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Travel HTML Templates for Adventurous Projects

Can't find suitable free HTML templates for travel websites? Do you want to present your tourism-related project professionally? Then you need a modern and functional website. Here you can download an unlimited number of travel HTML templates for all kinds of travel services, including:

  • Accommodation booking (hotels, hostels, camping, property rent).
  • Transportation (car rental, touristic train, airport shuttle bus, plane tickets).
  • Food (restaurant, cafe, deli, street food).
  • Leisure and entertainment (nightlife, excursions, outdoor activities).
  • Treatment and rehabilitation (medical tourism, exotic massage, sanatorium), etc. 

What to know more about how to benefit from MonsterONE subscription? Keep reading and stay tuned! 

Leading Features of Travel HTML Templates

Are you looking for the best free HTML template download for travel websites? Consider our platform! Unlimited access to web products allows you to browse the collections of top-quality items. It means that multiple handy features are at your disposal. To name but a few: 

  1. Straightforward installation and customization. Thanks to the drag and drop method, you can locate the required elements in the position needed. Besides, you can edit the color, background, and other design aspects with ease. All you have to do is think carefully about your projects' concept and find the template that best corresponds to its idea. 
  2. Professional tech support. No need to worry about tech issues you might encounter on your way. Our support agent is here to assist you 24/7 with general questions. Just drop us a message in a live chat located in the down right corner. But if you need more specialized help, our professional developer's team covers this part. It is because all three MonsterONE packages come with year-long tech assistance. Besides, you can order our premium-services at extra cost if you plan on logo creation or online store setup. 
  3. Simple navigation. You and your customers won't have a headache finding necessary items or services, thanks to the adjustable menu bar and search tool. Arrange products by price, rating filters, and other categories. 

Why is Multilanguage a Significant Feature of Travel HTML Templates?

A built-in multi-language feature is truly important. Isn't it cool when your followers can read the product's description and other website content in their native language? Indeed, it is a great convenience and advantage at the same time. When you want to display your services to the public, it shouldn't include much information, but some text details have to be brought up. In this regard, the option to choose the native language at the website not only wins over new customers but establishes a worthy long-term collaboration with them. 

Apart from that, it is a relatively low-cost recipe to boost your competency. You will catch the customer's warmest curiosity if you use their native language when trading your items on the global market. Every other language added to the list at your website enlarges your consumer audience. Your ambitious retail activity will massively surge if you get a proper translation of your online project. Translate your website in such globally spoken languages as English, Chinese, and Russian. Besides, translation is a great extra step to demonstrate your true devotion to your customer.

Have Travel HTML Templates to be Suitable for Smartphones?

Absolutely. The top 4 main reasons are:

  1. Constant growth in demand for smartphone usage. In fact, the latest polls inform that nearly all the developed country citizens are active smartphone users. They tend to spend more than two hours daily with their device browsing the Internet. This number will undoubtedly rise in the nearest future. This is the reality, and you cannot ignore it but embrace it.
  2. Google tends to favor smartphone-compatible websites. Basically, Google prioritizes those websites which are using its algorithm and are smartphone compatible. Our HTML templates will profoundly affect building up a great outcome in Google rankings. 
  3. Beat the competition. The truth is that approximately 60% of all the websites on the market are not smartphone compatible. So, isn't it a proper time to make a mobile website version and outclass your rivals?
  4. Smartphone users are active customers. Even though online sales through PC are still prevailing, it's no secret that smartphones are constantly taking over. However, computer users are still more generous buyers than smartphone ones. But these users will hardly buy anything at the non-smartphone compatible websites. This day SEO optimization of the website is not a privilege but a necessity. Don't miss this opportunity to bypass your competitors! Get your website's HTML template SEO-optimized and catch the eye of potential customers without delay! 

How to Download Travel HTML Templates?

To get the necessary products, you need to follow the algorithm:

  1. Create a MonsterONE account. 
  2. Go to the HTML templates section.
  3. Select the best template.
  4. Click on the Download button.
  5. Choose a secured payment method (PayPal, Visa or Mastercard, and others). They are all installed for your convenience and funds transferring security. There is also a free of charge plan that exists for customers who doubt whether to subscribe. 
  6. Start customizing it.

Test out a free HTML option if in doubt and make up your mind later on.

MonsterONE Fee

  • With a Creative plan, you get presentation templates, sorted audio and video content, and excellent graphics, only paying $82 yearly. 
  • The All-in-one subscription plan includes all the benefits of the Creative program plus plugins, WordPress, E-commerce, and CMS themes. This plan comes for $179 yearly.
  • The All-in-one Lifetime subscription plan is a one-time payment of $599. With it, you’ll get a lifetime unlimited package of all our products and their updates.

Single Purchase VS MonsterONE Membership 

Advantages of a single purchase:

  1. Suitable for small-scale projects.
  2. Good for beginners.
  3. It will work well for single-time job developers. 
  4. You’ll spend around $79 per item. 

Advantages of MonsterONE membership:

  1. A huge variety of premium themes.
  2. Regular updates.
  3. One year of tech support.
  4. Get other TemplateMonster products discounted.
  5. The collection of items is constantly expanding.
  6. We offer you a flexible cancellation process. For more information, please consult our terms and conditions page. 
  7. All of our assets have a legal license. To know more, visit the license page. 

Travel HTML Templates FAQs

How to install my travel HTML templates?

It is an easy process, but don't hesitate to visit our premium technical services page if you experience any difficulties. We do everything, from installation, logo design, copywriting, and SEO optimization to online store setup. Concentrate on your project's concept and entrust tech issues to us.

Can I sell travel HTML templates via MonsterONE?

Yes, definitely. If you want to be an author, please visit our become an author page to learn more. Raise some extra cash today!

Are travel HTML templates SEO-friendly?

Yes, sure. All of our web assets are SEO-optimized. It is an essential feature, which lets your customers find you on different searching platforms such as Google search or Yahoo at the top. So, the positive aspects of the website's HTML SEO-optimization are: 1. Decreases platform's maintenance expenses. 2. SEO boosts your position in search engines. 3. Increases your content visibility. 4. Makes overall customer's online experience better, etc.

Are travel HTML templates mobile-friendly?

Yes, they are. Nowadays, any self-respecting company should have an adaptable mobile platform to improve visibility and customer experience. Thanks to this feature, your clients can check out your project on the go!

Save on Travel HTML Templates with MonsterONE

Please watch the video above on the most proficient method to reduce expenses with MonsterONE membership. Remember, we offer only top-quality products for people who want to bring value to their projects. Find us on other social media and never miss updates from the web design world.

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