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Interior Design HTML Templates for Every Purpose  

With the flow of time, any goods and services become available online. Time is the new money, and people learn to employ it well. For that reason, they prefer ordering necessary things with several clicks to buying them in a mall. This way, an enormous amount of time and money is saved as there is no need to stand in long queues or be stuck in a traffic jam.

Suppose you have a business, a start-up plan, or your mind is just full of ideas. Our interior design HTML templates will come in handy because no career will thrive without modern technologies. Any information spreads via the web more efficiently than with billboard ads. Every work needs support provided by marketing and web-advertising, no matter whether it is obvious or hidden.

We supply themes on multiple topics: tools and equipment, photographer portfolio, flower boutique, house renovation, architecture and construction, furniture, and more. They are all multipurpose. As time goes, you have an opportunity to transform your website into something different. Moreover, our products do not require special coding skills. You can change the appearance of a template effortlessly with a drag-and-drop editing system.

Interior Design HTML Templates Functions

Depending on your goal, our templates can serve different functions. Obtain:

  • Website templates are suitable if you need a multiple-page website with various rubrics and comprehensive facts.
  • Landing page templates prove beneficial in an advertisement. Scrolling the web, you wish to find useful things and options. Therefore, it is more pleasant to find a landing page with all detailed information than to close annoying ads appearing from nowhere.
  • Newsletter templates assure your mailing looks appropriate and make a good impression on potential clients. Messages are an essential part of marketing, and their design should be well-structured, not irritating.

Choose the right interior design HTML theme according to your needs and preferences.

Top Features of the Interior Design HTML Templates

Our best interior design HTML themes boast the following advantages: 

  1. Retina-ready.

Retina-ready themes are clearly visible on high-resolution screens. Such graphics make pictures brighter and more distinct, it accents colors and shapes.

  1. Google Maps Integration.

Google Maps on your website point the right direction to your shop or company’s office. It is convenient both for customers and your staff, as there is no need to ask the address. Everything is cut and dry.

  1. Full Responsiveness.

All our templates have an adaptable design suitable for mobile phones, tablets, PCs, laptops. Such websites stand out on search engines and attract more customers with their good appearance. You will agree that it is more pleasant to scroll a web page with a smartphone not running into PC’s versions. Moreover, almost half of the traffic lies on Internet phone surfers.

  1. Dropdown Menu.

This type of menu appears only if you click on the button. This main advantage is that it does not overlap important details or information.

  1. Ajax.

Ajax sends and retrieves the system data without interfering with the website’s appearance. It ensures that the web page’s content changes quickly without waiting for it to reload.

  1. Parallax Effect.

The Parallax effect makes the objects interesting for a viewer’s eye. It is when the background content moves differently than the foreground effect while scrolling.

  1. Purchase Options for Different Occasions.

We’ve created two buying opportunities for our customers: as a member of an unlimited subscription service MonsterONE and as a random visitor at the TemplateMonster marketplace.

Interior Design HTML Templates Purchase Options

TemplateMonster offers two possibilities of purchase:

  1. The retail buying option is suitable for a one-time project. You choose the desired theme and add it to the cart. Then you verify the payment and start installing. This way, each template is going to cost you up to $99.  
  2. The wholesale option with MonsterONE membership. This process is simple: buy a subscription and get unlimited access to all the top-notch TemplateMonster web products. It includes themes, essential plugins, trendy add-ons, music and video assets, amazing stock images, depending on the selected plan. There are three plans according to different needs and financial abilities so that anyone can afford our web items.

MonsterONE Subscription Prices

There are three packages of your choice, each containing various web items:

  1. The CREATIVE plan is affordable for everyone and will be useful for students, teachers, business people, and entrepreneurs. It contains presentation themes, video and audio items, graphics and design assets, and a year of professional technical support. It would help if you skipped several cups of coffee a month to buy a yearly plan. It only costs $6.85 a month ($82 a year).
  2. Besides the items mentioned above, the ALL-IN-ONE package includes important plugins and cool additions, WordPress templates, CMS themes, and eCommerce templates. This package is suitable for creative thinkers and plan-changers. You can download any web item any time during this membership and embody your ideas. Afford this package, skipping eating out a few times. Such pleasure will cost you $14.35 a month ($172 a year). 
  3. The ALL-IN-ONE one-time fee plan consists of all the top web assets mentioned earlier, but it has no time limits. Buy a MonsterONE subscription and let yourself a lifetime of opportunities. Enjoy the limitless space for creativity because the updates come with this package. Keep up with the latest trends with the TemplateMonster family. The price of this plan equals two days of modest vacation abroad — $559. Invest in your future and reach success.

Hurry up and acquire the membership with huge discounts! The previous prices are $7.40 and $19 a month, and $749 for lifetime access. A year of technical support comes with all three packages. However, you might order some extended extra services as well. Become a happy member of our vast family:)

Interior Design HTML Templates FAQ

Are There Any Good Free Interior Design HTML Templates?

Good freebies are hard to find, and they usually lack in quality and have fewer advanced features. Moreover, if you download a free theme from an unreliable source, you can damage your software and encounter legal issues. Better safe than sorry! Take advantage of our top-quality, affordable web products, and you will not regret it.

Can You Help Me Customize an Interior HTML Theme?

Yes, we can do that for an extra fee. Check out the list of offered services and find the needed ones. It involves copywriting, on-page SEO optimization, and many more.

How to Start Selling Interior Design HTML Templates on the Marketplace?

Reach the “Become an Author” page, sign up with your Facebook or Google account and start uploading your works. They will appear on the Marketplace once they undergo testing.

How to Download Interior Design Templates with MonsterONE?

Follow the steps: Sign in to your MonsterONE account. Search the desired item using keywords, tags, and characteristics. Once the search results appear, click on each product to read its detailed description. Press the download button. Become a delighted user of the TemplateMonster products.

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You may also subscribe to our YouTube Channel and discover many helpful tutorials and reviews there. Start embodying your dreams right now!

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