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Beauty HTML Templates — Pretty As A Picture

Beauty is a relative concept. However, people often look for some solutions on the web when it comes to the beauty industry. They fumble the Internet to know what is trendy today, how to make a perfect messy hair bun, or where to buy eco-friendly cosmetics.

With the world evolving at a high rate, everything moves to online platforms. Ordering services and goods from the Internet is both cheaper and more time-efficient. Even if you want to buy something in a shop, you will probably search for it on the web to compare prices.

Our excellent HTML themes are well-designed. This feature will attract clients. Moreover, you do not have to be a computer genius to wield them. The templates require no coding skills and are adjustable with the drag-and-drop editing system. Now anyone can own a website. 

Beauty HTML Templates Brilliant Features

There are many advantages of our themes that are going to blow your mind:

  • Our templates are multipurpose. You may create a blog, a website, a landing page, a newsletter, a portfolio from them, and even more. Once you have a website, you can transform it any time into something else.
  • The parallax effect makes a perfect visual impression when the background moves differently from the foreground. It ensures aesthetic design.
  • Mega Menu gives you numerous choices in a two-dimensional layout. This is a perfect feature for hyper-critical people.
  • The integration with Google Maps places the direction to your office or shop on your website. Now customers do not have to look for the address. They click on the map and start their route.
  • With gallery opportunity, you can present the samples of your work. For instance, if you are a beautician, you can upload the photo “before and after” of your clients.
  • Your website will be clearly visible on any device, including PCs, laptops, smartphones, with the TemplateMonster themes full responsiveness.
  • There are two purchase options to satisfy the demands of clients. We created them because of understanding that people have different needs and financial abilities. 

MonsterONE Beauty HTML Templates

Acquiring our web products is possible in two ways:

  1. The retail purchase opportunity implies adding an item to the cart and then buying it by verifying the payment option. This way, each beauty HTML theme is going to cost you up to $99. This is the perfect alternative for one-time projects.
  2. The wholesale buying opportunity involves MonsterONE subscription and an unlimited number of amazing web assets. It includes templates, video and audio items, stunning stock images, essential plugins, and cool add-ons. There are three plans: the Creative, All-in-One, and Lifetime All-in-One. Each of the packages either contains additional items or is available for another period. Please get to our web page to discover more information about MonsterONE.

Beauty HTML Templates FAQ

Who May Take Advantage of Beauty HTML Templates?

All the people working in beauty can benefit from our themes, including project managers, salon owners, beauty experts, and fashion designers. The templates are affordable for businesses of various scale and budgets.

How to Edit Beauty HTML Templates?

Our templates have a user-friendly admin panel. Editing with it is an easy and pleasant process. The drag and drop editing system does not require special coding skills. Now you don’t need to be a computer genius to own a website. You might also discover the additional services we offer, reaching our web page.

How to Start Selling My Beauty HTML Templates on your Platform?

Join our team by becoming an author. After signing up with your Facebook or Google account, you can start uploading your works. Supply high-quality products because we verify and place them on the market only after thorough testing. Otherwise, you will not make any profit.

How to Download Beauty HTML Templates with MonsterONE?

1. Sign in to your MonsterONE account. 2. Find the desired item by entering keywords and then selecting characteristics given in the left column on the appeared page. 3. After getting precise search results, click on each product to read its detailed description. 4. Choose the required item and press the “Download” button. 5. Install the theme and enjoy using it.

MonsterONE Beauty HTML Templates Video

Watch the video on the advantages of the MonsterONE. You might subscribe to our YouTube Channel to learn about web design, SEO, e-commerce trends, and many more. Welcome to the TemplateMonster family!

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