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Art Website Templates – Impressive Design and Flexibility

Creating a website is a challenging task, especially if it should look modern and have multiple functions. Writing all the code from scratch is possible, but it takes too much time. Even professional developers require time to implement all the needed components. Another challenge is the site’s style. Nowadays, people pay special attention to how everything looks. It is important to make sure that all elements are where they are supposed to be. Do not ignore usability – visitors should have zero troubles with your website. Everyone should find the required data fast. Optimization is also very important. Luckily, there is a good option to cut the time necessary to build a site without having any quality issues. Please consider getting one of our art website templates. They are a great starting point for various projects – elegant and complex sites, personal and commercial ones. These products would be an impeccable option for developers who are not familiar with design trends. You do not need to worry about the layout or making the site look impressive. The code is clean and well-documented, so it is easy to modify. Suchlike items save your time and help create a modern site with numerous functions. They are great for non-experienced developers. It has detailed documentation and the commented code. Professionals will appreciate optimization and all the included components, which ensure great flexibility.

Art Gallery Website Templates Features

Our products come with the following advantages:

  • Functioning contact form – it is a perfect option for visitors to communicate with you.
  • Fully responsive – everything works flawlessly on devices with various screen sizes.
  • Background video – it makes the page look modern and dynamic. 
  • Google Fonts – use the font you prefer.
  • Multiple page templates – you get numerous pre-made templates, like homepage, shop, story, donation, events, blog, checkout, and more.
  • CSS3 animations – make your site dynamic with smooth, simple, or complex animations.
  • Multiple gallery types – demonstrate photos in different ways.
  • Google Maps – a good option to show where people can find a gallery or your shop.
  • Several headers and footers styles – modify the top and bottom parts of the page.
  • Advanced filters – they will help people find the necessary information.
  • Parallax – the far elements move slower than the close ones, creating a modern depth effect.
  • UI elements and blocks – use the pre-made components.
  • Detailed documentation, W3C-valid HTML5 and CSS3 code, newsletter subscription form, sliders, and more.

Best Art Gallery Website Templates for Your Projects

Our themes are an excellent basis for different tasks. They are great for simple, elegant sites with a few functions. The products we provide are also good for complex projects that include multiple pages or even online stores. Our designs come with a huge set of features – there is everything you need. Such themes are great for such projects as:

  • Personal sites for artists.
  • Online galleries.
  • Stores.
  • Platforms where people share their knowledge and more.

Each project requires various features and elements. For example, it would be great to use a calendar with a gallery site where visitors can check out exhibitions. The news section and newsletter are excellent to provide people with upcoming events. A blog would be a good option to focus on artists, styles, trends, etc.

Personal sites are great to promote an artist and their art. There are many popular platforms where people can share their work. The high popularity can also be a downside for creators – there are thousands of users who upload their art. For example, an artist uploads their image. It will not stay too long on the front page or in the newly-added section. Many visitors will not even have a chance to see it. A personal site may also have a blog where an artist tells more about their workflow or upcoming projects.

Stores that sell paintings online seem to be a good option both for creators and buyers. A nice artwork will always make a place elegant and cozy. It may be difficult for artists to find customers, and it is challenging for people to find a reasonable-priced picture. That is the case when your online store can help buyers and sellers. Such sites should have such features as filters – it makes finding the necessary product easier and faster. The Google Maps feature is also useful to demonstrate where your store is.

Platforms for tutors are a good option to help students and teachers find each other. Multiple elements can improve such projects. For example, a newsletter feature provides people with important information, like new courses from their favorite tutors or sales.

Free and Premium Artist Website Templates

It is always tempting to download a freebie and start building a site. Developers should consider the possible drawbacks:

  • A limited number of features – freebies may not include the elements you need. It forces you to implement the required functions.
  • No professional support – you have to deal with all the problems.

There are good freebies, but they are not an option for important projects. Freebies would be good for people who want to learn more about templates and how to use them. Premium items come with all the necessary functions and provide you with stunning versatility. Such designs are great when you provide web development services or work on commercial projects.

Saving Money on Art Gallery Website Templates

Premium items may be quite expensive, but you get a perfect starting point for your projects. As a freelancer or a team that provides web development services, you need several designs. Customers want to get unique sites with all the required features. Having only one theme is not an option. It requires too much time to turn it into something extraordinary. Buying multiple items is quite expensive. For example, you need five designs. They will cost you around $300-$400! With MonsterONE and its subscription payment model, you can cut your expenses. You pay $179 a year! You gain access to multiple resources. It is possible to download as many files as you need. Please consider that MonsterONE is more than HTML templates. You may get here audio, video, graphics, plug-ins, and more. Please consider checking out the pricing page. With MonsterONE, you avoid wasting your money – you may cancel the subscription and get your money back. Keep in mind that it is possible only if you have not downloaded anything within two weeks.

The process of downloading an item from the marketplace is straightforward:

  • Log in.
  • Select Get Started, and then choose the item type or use the search bar.
  • Set topics, tags, and other parameters via the panel on the left.
  • Open the product page. It includes detailed information about the item, like the included features.
  • Press the download button.

Screenshots are very useful, but the Live Demo feature gives you a better idea of what you will get. 

Art Website Templates FAQ

How to choose the best art website templates?

It depends on your project, but there are some common elements. You can write numerous articles about pictures and describe them, but nothing will replace it or its photo. That is why you should consider adding a gallery. A website should be user-friendly. Make sure that it has the necessary functions to help people find what they need. Consider adding a search field and filters. A Google Maps feature will be very useful for art galleries and museums. It will help tourists find the place. It is possible to set the desired features via the left panel.

Is it important to use responsive art website templates?

Responsive (mobile-friendly) themes ensure that everything looks and works properly on devices with different screen sizes. You do not know what a person would use to access your page. With a responsive theme, you do not need to worry about it. You can be sure that all visitors will not have any problems.

Is it possible to sell the art website templates I have created?

We are happy to work with developers and content creators. Consider becoming our author. It is a good way to increase your audience. We also recommend you read the guideline for contributors beforehand.

Will you help me promote my project built with art website templates?

We can help you with that. Our team will provide you with unique SEO-friendly text and a logo (if necessary). We can also introduce changes to improve your site’s performance and search engine ranking. Our experts will guide you through various aspects of on-site optimization. Please consider visiting our services page to learn more about offers.

Best Art Gallery Website Templates and More from MonsterONE

This video focuses on MonsterONE. It shows what you can get from the marketplace. It also demonstrates how to download an item.

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