design, development, marketing, and related fields. Suppose you need to launch a new project. In that case, you need to search the entire Internet for suitable products, services, and designs. But with MonsterONE, you don't have to do that anymore. All premium-quality assets are gathered in one place. This is a unique collection that is updated daily with new templates, plugins, audio/video files, and graphics for any taste and purpose. Each subscriber gets unlimited access to all our products. You can download without borders items already posted and those added after you have subscribed. 

Advantages of MonsterONE Subscription

There are many advantages to consider when subscribing to MonsterONE. To name but a few:

  1. Premium-quality web assets. We are proud to present top-quality items that come with lots of handy features. Key characteristics include SEO optimization, highly responsive layout, and mobile-friendly designs.
  2. One-year reliable tech support. You can always refer to our team in case you encounter any tech issue. There are several ways to get in touch. The fastest one is via live chat, located in the bottom right corner. Text our support agent and get assisted asap. 
  3. You can join as an author. Any author who sells their products on TemplateMonster can add their products to MonsterONE in one click. New contributors can join the program independently of TemplateMonster and upload their portfolios to participate in the subscription.
  4. Beneficial affiliate programs. Participate in our affiliate program and increase your income by advertising our services. 
  5. Discounts and offers for partners. All of our web assets come at the best price possible. It is because we always try to choose favorable conditions and deals for our community's members. So, as a subscriber, you can get discounts on hosting and various handy services.

For Whom is the MonsterONE Membership?

Professionals from all kinds of industries can enjoy our ultimate subscription, including:

  1. Web designers and developers need unlimited access to various templates for WordPress, ecommerce themes, and other types of web products. You can also find all kinds of icons, fonts, graphics, and audio/video files. 
  2. Web studios' professionals might require quick access to such items as graphics, images, and multipurpose presentations to simultaneously create many projects.
  3. Businessmen who want to save money and not hire developers, designers, and content marketers to create or maintain their platform. 
  4. Users who need royalty-free products, such as audio/video templates, images, and other useful elements. 

MonsterONE Packages and Tariffs 

There are three plans available:

  • Creative, which comes at $82/year. This tariff applies to presentations, graphics and pictures.
  • All-in-one costs $179/year, which is the approximate average cost of one website template. This plan provides one-year unlimited access to MonsterONE products, including all new items added even after subscribing. With this plan, you can access CMS and ecommerce templates, plugins, graphics, video, and audio products. You are also allowed to use professional technical support for one year. 
  • All-in-one Lifetime is a one-time payment of $599. You pay once, and you can forget about the need to renew the subscription every time. The tariff provides unlimited access to all MonsterONE web products.

To make MonsterONE available to all users, we also have a free plan. Anyone can create a free account and download some of the products without any payment. All you have to do is to register and use all the free items available. And if you like the platform, you can switch to paid tariffs anytime. The paid user automatically gets free access to free web assets after the end of their subscription. This means that even if the subscription has expired, you can continue to download our free products. However, if you need to buy only a single product, you can consult a single purchase page. 

Construction Website Templates FAQs

Why do I need a construction website template?

Having a website is very important for any business or company because it brings many benefits. With MonsterONE, it is possible to have a professional website design at very reasonable costs. Our web assets meet all the requirements to achieve business objectives. A modern platform also facilitates the management of web content since it has a very easy-to-use customize interface.

What are the advantages of MonsterONE construction website templates?

Benefits of MonsterOne include: Various subscription plans are suitable for all kinds of budgets and needs; Different categories of digital assets for web development; Unlimited licenses; Premium designs; 1-year professional tech support; Additional discounts are available only for members.

Can I sell my construction website templates with MonsterONE?

Yes, sure. You can start working as an author with us. If you're a creative person looking to bring more exposure to your work, MonsterOne is one of the main platforms to help you grow. All you have to do is send your projects, and once they get verified, you can see them on our marketplace.

Are construction website templates SEO-optimized?

Yes, they are. If you choose our products, you will have a powerful commercial tool to position yourself in search engines. SEO helps you also to achieve your marketing goals from the moment they are published. An optimized website makes customers attracted to your business. They are convinced that you are the best option to meet their expectations. So, wait no more. Subscribe to MonsterONE and enjoy our premium-quality items.

Construction Website Templates Video

To know more about the unlimited possibilities offered by MonsterONe, watch this informative video. It will show you how to find the necessary products and customize them.

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