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Build the Future with Architecture Website Templates

Architecture surrounds us everywhere: from modern towering skyscrapers to old wooden churches, from small cozy homes to massive apartment blocks. People rarely ever think about the people behind buildings. So, sometimes you have to remind them. The best way to do so in the modern world is by using the power of the internet.

Creating a website can serve many functions in the architectural business. Here are the many uses you can get from a website:

  • Showing your professionalism – simply having a website is a sign of professionalism today. This is especially true for bigger enterprises such as construction companies. As a solo contractor, you can use different platforms to showcase your portfolio but it is always more impressive when someone puts in the time to construct a dedicated website.
  • Displaying finished projects – a website can serve as a portfolio. Show your potential customers that you have experience and ready to handle whatever they want to offer you.
  • Testimonials and partners – the best way to show your competitiveness is to demonstrate to your potential customers the recommendations you have received from previous clients. Having just one big partner can lead to numerous lucrative deals.
  • Sell yourself – while portfolios and recommendations are good, it is always nice to convince potential clients with words. Tell your customers about your values, your story, your advantages, and your priorities.
  • Help search engines find you – SEO is as important as ever. You can be infinitely good at your job but if search engine bots cannot find your website, you are less likely to be discovered by actual people.
  • Hire new talents – whether you are looking to replace old staff or further expand your business, it is always good to announce that on your website.
  • Write a blog – while not exactly necessary, it is always fun to connect with others. You can tell people about your work experiences, interesting anecdotes, or update customers on the state of the company.
  • Give contacts – convincing a customer would be fruitless without actually making a deal. Give your physical address, phone numbers, and emails to clients to secure advantageous deals.
  • Customer support – with special plugins and trained personnel, you can provide 24/7 customer support via live chat or ticket system.

That’s not all the functions a site can serve. You can come up with pretty much anything and make it work – just like you do with architecture.

To Whom Architecture Website Templates Will Be Useful?

Not sure if these designs will serve you well? Here is a non-definitive list of businesses that might find our architecture website templates useful:

  • Construction companies.

You are the backbone of every construction. The builders and idea generators. Show everyone where you and your workers have left their tracks.

  • Architects.

You are the visionary behind every building. Present your projects to the clients, show the before, after, and in-between images of every building you took part in creating.

  • Interior designers.

Creating cozy and functional interiors is equally as important as building the main structure. Show how you make lifeless shells into livable and functional interiors.

  • Exterior designers.

Having plain walls is boring and this is where you come to help. Reveal how you decorate exteriors of buildings, transforming them into masterpieces.

  • Landscape designers.

Creating beautiful parks and landmarks is as challenging as constructing a building. Bend nature to your vision. Show your outstanding results with our landscape architecture website templates.

  • Building materials and construction tools manufacturers.

Great creations require great tools and materials and you are there to provide them. Tell potential customers of the advantages of your bricks, screwdrivers, and other thingamajigs.

  • Home inspectors.

Building homes is challenging. This is why home inspectors are there to ensure adherence to all safety standards. Advertise your inspection and appraisal services.

  • Real estate agencies.

Homes are meant to be lived in and you are here to connect potential tenants with the homes of their dreams. Show the houses on sale, demonstrate your recommendations, tell people what to look out for when searching for a house.

  • Mortgage lenders.

Immovable property can get quite expensive and many people could not afford to buy it in one go. Lend people money to make their dreams come true, give fair rates, and dispense funds through your website or physically.

  • Insurance agencies.

Accidents happen. When they do, you are here to help their victims. Present how you help your clients recover from accidents of various scales. Use your website to make insurance agreements without having to meet up in person.


Key Features of Architecture Website Templates

We offer only the best for you. When you purchase architecture website designs, you get templates of the highest quality. Here are the major features our themes boast:

  • Easily customizable themes.

We give you the backbone and some starting assets to begin with. The website is functional as is and you could use it straight out of the box. However, you can easily make it truly yours. Our authors ensure that editing every theme is relatively easy. Please, note, you still need to know the basics of HTML to operate those templates properly.

  • Social media integration.

Social media is everything today. You can simply add small buttons to your social media accounts or go further and integrate your posts directly on the website.

  • Responsive design.

People will visit your website from different devices so it is best to ensure they all have an equally great experience with it. Responsive design helps to rescale the user interface to whatever screen sizes and resolutions the specs of end-users’ gadgets.

  • Easy website updates.

You can easily update vital information on your website. This allows you to post high-quality content without having to worry about your site’s structural integrity. Moreover, constant data updates guarantee unparalleled page security.

  • Retina-ready templates.

The templates we provide are designed with retina displays in mind. They take advantage of the crisper and richer colors retina displays can convey.

  • Google Maps integration.

Put your business on the map! With Google Maps integration you can place pins, representing the physical location of your enterprise as well as some of your most notable structures.

  • Mobile-friendly layouts.

More than 50% of all internet traffic is going through mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). Therefore, having a website that responds well on those platforms can double the traffic on your website. Our designs are optimized for viewing on mobile and will ensure the best user experience.

  • SEO-friendly.

The architecture website templates we create are SEO-friendly. This means they load fast, adhere to all rules and recommendations of major search engines, and actively drive search engine bots to your website. Such small optimizations will drive more users to your website – and more users means more potential customers.

Why is SEO-friendly Website Important

Search engines are what drives the majority of traffic to your website. Therefore, it is imperative to have a properly optimized website. While we cannot completely optimize the website, we can do everything in our power to give you an upper hand.

The most important factor for technical SEO is how fast your site loads. Our authors optimize their code to ensure lightning-fast load times for all architecture website templates.

We also took care of mobile adaptability. Google and other big search engines care for the experience of mobile users and so do we. With that in mind, we have made sure that all of our templates properly adapt to smartphones and tablets.

International websites are indexed better than monolingual sites. Therefore, all of our templates are ready to be translated. You will have all the tools to translate your website and its content into multiple languages.

With these features, you will have a much easier time quickly pushing your website to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). This boost will help you gain more popularity. This will ultimately lead to more traffic and with that – lucrative deals.

What is MonsterONE and Why You Should Be Excited

Subscription services are all the rage today. MonsterONE is one such created by TemplateMonster to cater to the needs of avid website creators. Here is what you can get by subscribing to MonsterONE:

  • Get thousands of graphic, audio, video, and design assets with the Creative plan for just $7.40/month. For the price of just two coffees, you can get unlimited access to our massive library of visual assets as well as presentation templates. If you are wondering, it will come up as only $82 at the end of the year.
  • Want to get on the next level? Try the All-in-One plan. Gain access to previous assets as well as an extensive library of WordPress, CMS, and eCommerce themes with countless plugins to boot. For just $19/month or $179/year, it could be yours.
  • Ready to commit to our service forever? Purchase the All-in-One Lifetime subscription for $749 and gain unlimited access to our ever-expanding library for life.

Still hesitant to subscribe? Try our free subscription plan. You are still free to download all the assets as many times as you need and use them for as many projects as you need. The only difference is the size of the library. If you feel content with the service we provide, you can always upgrade your free account to a full-on premium subscription.

Architecture Website Templates FAQ

Who should I contact if I have any questions considering architecture website templates?

If you have general questions about MonsterONE, prices, transactions, etc., you can contact our customer support. We are online 24/7 and ready to answer any related questions. Any technical questions should be addressed to the author of the specific template.

Can you create a site for me using architecture website templates?

We have multiple services that will allow you to concentrate on the more important stuff. We can simply install the template on your website or go as far as properly customize it and fill it with some professionally copywritten content. For more information, click here.

I have created an architecture website with your template. Can you host it for me?

TemplateMonster does not host websites. However, you can get special offers from our partners. Click here for more info.

Why do I need architecture website templates?

While you may be a proficient coder and avid website constructor, using our templates will save you a lot of time. Our templates are nicely optimized and work like a clock. You just need to add customization and content to make a truly magnificent website.

15 Best Aesthetic Fonts for Architecture Website Templates

The font you choose for the website will be a part of your business’s face. We have gone through thousands of fonts available on our website and chose the 15 best aesthetic fonts you can apply to your architecture website template.

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