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The Best Business Website Templates

If you noticed, new online stores appear every day. If you went back 5 years ago, there was much less competition, and it was much easier to get into the TOP. To be an excellent and interesting resource now, consider many factors that influence purchasing the business website templates; one of the main is the high-quality design and usability. You can go through all the stages of website creation in practice. You just have to choose the appropriate styling.

Website accessibility has been one of the hottest topics in recent years, especially with the increasing availability of the Internet. Many designers and business people are just discovering laws and regulations that require you to make web pages accessible to people with disabilities.

Why do you Need Business Website Templates?

If you want your store or blog to be successful these days, you must be active in online sources. Unfortunately, building a website can be a difficult and costly experience. What if you don't have the technical and coding knowledge to make an excellent website? The most common alternative is to turn to an expensive graphic designer and web development team. But, there is another option. If you are the kind of person who looks before the leap, free business website templates make your result quick and easy. At this point, you can save money for a rainy day.

They are primarily intended for graphic and interface designers, product experts, marketers. Explore the visuals: details, fonts, colors, composition, graphics.

There are tasks of building a page and its blocks with business consulting website layouts:

  1. Informing the audience. Several sub-tasks are distinguished here: from notifying users about the office's existence to staff and clients' training opportunities.
  2. Building trust to break the ice. Allocate subtasks depending on the methods used: from contextual advertising to search marketing, including local search. For this, small business website templates contain separate blocks.
  3. Improving the quality of service. For example, on the main page, select a consultant, see the cost of services, make an appointment, or ask a specialist.

Now you must download any digital asset, whether you are looking for a blog or an online store.

How to Use Business Website Templates?

To get started, download free assets if you are hesitant to buy a premium layout. You may pick products for various CMS:

  1. PrestaShop.
  2. OpenCart.
  3. Joomla.
  4. WordPress.
  5. WooCommerce.
  6. PowerPoint.
  7. Magento.

If you decide to make a site with an "engine," determine which content management system is best to use in your case. According to Web Technology Surveys, 62.5% of all sites are running a CMS, and only 37.5% are not using the engine.

People spend a huge amount of time on large platforms, but the platform does not need such a design because it must perform its basic functions and provide users content. A lot of pictures should not draw attention to themselves and be intrusive. Therefore, a white background color is the best option for these tasks. In this case, let's focus on details: interface mesh, fonts, icons, colors, UX, animation.

Skills Needed to Use Business Website Templates

The profession of "front-end developer" is undoubtedly one of the most demanded. Previously, for those who worked in this field to create interactive sites, it was enough to know HTML, CSS, and, possibly, jQuery. But today, a front-end developer is forced to exist in a vast and constantly changing ecosystem consisting of tools, libraries, frameworks. The developer has vital skills to master various tools; he continually invests time and effort in self-study.

In the past few years, the world has seen exciting new JavaScript-based libraries and frameworks that are the foundation of almost any web project today.

Key Features of Business Website Templates

The main technologies used to create professional business website templates are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. During development, it is taken into account how the site looks on screens of different sizes. HTML allowed for the basic markup, CSS controls the styling (layout), and JavaScript gives dynamics and functionality.

HTML websites give you the following benefits:

  1. No restrictions on the choice of structure, styling, and functionality.
  2. Undemanding to resources. They load quickly and work consistently at peak traffic.
  3. No need to pay for the "engine."

People often access the Internet from mobile devices; make sure that everything is displayed correctly for them. To ensure responsiveness, CSS media queries and a mobile-first approach are used.

CSS frameworks like Bootstrap. It provides a grid for site layout and many helper classes for styling elements.

With the built-in jQuery library, access any DOM element, including attributes and content. It is a handy API for working with Ajax in the future.

Various actions are possible: the Parallax effect, create a 3D photo and apply it to icons, pictures, background, and other elements on new pages. Google Maps services take advantage of showing the location. Choose the best website templates for small businesses, and you obtain a dropdown menu, tabs, lazy load effect, and many more features. Create a blog page and tell readers about your startup or big business scheme. Choose multiple images and construct galleries.

Simple Guide of Downloading Business Website Templates

If you don't have significant web design and development experience, download the asset and try to install it. You could only build your website in the past with the help of a professional. But does someone else have to do all the work for you now? Moreover, now it has become much easier. To download any of our premium items, you need to make a few steps:

  1. Use the left side panel to filter the needed parameters.
  2. Select the item you want to download.
  3. When you are done, click on the details under the product.
  4. On the newly opened page, tap on the downloading button, and the process will start.
  5. You get zip. file with contents.
  6. Unpack it and employ it in your projects.

At the same time, you can start several downloads. Don’t perform excessive downloads, otherwise, the system may consider you as a fraud and will block your account. 

Additional Pros to Pick HTML Business Website Templates

Typical requirements for templates at TemplateMonster:

  1. Clean code with which the developer can work with the item if you possess the skills.
  2. The presence of all basic structural units — pages and sections, without which the resource can hardly be called a site (home page, footer, menu, sections with services or goods, about the team, about the cost of benefits).
  3. Page security, so your visitors will not be sent to the landing page.
  4. Documentation with clear and understandable text, thanks to which you can understand the preparation, installation, and editing functionality.
  5. Adaptation for at least 3 types of devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop).
  6. Cross-browser compliance (the site must be displayed correctly in all popular browsers).
  7. Customization (elements can be easily modified, removed, added). You can simply do it with an integrated page builder.
  8. Unique design. For example, the option “to slightly modify a free product and make it paid” will not work. You can alter elements like fonts and colors to your liking.
  9. Regular product updates. If the developer does not adhere to this requirement, his work is removed from the marketplace. We refresh the market weekly so our members can enjoy modern products.

Most layouts are designed for specific niches. The process takes into account the peculiarities of the business sphere, the target audience (typical), and themed icons are selected. But thanks to customization, everything can be adapted to your project.

What is MonsterONE?

It is a subscription service created by the TemplateMonster team. It includes the products you may need to build your site. For example, a theme for a specific CMS, WordPress website templates for business, or an extension.

Here you will save:

  1. Money. Why would you spend it on individual products if you can get everything in a MonsterONE subscription? Let the cat out of the bag. We recommend you get acquainted with the advantages.
  2. Time. Cut the time you spend on product search in half. With MonsterONE, you receive everything!
  3. Energy. You were not able to markup site pages in HTML without special knowledge. With 24/7 professional support and various services, you will always feel confident working on various web commodities.

But the main disadvantage of HTML resources can negate all the benefits. If you're good at building houses or cooking steaks, but don't understand anything about web programming, then you won't be able to publish content yourself. You must have to hire a specialist or pay developers to support the resource. There is another option — to join MonsterONE and receive round-the-clock help.

Let's become a MonsterONE subscriber and benefit from our team's rich experience in providing the best assets like website business plan templates. Our digital family gladly welcomes new ONE members.

Advantages of MonsterONE Subscription

There are many benefits of joining MonsterONE:

  1. New scheme for doing business online. Use assets for unlimited domains.
  2. A team of professional developers. They tell you how to install the theme and answer all your questions.
  3. While the license is active, obtain a discount and additional benefit, saving 35% by purchasing exclusive items that are not included in the membership.
  4. Beneficial affiliate programs. Please participate in our affiliate program and increase your income by advertising our services. 
  5. New goods and fresh releases. All templates and graphics databases are constantly growing. Choose layouts, additions, extensions, plugins, and graphic elements. Hear something straight from the horse's mouth.

These are not all the advantages of MonsterONE subscription. Do you want to see it for yourself? Follow the link. All digital ONE subscription products include a commercial license.

For whom is MonsterONE Membership?

It is a sample list of people who need products included in MonsterONE:

  • Website owners — for the styling of their existing pages or future successful cases;
  • Journalists, content managers — for the visualizing of articles, landing pages, typesetting letters; MonsterONE subscription has already gathered a huge array of amazing media for every conceivable purpose;
  • Business people — to provide a commercial offer and complement the corporate identity;
  • Web designers, illustrators — to meet customer needs for a finished digital product;
  • Everyone who is related to advertising. Those are marketers, PR managers, and other people. You need a solid set of tools to run effective marketing campaigns. There are several special categories for their needs. They are always referring to social media kits and corporate identity layouts as an example.

People of different professions may need to join because all assets are developed to a high professional level. By exploring this item, you recommend MonsterONE to all people looking for a wide variety of HTML templates, WordPress themes, graphics, and plugins, as well as a significant amount of visual content at a very reasonable and affordable price.

MonsterONE Tariffs 

There are three plans available:

  1. Creative for $82/year.
  2. ALL-IN-ONE for $179/year.

All plan options come with a free account version. It means obtaining an idea of what the service is capable of before registering for a credit card.

Another great MonsterONE feature is how much you save if you are willing to commit yourself to a longer period when you pay for your site, then save a small fortune.

  1. "ALL-IN-ONE Lifetime'' is a plan where you pay $599, and you have a never-ending subscription for all your life. You have access to paid sites and bandwidth. It's also a blueprint that allows you to build your new brand online.

Whichever plan you choose, you have a fascinating journey into a world of many useful things. Among them are themes, layouts, icons, logos, plugins, and much more. In addition to inexpensive products, we constantly update our collection with new formats and improve the client interface.

What Aren’t MonsterONE Subscribers Allowed to Do?

Prohibited actions under the terms of MonsterONE:

  • use the elements of the subscription or share it with friends;
  • continue to use products and plan where the license has expired;
  • resell subscription and products.

You must be an obedient MonsterONE and receive tons of useful files to make your digital customer experience easier. Every month you will receive updates with various new elements. Catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Let's be grateful for that.

Business Website Templates FAQ

Will I receive access to business website templates WordPress after I join MonsterONE?

Yes, of course.  In short, WordPress is leading the way. Free plugins provide all the functionality you need out of the box, which can be set up in 15 minutes. If you wish, buy advanced features.

I make business website templates. How can I show them to people using MonsterONE?

Join as an author. Add your new lovely products to MonsterONE with one click.

What happens with business website templates after a year, which is downloaded?

It means that you update your project at any time as before. The only difference from the old days is that bulk downloads are prohibited. It is to prevent fraudulent activities. You lose the right to download the assets included in terms of the MonsterONE membership if you do not renew it after a year.

How can I contact technical support to install business website templates?

Please refer to our team in case you encounter any tech issues. There are several ways to obtain in touch. The fastest one is via live chat, located in the bottom right corner. Text our support agent and receive assistance asap.

Business Website Templates Video

Let's see how to upload an asset, the whole nine yards. First, go to Products, then click on the orange Upload button. Follow all the instructions from the video guide, and you succeed. If you have something to offer people, don't hide it.

The All-in-One Membership

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