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Unstoppable Selection of Science Graphics for Your Business

Don't know how to realize your ideas in the academic sphere? There are many ways of doing it: presentations, magazines, exhibitions, articles, thematic web platforms, and startups. Here another problem arises: how to get people interested? You need to make them notice your brand. This is where MonsterOne's huge collection of science graphics comes to the rescue. The MonsterONE service offers hundreds of thousands of website-building products, as well as many top-notch deals for other needs. It has a lot of professionally made icons, logos, illustrations, backgrounds, fonts, etc. Apply them to advertising or educational materials. Our tools are multi-functional, customizable and easy to handle. So you will always find something useful and exciting for building online projects.

Strengths of Science Graphics

There are many advantages to implementing these products. That's not just pictures or icons to enhance the appearance of your app. These are sets of high-quality goods. They are created to improve the visual style. Let's talk about the main advantages:

  • Data Visualization - It is the ability to visualize and structure huge data sets. This way you provide more understandable and engaging material for your audience. Imagine hundreds of numbers, formulas, and explanations fit into a handy table or infographic. Moreover, it is convenient to do it on a website, presentation, or even in an illustration.
  • Educational purposes - At the top of the list, the role of this compilation is education. They help students understand concepts, principles, and research findings. Well-designed science graphics contribute to more appealing and accessible learning experiences. What is also special is that these solutions are not tied to anything. They are suitable for both school topics and major research.
  • Marketing Space - This is also a very good option to utilize for promotional aspects. Make our learning center, school, lab, or webspace known. Put posters, banners, logo templates, business cards, and many more for this purpose. The right image assists in realizing your marketing goals.
  • Communication - It is a powerful tool for communicating scholarly ideas and research results. It works perfectly both within the academic community and with the general public. Clear and informative visual elements help to cross language and cultural barriers. In this way, you provide critical data accessible to a wide range of people.
  • The decorative component - Our experts create awesome science graphics. Thanks to this, the finished designs are of top quality, pleasant appearance, and highly customizable. It allows you to preserve the individuality of the image at any scale.

Where Does Science Graphics Fit Best?

Science graphics are suitable for multiple purposes. Despite the fact that our products are used widely, we have selected a few main fields of activity.


Illustrations as well as unusual icons look awesome on websites and, of course, blogs. In addition to valuable data, readers also notice the decoration of the resource they are reading. If it's engaging and unusual, there's a better chance the page will attract people. Think about how to apply our suggestions for the structure of your project extraordinarily.

Social media

Facebook or Instagram are also great places to spread helpful information and ideas. Surprise your followers with a cool banner on your page. You might also try a few of our easily customizable social media templates. It not only improves the appearance of your page, but also emphasizes the worthwhile content of your posts.


Even though this is the age of information technology, magazines are still readable and in high demand. Nowadays, articles by young scientists, statistics reports about the latest research and reviews of innovations in many disciplines are still popular.


Nowadays, incredible amounts of relevant information reside on video platforms such as YouTube. Why not take advantage of it? We have a lot of content in our collection, such as cover art, animated inserts, and preview illustrations. This is the solution for those who want to raise the standard and enhance the quality of their video content.


Professional graphics are an impeccable element of web design. Versatile UI templates are user-friendly and visually appealing. With them, any of your projects will ascend to a whole other level. After all, they accentuate functional points such as buttons, menus and icons.

Kinds of Science Graphics

In our selection, we have thousands of items for your creativity. They categorize by type to simplify finding something for specific purposes. Want a colorful sign for your pharmacy? No problem, choose backgrounds and illustrations for it. Use our computer science graphics icons to create a cool mobile app. Let us tell you in detail about the main categories of our items and what they are good for.

Logo Templates

The qualitatively created logo represents the face of your brand or company. That's why it is so essential to take the issue of its creation seriously. Instead of thinking about it yourself, take the assistance of our templates. They are created by real professionals. You simply need to customize them to suit your requirements. We offer a wide range of options, from simple text to complex illustrations.

Icon Sets

Icons are suitable for representing different objects, actions, or ideas. They serve in a wide variety of contexts, from websites and mobile apps to printed materials and presentations. You can apply them to make the interface more attractive and user-friendly. But always remember that such elements should not replace text, but complement it.

Vector Graphics

If you want to work with a universal deal, then get vector graphics science. Unlike raster, this one is resolution-independent and scalable without loss of quality. They are also easy to edit, and change color, size, shape, and other parameters. No matter where you want to apply it, posters, flyers, social media, or the web. It is perfect for any requirement.

Social Media

These are ready-made designs for posts for social media. Their main advantage is time-saving. After all, you know how it usually takes a long time to edit your profile, bring it under the corporate style, and so on. Therefore, this choice perfectly helps to build a page visual image. It makes absolutely no difference if it's your blog or on behalf of a company, they are good for both.


These images complement the text and convey the main idea to the reader of your resource. These are both simple and complex components. They are used everywhere without exception, from web deals to printed materials. Therefore, if you want to create quality artwork, then illustrations are a powerful tool.

Corporate Identity

If you want to stand out from the rest, then you definitely should build your style. We provide a whole set of different tools for this. They include logos, corporate colors, fonts, and even production design. Apply these strategic solutions to attract customers and achieve your company's goals. Our offerings are suitable for pharmacies, labs, education centers, schools, and more.

Product Mockups

These are visual representations of a future product. They demonstrate the appearance, functionality, and usability of the goods. Therefore, don’t neglect this offering and try it in your field. For example, it is a great reason to develop notepads, books, pens, and even clothes! In addition to this, they are also customizable to the client's desire.

UI Elements

The user interface, specifically its visual appearance, is always as essential as functionality. It includes buttons, fields, sliders, menus and text blocks. We offer to improve it with our innovative solutions. They are easily adjustable, user-friendly, and of course have excellent quality. Apply them and delight your readers and viewers.

PSD Templates

These are ready-made Photoshop files containing designs for apps, presentations, magazines, and other tasks. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner designer or an experienced one. They are great for everyone, to speed up the development process and improve its quality. Furthermore, all our offers help you to follow the latest trends in design.


If you think that fonts cannot be used in scientific graphics, you are incorrect. They're not just letters we make words out of. It's the perfect way to highlight a particular problem. They diversify hundreds of lines of different formulas or code. And most valuable of all, they increase readability many times over, which is very good for the user of your content.


Patterns are exciting elements that are undervalued in the academic field. So this is your chance to utilize them and stand out from the crowd. Utilize them to give a unique touch to books, notepads, and even on the background of a website. These eye-catching designs dilute the austerity of the material and help you achieve what you want.


This is something that has already helped many of our readers find a job. A professionally written resume is the key to success in any field, especially in education. We provide quality, user-friendly, and easy-to-apply assets. They are well-formatted and easy to read. All you have to do is personalize them and send them to the employer.

Magazine Templates

Try these items to create your magazine. They can be useful for both beginners and experienced publishers. After all, they allow you to save time, improve the quality of the information, and reduce costs. However, when choosing one, ensure that the template matches the theme of your magazine.


Background images are mostly used to give a colorful visual style, regardless of its topic. They build a sense of depth, hide small imperfections, set the mood, and attract attention. It is the best option for working with printed deals and presentations.


Organizing time and tasks plays a key role in science-related fields. That's why we also add perfectly designed planner layouts to our collection. They fit for any activity due to their multifunctionality.

How to Choose the Right Science Graphics?

We offer a huge variety of science graphics. So sometimes it seems that choosing the right deal is very complicated. But it is not. You just need to know what you specifically need. We suggest you decide on the following criteria:

Determine the Goal

To begin with, you should specifically determine the direction of science graphics application. For example, it will be used in a school presentation, article, or some mobile application. This enables not only to select the right material but also to structure the data qualitatively.

Choose Type

Each variant of our products is suitable for different tasks. If you are going to develop a web resource, then UI elements and icons are ideal choices. Are you going to launch a print project? The backgrounds, magazine templates, and fonts are top picks.

Be Sure You Make The Right Choice

All of our items have several file formats. So in some cases, they may not be suitable for the software you are working with. Select a program and check that our product is the right one for the job.

Compliance With The Corporate Style

Also, pay attention to their design when choosing components. It is much better if they fit your corporate style. This way everything looks harmonious and attracts potential clients or readers.

MonsterOne Subscription Plans

MonsterONE is an extensive library with hundreds of thousands of valuable products. These are website themes, plugins, graphic elements, and other resources. It is an ideal option for creating professional and attractive projects. We offer two basic pricing packages: free and paid subscriptions. Each deal has special advantages.

Free Account

This is the best choice for aspiring designers. It is also a suitable pick for those who work exclusively with personal projects. After all, there are more than 1500 free goodies for a wide variety of purposes without downloading limits. But keep in mind, there is limited technical support and no exclusive offers. In other words, this is the perfect case for testing MonsterONE before buying a membership, which we tell you about next.

Paid Subscription

This is the choice for advanced users and developers. People who need a large number of elements to work with also get benefits. Each user receives 24/7 support, constant updates, and a huge selection of goods. Just imagine more than 360000 exclusive deals with licenses. Here are the main 3 pricing plans:

  1. Creative - it is a universal option for people who require only the graphical component. In this plan, 3D models, videos, presentation themes and the like are available. Possible monthly and yearly payments.
  2. ALL-IN-ONE - This is the one for those who want to get everything at once. You will receive WordPress themes, CMS, HTML and E-commerce, plugins and much more. The peculiarity of this package is the possibility of a lifetime subscription. But you can also pay annually.
  3. ALL-IN-ONE Pro - In addition to everything included in the All-in-One package, the PRO version gives you free access to the Weblium website builder and Draftium prototyping tool. On top of this subscription also comes 35% off all other outstanding TemplateMonster items. It is an insane bonus for companies and entrepreneurs looking to expand their capabilities quickly.

10 Free Fonts For Your Creative Tasks

This video shows you the best fonts for web design and creating eye-catching content. Here we tell in detail about each typeface and discuss when and how to apply it! A lot of practical information surely comes in handy in your projects is already waiting for you in this video!


How to download a science graphic?

First, you need to create a free account or sign up for one of our plans. Next, you select your favorite product. This is easily done with the left sidebar. There you pick the types, license and direction. Now you just click the download button and get the archive with the content.

Can I get a free product?

Yes, we have a free account option. This is a convenient solution for those who want to try something new for themselves. However, free goods have a personal license.

What is science graphics?

These are high-quality illustrations, templates, mockups, vector science graphics, fonts, backgrounds, and the like. They are designed to give visual beauty, cleanliness and usability. These elements are pre-made and only require customization to meet your requirements.

Can I use science graphics for commercial purposes?

Yes, absolutely. All items in our subscription include a commercial license for unlimited use in any project. For a more detailed review of this information, take a look here.

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