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Photography HTML Templates for Artistic Projects

Instagram and similar platforms are not enough to achieve a professional online presence as a photographer. Suppose you want to stand out as a professional photographer. In that case, you need a versatile tool that allows you to display your best images in the way you want without limitations of size, quality, or design and that you can control completely. This tool has a name: your professional photography website. With our photography HTML templates, you can show the world your best works. They also help you position yourself as an expert in the field because our web assets have modern and professional designs. Besides, the templates we offer attract people and Google's attention, which helps you win more customers.

Not sure where or how to start? Do not worry! Remember that you have a natural aesthetic sense as a photographer, which you can also use to decide your photography page's design. Another positive point is that today, thanks to a great collection of templates gathered by the cost-saving MonsterONE subscription, it is easier than ever to create a visually impressive photography portfolio.

Who Can Benefit from MonsterONE Membership

It takes more than just smartphone photos to become a professional photographer. Consider our photography HTML templates, and position yourself as a photo master from the beginning. Showcase your best works and services, including:

  • Photography of beverages. 
  • Food Photography.
  • Newborn/baby photos.
  • Editorial photography.
  • Love story/wedding/anniversary filming.
  • Advertising.
  • Catalog and product photography.
  • Interior photography.

Key Features of Photography HTML Templates

The online platform is your round-the-clock salesperson. When you sleep, eat or work, it keeps presenting your best projects and finding clients or partners. Key features of our templates include:

  1. The responsive layout. 
  2. The mobile-friendly design. 
  3. Multilingual feature.
  4. Google Maps. 
  5. Search filter. 
  6. Modern designs.
  7. Multipurpose, etc.

Why Should Photography HTML Templates Be Multilingual?

You don't need much content to showcase your photos. But having interface and photo description in different languages is a big plus. A multilingual website presents one of the cheapest ways to promote your talent, attract new customers, and build quality relationships with them on a large scale. By offering your best photos for sale to people worldwide, in their native language, you automatically capture their attention and business. With each additional language you add to your website, you expand your sales opportunities. Even if you only translate your website into some of the most widely spoken languages ​​globally: English, Russian, Chinese, for example, you will already significantly increase your potential sales. 

Moreover, a multilingual website shows your audience that you are thinking about them and their needs. The extra effort required to translate to show that you care about your visitors. 

Why Should Photography Website HTML Be SEO-optimized?

Investing in our SEO-optimized photography HTML templates, you achieve long-term results. You may be an excellent salesperson; your photo services may be great. You may have wonderful deals, but what if no one sees them? If Google can't show them? If the user does not feel confident in making the purchase? Our SEO-optimized web assets take care of all this. SEO clears the way for you to generate the right traffic, and in this way, you can convert users into buyers. Moreover, SEO helps you to:

  1. Reduce website's maintenance costs.
  2. Promote SEO positioning through search engines.
  3. Increase the chances of content visualization.
  4. Improves user experience, etc. 

Why Should HTML Photography Templates Be Mobile-Friendly?

There are many reasons; the top 4 include: 

  1. Mobile use is massive (and growing). 

In developed countries, most of the population have a smartphone and use it an average of two hours a day to surf the Internet. And it is estimated that these figures will continue to grow in the coming years. Therefore, the numbers speak for themselves, and you cannot allow yourself to be outside of the market.

  1. Google favors mobile websites.

That means that when Google evaluates any website using its algorithm, one of the aspects that it takes into account is its compatibility with mobile devices. Get the best results in Google rankings with our free HTML photography website templates.

  1. Gain a competitive advantage

About 60% of websites are not optimized for mobile. That means now is the time to get a mobile website when your competitors don't have it yet.

  1. Mobile users are buyers.

Although desktop devices are still leading the way to eCommerce, the mobile eCommerce trend is on the rise. And even though tablet users tend to spend more than mobile users, one thing is clear: they will not buy anything if the website is not mobile-friendly. An optimized website is not an option; it is a must nowadays. The use of mobile phones is growing year by year. Google understands this and favors mobile-friendly sites in its results lists. However, not all of your competitors have optimized sites so that you can find an advantage there. Stand out from the crowd with our HTML photography templates today!

MonsterONE Subscription Advantages and Fee

Making your photography website yourself or hiring a professional to do it for you is a personal decision. Logically, hiring a web developer will be more expensive than subscribing to MonsterONE solution for creating a photography website. The main ones are:

  • Ease of use without programming knowledge.
  • A large number of specific templates for photography.
  • You can use all of our web assets completely free of charge without time limitations once you subscribe to MonsterONE.
  • You get one-year of reliable tech support.
  • You gain access to a big choice of products.
  • Web assets we offer have constant updates, etc. 

Moreover, subscribing to MonsterONE is cheaper than buying a single item. Besides, if you wish to get unlimited access to all of our assets, we have various packages available to fit any budget. Fees for packages are:

CreativeThe All-in-one package comes with all items of the Creative plan, plus:All-in-one Lifetime plan comes with:
Graphic & Design assetsWordPress and CMS ThemesWordPress and CMS Themes
Presentation templatesE-commerce ThemesE-commerce Themes
Video & Audio AssetsPlugins IncludedPlugins Included
Unlimited Projects1-year Technical SupportGraphic & Design assets
1-year Technical Support$172 annuallyPresentation templates
$82 annuallyVideo & Audio Assets
Unlimited Projects
1-year Technical Support
Unlimited Lifetime Access
$559 one-time-payment 

Photography HTML Templates FAQs

Can my auditory view my photos on mobile with the help of photography HTML templates?

Sure, you visitors can check out your platform on the go! Photos will decrease in size but remain well displayed. Moreover, our web assets help your platform appear higher in search results.

How to edit photography HTML templates?

Our HTML templates are simple to use and have an intuitive admin panel. Besides, with drag & drop page builders, you can customize the platform without coding skills. If you require additional assistance with your website's configuration or installation, please refer to the premium services page, and we will gladly support you.

Can I sell my photography HTML templates with MonsterONE?

Yes, sure. If you design top-quality templates, then you should join our team. To do that, you need to create a MonsterONE account, upload your best projects, and wait for approval.

How to download photography HTML templates?

Sign in to your MonsterONE account. Find the necessary category. Select the template you like. Please read about the product's key features. Watch the demo version. Download.

MonsterONE Photography HTML Templates Video

Find out why you should be a MonsterONE member! Discover all the advantages you gain with the subscription, to name but a few: the unlimited access to modern website templates, various games, creative video and audio assets, best-quality graphics, and much more! Subscribe to the TemplateMonster Youtube channel and find other useful tutorials to watch.

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