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Security Graphics

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Perfect Security Graphics For Advertising And Promotion

You suggest people sleep peacefully at night. Want to protect children, women, and men from unforeseen situations and dangerous individuals? You've come to the proper collection of ready-made designs for your company. All the people around you remain grateful not only for your work but also for the way you talk about your business. The topic you are discussing is quite delicate and requires a particular approach. Therefore, information should be on social networks, advertising channels, billboards, and brochures. It would help if you had a unique appearance, allowing people to learn as much as possible about danger, how to act, what services you offer, and the advantages of working with your firm. Download security graphics on MonsterOne. Below, we list many reasons why visitors should try our products. Read this material and find out all the details. Please hurry up and register using the link to receive the most fantastic designs on our website.

What Are Security Guard Graphics

The collection above is quite extensive and contains a varied assortment, so we decided to describe each of the most popular items in more detail to reveal its essence.

Logo Templates

These layouts colorfully and stylishly present your firm, which offers public safety services, as a specific company. Find various styles and colors to highlight your specificity and uniqueness.

Icon Sets

Such small elements on the pages of your website can go a long way. Use tiny pieces to describe the functions of your employees, the benefits of working with you, and your strengths. A little color and an exciting design style add flair and uniqueness to your project.

Corporate Identity

What do you think a brand book consists of? These aren't only logos and corporate fonts. Style involves many details, and filtering products in this category gives you all the necessary tools to make your brand memorable and popular. Tell every director or manager how calmly the business may exist if they order your services for unforeseen burglary. Your company’s customers won't ever have any troubles.


This category is in incredible demand among various areas of activity. We recommend choosing calmer themes for your business. For example, demonstrate strong, pumped-up men in the frame who can provide privacy in areas.

Social security graphics for networks

Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok may become an endless stream of clients for you. How do you present your rather specific services properly? It would help if you had a strict layout for your Facebook cover and a photo for official groups to display your strength and power and encourage dialogue.

Resume Templates

You are reliable with combat training and personal experience, ensuring the territory's safety. Then, you should demonstrate the strengths to a potential customer as beautifully as possible. Download ready-made computer security graphics and tell people more about your experience. Talk about famous companies or personalities you have already collaborated with.

UI Elements

Separate blocks or parts of its appearance help make a website as readable, intuitive, and logically structured as possible. Filter the list of offers above using this parameter. Find the highest quality ready-made solutions to improve usability.

Magazine Templates

Those products are downloaded not only by companies that publish corporate newspapers or online media. Apply ready-made appearances to print a booklet or brochure on how to behave if a burglar attacks someone. Describe how to protect your home without calling a specialist and talk about other important topics for everyone to know. Distribute such catalogs and printed materials in your firm's office or hand them out to people on the street to attract attention to important topics and your brand. Upload the logo on the cover of the printed booklet for this purpose.


A brand consists of details. Even a slight accent, such as fonts, makes you more recognizable. This detail is critical to creating a new printed billboard fill sign banner. After all, a person should see your message from a great distance. So, approach the question consciously and meaningfully.

Readers can also find certificate templates and backgrounds. See an incredible assortment of perfect designs. Be one of us and try a tariff using the link.

Who Needs Security Graphics

First, the most important clients are guards' companies. Such specialists provide services for corporations and individuals. You need to download some cool, stylish logos, a few illustrations of muscular men or big, serious cars, and options for posting on social networks. Such an assortment is more effective and profitable for promoting the firm.

Secondly, thanks to their unique style and discreet manner of making, cyber security graphics are popular among strict and discreet businesses: banks, insurance companies, and firms providing B2B. After all, a logo consisting of one or three colors in a neutral palette can be suitable for everyone. Just choose the look that best emphasizes the individuality of your field of activity.

Thirdly, MonsterOne is popular among advertising specialists, marketing firms, and PR agencies because these firms may have many different customers. Among them are areas providing services in data security and life. Therefore, they often look for suitable variants in our library to decorate the website, print handouts and souvenirs, and launch a campaign to popularize a new brand.

Fourthly, representatives from IT corporations also appreciate the particular style. It's confident, laconic, and clean. Those firms are happy to learn and receive more items to test.

How To Use Security Car Graphics

Try our excellent modern fashion products in various areas to promote your business: an advertising campaign, marketing strategy, PR action, conferences, social networks, online promotion, and other options. The appearance can be editable to meet all requirements.

You should take the following steps:

  • Save the file with the layout or illustration you like on your computer or laptop.
  • Open the resulting archives.
  • Find the illustration itself and instructions for settings.
  • Read the manuals from the web developer to know how to make this or other edits correctly.
  • Load the image into Photoshop or Illustrator.
  • Make all the necessary settings in the editor.
  • Export the resulting version of the file to the computer or laptop.
  • Now, you may print it, upload it to social networks, or run banner advertising, depending on what purpose you plan to use it for.

All the actions are easy, and a specialist with basic knowledge of working as an editor can handle them. Visit our particular page to order similar items. Follow the link and read the options and conditions.

Also, the appearance is helpful without changing. Upload text or descriptions to the template and receive the final result.

Advantages Of Security Graphics

Go to the demo or preview to discover all the benefits of each product's look. The authors specifically show you the layouts' pluses so that you may conclude how well they meet your requirements. What settings do you plan to make, and are they necessary? Also worthy of special attention is the description with characteristics. Each time, the list may differ. Therefore, if you like some variants, go to the product page after viewing the demo and read its description.

Please find the following features, which we describe in more detail. Feel free to check the details with our consultant.

Formats choice

This plus is directly related to your convenience. Everyone knows Photoshop likes PNG, JPEG, and other options, and AI. is ideal for Adobe Illustrator. Therefore, the authors have uploaded files in different formats, especially for you. Visit the page and see which version the web developer proposes to save the security vehicle graphics.

Determine how compatible the design is with your editor. Among the available variants, there are the following:

  • AI,
  • EPS,
  • JPG,
  • PNG,
  • Jpeg.

Create a unique look for your flier. Talk about the rules of behavior in a crowd, how to avoid getting into bad company or an unexpected situation, and not putting yourself in danger. You will also tell educational material about where a person can order personal guard services for private life, family, or business.

Different styles

Every director tries to make his company look unique in the market and stand out from its competitors. If you have a team of professionals distinguished by strength, endurance, and character and are ready to protect interests from some areas of activity and provide adequate protection, think about how you should display your offer in the brand book.

Next, go to MonsterOne to find suitable product options. Learn a variety of color schemes. The collection above is dominated by more neutral shades and the presence of no more than four variants:

  • black,
  • brown,
  • white,
  • gold,
  • beige,
  • gray,
  • blue.

Sliced PSD

The feature provides you with ease of editing. This point means the picture you want has separate elements called layers. Export the files to your Photoshop. Select a separate part of the appearance you wish to customize and make changes. For example, try a new color. What does this advantage give:

  • Quick editing.
  • Ability to customize your look.
  • Strict adherence to the brand book.

It is possible to use the same layout for daily needs, promotions, holidays, congratulations, etc.

RGB Color

Technology allows web developers to combine green, red, and blue and create an endless palette of possible shades. What are the advantages of this feature:

  • The user gets more items to choose from.
  • You can create unique shade combinations.
  • More accurate color reproduction on a laptop screen and a printed booklet.

Be sure to read the description of the security graphics you like. You'll also find high resolution there. The point is that almost all designs have charisma and zest. Users may enlarge the illustration many times, cut it, and connect individual parts; the quality stays good. Such options are ideal for large-format printed products.

How To Quickly Create A Slider Using Elementor

People may wonder why they need such a block on the site. It's straightforward. If visitors come to this page, they see new ready-made banners or layouts. Successfully upload photos and images in a slider, which will be at the top of each page. So, tell clients about news and promotions there.

Security Graphics FAQ

How to download Security graphics?

This goal is easy to achieve if you register in our library. If you are a beginner, follow the link and create an account. Next, you must decide on the tariffs and pay the monthly fee. The amount is relatively small. The primary option is estimated at two cups of coffee, making it accessible to everyone, even a start-up business. Join and save. We do not limit the number of downloaded files.

How to choose security graphics?

The first is to watch the demo. This way, you quickly find out how suitable the appearance is. The second is to read the characteristics. This part answers other questions. For example, is there a format you need from the listed ones, or what is the file resolution? Thirdly, be sure to look at as many options as possible. You must have a choice. Fourth, determine which design complies with corporately accepted standards and save it to your PC.

What's the difference between paid and free security graphics?

Let us note that you don't pay to download one product; you buy a monthly usage. As part of it, visitors save as many files as they like during the period. Each payment plan has its assortment list. Follow the link to see more details. MonsterOne differs from free variants in the ability to enlarge the illustration many times without loss of sharpness, the number of features, the presence of a bonus, etc.

Is there support for designs from MonsterOne?

Yes, the service is possible because of the product's author. Create a new ticket in your MonsterOne account to ask a question. The web developer will respond as quickly as possible and solve your problem. Try our library to develop your business; you won’t regret it.

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