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Travel Graphics

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Unforgettable Journey with Travel Graphics Collection from MonsterOne

Today, every successful business is in the web space. It is the way to gain a large number of customers and increase brand recognition. Therefore, to achieve a favorable result, it is necessary to stand out among competitors. You should pay special attention to the visual component since we are talking about the tourism industry. Travel graphics is a solution that helps to attract clients with greater rapidity. This multi-functional tool enhances the user interface and gives the design a unique charm. It doesn't require any technical skills or special knowledge for operation, so everyone has a chance to enjoy the work.

This solution is versatile. It is suitable for journey agencies, blogs, brochures, websites, apps, promo videos, advertisements, and much more. Enjoy not only the result but also the process, because each product type has its distinctive features. Some are perfect for working with Photoshop, and others allow for a wide range of customization without any additional effort.

Benefits of Travel Graphics Products

As we said, these items provide invaluable assistance in handling any project. It doesn't matter if it's an advertisement or a website, they fit everywhere and make a solid contribution. Let's take a look at the most significant advantages of these solutions:

Visual Composition

It is a powerful tool for communicating with the user. Visuals convey all complex information in an understandable manner, such as charts or icons. It is much simpler to present the main idea in this way. 


Express all your emotions through these creative elements. Templates, forms, fonts, illustrations, and backgrounds allow you to design a website or banner as you wish. Involve new people via your unusual ideas brought to life utilizing these tools.

Company Recognition

Logos, colors, and lettering play a crucial role in brand recognition. Consumers are always drawn to something already well-known or on the contrary new and extraordinary. Easy design a work of art to bring attention to your business with our help.

Memorizing Details

Visual content is always better understood than textual ones. Take advantage of this and try to add more infographics and pictures to your projects. It gives visitors a better orientation and makes it easier for them to interact with you.


In this field, it is simple to get new views with the power of images. Banners, flyers, and signs are an effective part of a quality advertising campaign. Apply them to connect with your potential customers.

What is Behind Travel Graphics 

Features in the travel industry have gone far beyond the usual images. It's no longer just maps or magazines. Animated banners, multi-purpose templates, UI pieces, and more are now in trend. Here are some cool and handy goodies:


Each model comes with detailed documentation that explains all the intricacies. Forget about difficulties during development. All potential problems are already described. The instruction is a beneficial option for beginning artists or freelancers.

Author's Design

Every element, without exception, is worked out to the last detail by professional designers. You only have to configure and apply them to suit your needs. Unrivaled magazine backgrounds, as well as travel trailer graphics for videos, are already waiting for you.


Adaptive design is the most necessary part of a website or app. All components support this and display perfectly on phones, desktops, and tablets. So use icons, patterns, and planners without worrying about proper display.

Variety of Formats

You don't have to think about file compatibility, because they are editable in many software programs. EPS, AI, TXT, INDD, JPG, SVG, and plenty of other extensions for effortless applications are available.

Elementary Customization

Are you a beginner or haven't quite figured it out yet? No need to worry, because all goods are fully editable. You don't need any skills for this purpose. Customize brochures, logos, and icons for your blog or social network in just a few minutes.

What Kind of Projects Travel Graphics is Suitable for 

The realization of such components in the tourism industry is well prevalent. Furthermore, without this tool, it is unlikely to promote the projects successfully. These are the main areas in which visuals are valuable:

Website For Travel Agency

First of all, it is the creation of convenient and eye-catching online platforms. Here you require interactive maps, photos, UI fragments, and other details. They are significant for engaging clients and making them satisfied. And also to provide quality content clearly and colorfully. Our solutions allow you to fill the resource with buttons, menus, adaptive forms for registration, and so on. Besides, MonsterONE offers custom images for more in-depth exploration of adventure and awesome destinations.


A blogger must design his page appropriately to please the readers. Therefore, illustrations on the background or a clear and modern font work best here. It is essential to choose the right colors, set accents, and structure the data. Write about must-see locations, restaurants with amazing traditional cuisine, and the like. Engage with playful banners with a selection of the top articles.

Mobile Applications

This is a unique opportunity to simplify tourists' lives and provide all the details on the phone. These are data about offline maps, ratings, reviews, vacation spots, tips on selecting recreational facilities, and more. But you should design everything properly and pick up icons and screen backgrounds. That's exactly what our traveling graphic collection helps you with.

Social Media

Create visually appealing social media content to promote tourist destinations. Decorate your page with unrivaled vector images, lettering, or templates. Icons help conduct educational quizzes in the stories. And you won't find better Facebook covers and banners than on our marketplace.

Souvenir stores

Try our offerings in business to produce spectacular souvenir items. These include postcards, brochures, notepads, t-shirts, badges, stickers and more. Let visitors remember not only the colorful regions but also your friendliness.

Travel guides

To properly decorate a book about voyaging demands sketches and drawings. It assists in emphasizing some points of interest, such as landmarks. Patterns are a great addition to cover artwork.

Educational purposes

Apply components from our selection to online courses or presentations. It gets the audience's attention and lets them memorize the educational material better. For example, place icons on maps to indicate points of reference. Infographics, in turn, assist in presenting thoughts beautifully and clearly. 

Types of Travel Graphic Items

Collaborating with MonsterOne brings a wealth of materials for creativity. They are ideal for dealing with the adventure industry. More than 2000 different products are already waiting for their owners. Therefore, if you are looking for a decent high-quality result, you should definitely try them out. Let’s consider all the types that are available here: 

Social Media Themes

We present you with all the materials to decorate the ultimate social media page. Hundreds of resources are perfect for Instagram, Facebook, and other purposes. They make it much better to promote a travel agency, a blogger, or a web platform. Dive into time travel graphics along this category and experience the quality of the item for your operation.

Logo Templates

The logo is an essential part of a brand, so special attention is required to create it. Using ready-made templates saves your valuable time while the quality remains high. If your vacation agency needs a colorful and decent logo, then turn to our offerings. They are so effortless in application. 

Corporate Identity

Style is a key component of any company, that's why pay special attention to it. You easily produce business cards, brochures, magazines, and other artworks with these goods. At the same time, they look quite elegant and emphasize your brand identity. The authors take a careful approach to the selection of the color palette, typography, images, and graphic components.

Icon Sets

Such bundles are a versatile solution that brings an invaluable contribution to any project. They enhance the user interface, save space, and support the overall style and visual identity. Apply them to mobile apps, graphic design travel posters, presentations, websites, and other necessities.


Various pictures are the basis of any high-quality artwork. They assist in visualizing concepts and ideas. Pictures are also suitable for forming a unique look. It is the best option for a guidebook, brochure, banner, or social media page.

Product Mockups

This is an unbeatable solution if you decide to perform on your product layouts. We have hundreds of mockups in our collection. They are suitable for magazines, books, backpacks, business cards, hiking mugs, and other camping supplies. These deals let you see the future product design in advance. Therefore, even at the moment of pre-development, you are free to make adjustments without investing thousands in correcting mistakes.

Vector Travel Graphics

Vector images are the preference of true professionals. Their scalability and editing capabilities provide a huge range of choices for creative experimentation. They are versatile, have minimal file size, and are print-ready. Therefore, the pictures are appropriate for mobile apps, social media, as well as for notepads.

PSD Templates

Photoshop is an opportunity to handle templates with detailed and varied customization. They are easygoing and adapt to a combination of assets. Therefore, customize them for any task - presentation or even your company's flyers. The best PSD templates that satisfy your requirements you find here.

UI Elements

UI elements play an essential role in the websites, mobile apps, and other interactive projects development. They improve navigation and structure. Goods are easily adaptable to suit your task. Moreover, they are highly customizable. Items are an indispensable piece of any design as they improve the customer's interaction with your platform.


This solution often represents the perfect background component. If you're working on the visuals of your journey book, magazine, or guidebook, ensure to apply them. For example, patterns from our collection look great on covers or as backdrops for presentations.

Magazine Templates

This is a universal deal for designing magazines, brochures, and other printed publications. They save time and also simplify your job because a simple setup is usually enough. For example, in just a few hours you can produce a magazine about the hotel or camping. Plus, these layouts are ready to print, so get a cool homemade physical product.


Fonts are crucial for visual communication. They provide a comfortable reading experience. Choose unique and custom letterings to give your design a personalized and creative touch. This way, you make the project stand out from the rest. Employ them to organize your expedition agency's business cards, maps, announcements, and even logos.


Each project engages the backgrounds. They provide an illustrated hierarchy by pointing to critical parts or directing the user's eye in the right path. They are also fantastic for highlighting the main content and helping to draw attention to it.


It provides improved readability and enhances the quality of the provided data. They allow users to show comparisons in more detail and emphasize key factors. Include them in your presentations or slideshows.

Animated Banners

Animation is above all about enticing a fresh approach. They have good adaptability, so display correctly on all devices. Banners are great for explaining complex information easily and attracting new customers. It is an effective way to make visual content more dynamic and eye-catching.

Premium or Free Assets: What is the Best Choice?

Opinions differ when it comes to purchasing goods. Some want to use only premium options, while others believe that free ones are worth considering. It's clear, that people are looking for ways to save money and get quality results. But what is better? Every option has its pros and cons. Besides, it all depends on the task for which you are buying or downloading the chosen item. Let's start by highlighting the pros of both solutions:


  • High-quality;
  • Exclusivity;
  • Constant support and updates;
  • Different types of licenses;
  • Time-saving.


  • Availability;
  • Large selection;
  • Community support
  • Opportunity to try the product without investments.

As you can see, each group has enough advantages. Premium options are often useful for large professional projects. They provide enhanced quality that doesn't change during the editing and correction process. And they're also excellent for commercial purposes due to the license characteristic that doesn't restrict the opportunities. Thus, the premium niche is ideal for achieving the desired results. Moreover, developers are constantly improving their paid offerings. So you obtain a perfect item in terms of design and quality.

Free options are the best idea for beginners or small-scale projects. If you want to try something new but are afraid, then safely start with free ones. Here you have the right to make mistakes. However, these versions have a limited scope for change. They are constrained by the license terms. Moreover, if you suddenly don't like the product, simply download another one and enjoy your job further.

MonsterOne Subscription Plans

If you want to utilize all the benefits of MonsterOne, then pick subscriptions. It depends on your requirements, which to define for yourself. Here are the main plans and their features:


This is ideal for those who want to deal with graphics. After all, by signing up you get material for presentations, video assets, 3D models, and many other positions. Pay for it either monthly or annually, so it's quite a flexible option.


Here you additionally get a variety of WordPress, CMS, and HTML themes, as well as many plugins and admin panel templates. It's great for multi-purpose use and if you want to try everything. It is possible to pay for this package only annually or subscribe for a lifetime.

All-in-one PRO

You receive all the same stuff as the All-in-one regular version but with some perks. They include access to the Weblium and Draftium editors for a whole year. Weblium has 300+ templates, free domain & SSL certificates, Google Cloud hosting, and more. And Draftium prototyping tool facilitates your task in creating the best visual of the platform.

Web Design Trends

If you want to always follow the trends, then check out this video. Here we've gathered the most crucial aspects that help you stay in the mainstream when working with website design in 2024. Learn about using AI to create extraordinary content. In the guide, we also talk about the application of brutalism, animation, typography, and many other topics.

Travel Graphics FAQs

Where is travel graphics used?

It is a great component to operate with web resources, blogs, social media, mobile apps, souvenirs, books, presentations, and advertisements. So, enhance your project with these means.

Can I get travel graphics for free?

Yes, a bunch of free items you may receive with MonsterOne. It is the best solution to try something new. They are just as good as the premium versions and let you make a quicker decision on a plan.

What are the file formats of the items?

Some of the most popular extensions are EPS, AI, TXT, INDD, JPG, SVG, FIG, and many others. Feel assured that everything is available for your task.

How to download travel graphics?

First, create an account. Next, go to the product page and download it. You receive an archive with the content, which is ready to use instantly.

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