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Create Your Eye-Catching Brand Style with Unlimited Social Media Graphics from MonsterONE

In the modern world, outdated advertising methods are losing effectiveness and popularity. Users are increasingly less likely to pay attention to television commercials and scroll through website banners. They are being replaced by SMM. This innovative promotion allows you to present your products, create a well-recognized brand, broadcast your moods and values, and, most importantly, interact with the audience. This approach is the best solution to unobtrusively advertise your company and gather an active community of potential clients. Do you want to maintain an account and reach as large an audience as possible? In this case, you must construct catchy posts and stories to stand out from the feed and force users to take the target action. With social media graphics from MonsterONE, you will quickly cope with this task!

The fact is that the collection of ready-made assets includes all the details for maintaining an attractive profile and maintaining your corporate style. The library contains illustrations, logos, templates, icons for various media, emoji, and more. They have an attractive appearance and excellent quality for your professional projects. Working with themes allows you to save time, avoid developing from scratch, and, at the same time, get a professional result thanks to a ready-made base. The main advantage is that you get the entire library of products thanks to the capabilities of MonsterONE. How to subscribe, and what are the benefits of graphics for social media? Let's look into all the intricacies!

Briefly about MonsterONE & Its Benefits

A high-quality base is the key to a professional project. It is relevant for any industry. So, an artist needs the best paints and brushes to create his masterpieces, a chef is looking for fresh ingredients to prepare delicious dishes, and a web designer is eager to receive high-quality digital assets. Ready-made templates and pictures serve as the basis for future projects and allow you to do without lengthy development from scratch. Where can you find excellent products if development takes a lot of time and purchasing each item with a license takes a toll on your wallet? Discover MonsterONE with unlimited access to social media graphics!

This innovative service works like a subscription. The algorithm is as simple as possible: you pay for membership and get access to 383900+ items worth over $500,000. The collections contain digital assets for different purposes, concepts, and projects. There are illustrations, logos, photos, corporate-style templates, icons, videos, audio, 3D models, website templates, and plugins. With them, you launch production of any scale and theme. Do you want to build a website for an SMM agency or maintain a personal blog on Instagram or other networks? As easy as pie! Armed with ready-made blocks and images, you cope with any task quickly and successfully.

See more subscription benefits below:

A large assortment

MonsterONE provides a wide range of premium products for different purposes and ideas. Many designs and features suit every taste, so you find what you need.

Affordable price

Membership has three pricing plans (Creative, All-in-One, and All-in-One Pro) with different content and duration. Moreover, the platform offers affordable prices and a flexible discount system. Thus, everyone chooses the best option according to their needs and budget.

Reliable support

ONE specialists accompany you at all stages of cooperation. Do you have questions or doubts when choosing a pricing plan? Contact pre-sales managers via live chat for detailed consultation. Do you have problems with your products? The support team is ready to provide reliable assistance and fix problems.

What Do You Need to Know about Social Media Graphics?

Social media vector graphics are a real lifesaver for those looking to optimize the workflow and speed up the completion of projects. Ready-made mockups allow you to do without developing from scratch and simplify all stages without harming the result. The pictures have excellent quality, high pixel density, and variety. It makes them a universal option for different projects and purposes, even the largest ones. Do you need to manage accounts, create reels, or design a portfolio website for an SMM manager? They are suitable for any of these purposes.

You can use social media graphics in two ways. The first option is to use mockups as a basis for your development. In this case, you combine several logos or icons from different collections, for example, education graphics with art templates, and get professional production in just a few clicks without developing from scratch. Another solution is to use illustrations as supporting material. So, you may add them to an already finished design to introduce new shades or colors. You adapt the added detail to your brand style thanks to full customization.

The highlight of this collection is that all templates are for networks. They allow you to generate engaging posts, stories, and reels on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest. It is the best option to increase interaction with your audience and attract attention. They allow you to visualize text and connect visual perception of content. It is a perfect move to attract potential customers and introduce them to your products, services, and concepts. Just arm yourself with software such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, gather your ideas and imagination, and build your masterpieces for an impressive account. With ready-made images, everything is quick and easy!

Animated Graphics for Social Media - Top-Notch Features

The illustrations have the best characteristics for your professional designs. They offer high quality and complete optimization of parts. Thus, the icons will operate without bugs or slowdowns under any conditions. They look perfect and work quickly, which only improves your production.

It is also worth noting the wide variety of items. The collection offers many designs that allow you to realize any goal and add a unique twist. In addition, all templates are compatible with popular software and are fully customizable. Armed with a convenient editor and your ideas, you may easily modify the necessary details and embody your brand identity in posts by adding colors or inscriptions.

Below are even more top features:

Trendy and attractive appearance

Experienced and creative professionals deal with photos to ensure attractive designs and harmonious color combinations. The pictures look stylish and modern and are perfect for the most trendy ideas.

Excellent premium quality

All layouts are of high quality and meet all web design standards. Before being included in the collections, they undergo a check to ensure that only the best images appear on the site.

A high resolution

Social media graphics have high resolution due to pixel density. Thus, illustrations retain brightness and clarity on any device and when scaled and printed.

Fully customizable

The images are flexible, easy to use, and completely customizable. They are easily adaptable to your style and suitable for different purposes. Do you want to add text to the background of a story or change the color of an icon on a post? Make any modifications and enjoy excellent results.

Various file formats

Assets are available in many formats, including PDF, JPEG, and PNG. Moreover, you may change the format with the online format changer to adapt the product to your software and deal with the most convenient tool.

Wide range of compatibility

The collection offers templates for various software, including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc. This way, you choose the most convenient application with the best tools to make modifications and enjoy the result.

Regular updates

The authors work on their products non-stop and release the latest updates for them. So, you always have trending assets without additional fees or investments.

Where to Apply Branded Social Media Graphics - Key Ideas

Items from the library are suitable for productions related to networks. They are the best material for an SMM manager’s portfolio, presentation of a content plan for an account, or maintaining a profile on Instagram or Facebook. Illustrations help you generate eye-catching posts that will stand out from the crowd and shape your brand identity. Moreover, with their ease of use, mockups are suitable even for IT beginners. They do not require special skills, so you modify all parts quickly and easily. It makes them a one-stop solution for all users and their ideas.

Here are some examples of how you apply social media graphics:


A page on a network is more than just a profile with photos. If you want to promote your services or concepts, you should build a complete brand with a cohesive concept and style. This approach will allow you to hook your audience and unite a community of like-minded people around your company. In this case, you can’t do without an inviting visual. Using ready-made images, you generate attractive posts that will stand out in the feed. You need a background, icons, images, and a little imagination. In addition, social media templates help you build unique stories. Do you want to introduce a new product, conduct a survey among subscribers, or show backstage footage from filming? With storytelling templates and eye-catching backgrounds, you get eye-catching results. There is no doubt that with ready-made images, working on your account becomes faster and more efficient.

SMM agency website

Do you provide networking services and want to advertise your activities? A modern website is the best way to demonstrate your values, strengths, and terms of cooperation. However, it is crucial to construct more than just pages of information. You need to build attractive pages with photos and icons to add visualization. Social media graphics do a great job of this. They help complement your pages with modern illustrations to make information more memorable and visually appealing. Moreover, this approach helps show your professionalism and sense of style in every detail.

Content plan

Like any project, maintaining a profile requires a well-thought-out content plan for effective interaction with subscribers. Do you want to present your plan for cooperation with the company and convince employers of your competence? Illustrations from the collection are a real lifesaver to simplify the work process and get excellent results. Pictures allow you to visualize information, show examples of posts and stories, and present a top-notch visual for the project. The main advantage is that with this approach, you don’t have to spend hours developing from scratch since you use ready-made materials for customization. It brings excellent results and helps to amaze the audience with professionalism and spectacular designs.


Are you presenting your services as an SMM specialist? Fill your portfolio with the best cases demonstrating your professionalism, and add spectacular backgrounds and illustrations to make the material as impressive as possible. Simple icons or minimalistic photos dramatically change the whole picture and help make the portfolio stand out among other candidates.

How to Get Vector Social Media Graphics with MonsterONE?

Are you excited about ready-made mockups and want to get the entire collection for unlimited use? It is the best solution that allows you to save in the long term and enjoy a supply of professional digital solutions. This choice optimizes the workflow and speeds up task completion several times. All you need to get access to all collections is to choose the appropriate pricing plan and join the membership. How to find the best pack for your needs, and which photo suits your custom production? Here are some tips on this matter:

Goals and plans

First, identify your wishes and transform them into specific goals to form a clear plan. What materials do you need, what duration are you looking for, and how much are you willing to invest? Decide on all the details to move on to choosing a pack.

Pricing plan

MonsterONE offers three placement plans with different duration, content, and price. So, you can choose the most suitable option based on your needs. It is worth noting that regardless of the package, you receive high-quality products, reliable support at all stages, and regular updates.

Take a quick look at each package to determine your best solution:

  • Creative. It is a real find for SMM managers, content makers, or bloggers. This pack includes social media graphics, 3D models, presentations, audio, and video for your productions. With them, you construct top projects without puzzles and wasting time. The pack is available for a monthly or annual subscription. It is worth noting that this plan does not provide access to website themes and plugins.
  • All-in-One. It is an enhanced version of the previous plan and is the choice of many customers. This package, in addition to images and video, offers website templates and plugins for various CMSs. With it, you launch full-fledged web resources in just a few clicks. You can subscribe on an annual or lifetime basis.
  • All-in-One Pro. This pack is the best option if you are looking for goodies for Weblium and Draftium in addition to all the assets. It offers all the items from previous plans and access to AI writing, hosting, and other details. Available for annual subscription.


Click Join Now and enter your contact details to proceed to payment. Choose a convenient method, such as PayPal or Debit/Credit Card. Please wait until your subscription is activated to view the assortment.

Choice of illustration

Now that the entire range is available, choose the best solution for your needs. Follow these steps:

  • Use the sidebar to express your preferences and filter the collection. Specify colors or tags to see the best products that meet your criteria.
  • Go to the asset to study all the information and look at the picture up close. Read the description and check the list of features. Also, make sure the file is in the correct format.
  • Download the template and proceed to customization in convenient software. Good luck!

Top 10 Web Design Trends

Do you strive to amaze your audience with trending pictures? Then this video is a real treasure for you! It presents new items in the world of design that create a real boom! Follow the link and get inspired!

Social Media Graphics FAQ

What are social media graphics?

These are ready-made logos, icons, and photos for your profiles. They have excellent appearance and high quality and are suitable for professional projects and purposes. The main advantage is that pictures allow you to avoid developing from scratch and guarantee a professional result with high resolution and a unique design.

May I edit social media graphics?

Yes. The pictures are customizable and adapt to your modifications. So, armed with a convenient editor, you change colors, add inscriptions, or delete objects to create a custom style and add some flair.

Are social media graphics compatible with Adobe Photoshop?

Yes. The collection has options for different software, including Adobe Photoshop or Sketch. Check the description to ensure compatibility with the desired application.

What if I have problems with social media graphics?

Don't worry. Please contact the authors to fix the problem as soon as possible. You may also find answers to your questions in the reliable documentation for the layouts.

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