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Go Deeper into the Most Demanding News Graphics Collection by MonsterONE Community

Websites, presentations, social media, banners, advertisements, and other projects require serious investment. They involve a huge workflow - building from scratch, drawing elements, connecting forms and functions. Because of this, the process of production takes weeks and months. Everything improves the application of ready-made stuff. Accurately designed objects have a multi-purpose nature and enable you to develop a project in a matter of days. Just imagine a slideshow being created based on professional layouts. Dream websites become a real possibility due to multi-purpose templates. And artworks are easy to fill with original graphic assets, including fresh news graphics.

Design tools on news portals aren't just a decoration. It is an effective means of conveying messages. It is a key element of material visualization. These instruments enrich texts, making them more accessible to the audience. Diagrams, maps, infographics, icons, and banner layouts contribute to simplifying the visual creation. Such offerings save time, while you receive eye-catching accents, or even a beautiful base for achieving your goals.

On top of that, you significantly save money. MonsterONE subscription shows how easy it is to access the best web solutions in minutes. Community brings you a stable base and kits to make the processes easier and the results more qualitative.

What is News Graphics and Why Is It Popular?

Our offerings are visual elements created for incorporation into news stories. They include various components aimed at complementing textual data and improving the understanding of events.

These items are mainly applied for the following purposes:

  • Data visualization - presenting any event to the public is not just dry text. Details should be accompanied by interesting pictures, supported by charts and infographics. These solutions showcase complex data in a more accessible way. For example, a flyer template gathers all the info about the event, and participants, and indicates the location, dress code, etc.
  • Drawing attention - we have bright and eye-catching goods. Here you are sure to discover the necessary elements that fit perfectly into your corporate style. Thus you engage the audience and build a clear and logical chain of data presentation.
  • Creating a brand identity - graphic stuff is great for establishing a unique brand identity. This way, you stand out from the competition and set recognizability.
  • Effective communication - this is one of the best tools for delivering impactful messages, especially when visual explanations are necessary. It's especially crucial in education, business, and journalism. Moreover, sometimes small details like icons say much more than large text fragments.

Visual elements effectively convey emotion and mood. In addition, our deals involve interactive elements, enabling viewers to interact with the content. In general, applying off-the-shelf solutions makes reports, articles, and videos more accessible, interesting, and meaningful for the audience.

Key Benefits Of News Graphics Design Application

To begin with, news graphics help to diversify the feed. A familiar blog or social media feed becomes fresh. Plus, the library has deals to suit any purpose - logo, banners, certificates, resumes, etc. Interesting pieces make the visual more exciting and build a powerful connection with the reader. Plus, you have all the chances to develop a powerful corporate identity and convey key style points of a publishing house, magazine, blog, etc. Some of the key advantages of incorporating our news graphics are the following:

Wide assortment of goods

We provide a huge range of merchandise to meet all tastes. Check it out by clicking on this link. Customize unique logos. Create presentations and add illustrations and patterns to them. Choose fonts for postcards, flyers, and advertisements. The certificates are great for engaging your audience and giving them gifts from the company, etc.


Viewers get a beautiful picture, remember key messages more easily, and enjoy an appealing design. You encourage them to subscribe and entice people to visit an event.


You don't have to create design materials from scratch. Forget about mastering Photoshop, graphic editors, and other software. Our tools save you a lot of time. It's especially valuable in the field of media, where the speed and rapidity of spreading info is vital. Because of this, it's much easier to take already prepared materials and edit them to meet your requirements.

Stylish and modern appearance

We have real professionals working on the products in our collection. Therefore, you get neatly designed items in terms of aesthetics and visuals. It enhances the perception of the data being presented.

Unified style

MonsterONE comes with more than 6k awesome layouts. They are easily editable in terms of placement and color scheme. Therefore, using consistent elements helps to establish a unified style and branding. It's essential for creating a recognizable and professional look for the resource.

What are MonsterONE News Graphics Suitable for?

Press releases are all around us constantly. Any event, any action of famous and even ordinary people is under the spotlight. That's why we can safely say that our offers are useful for absolutely any sphere. Let's start even with the most trivial one - weather. This topic covers traveling, where bright illustrations of nature and typefaces for creating attractive headlines come in handy. And where can we go without a weather forecast? Icons and infographics to analyze the seasons are perfect here. Reports about abnormal heat and frosts not inherent to the area are also coolly complemented by high-quality banners.

Other industries where news graphics fit neatly include the following:

Fashion and beauty

Sell exclusive cosmetics? Provide stylist services? Then it's time to apply stunning objects that become just the addition you're seeking. Popularize your brand, and talk about being aware in all directions. Our prepared logos are ready to turn into a unique base for your ideas, while illustrations help to best showcase trending colors in clothing and analyze the recent fashion show. Apply trendy letterings and interface elements for website, app, and e-commerce design.

IT companies

Does everyone already know about the power of artificial intelligence? Or maybe it's time to talk about graphics processing unit news? Our social media templates allow you to adapt your announcement to a colorful and brief story. Illustrating technical data and company achievements using infographics is also a good approach. And certificates are a real godsend when it comes to rewarding employees and your most active clients.

Business portals

We provide neat and minimalist UI elements to produce a clean and professional visual of the news platform. It improves the user experience on such portals. Moreover, infographics visualize business data and statistics for better understanding.

Non-profit organizations

Choose animated banners that tell about the latest announcements in the area of education, philanthropy, etc. Consider using vector files as well. They are easily editable and changes don't affect the quality. It enables you to make quick changes to colors, shapes, sizes, and other aspects of objects. Plus, vector images are ideal for printing because they are scalable to the necessary size without losing detail.

Music festivals

It's a good time to spread the word about an upcoming concert or festival. We've prepared fresh patterns and planners for this purpose. Add them to the resource, let people set reminders, and be ready for the best event of the year. Don't forget about corporate style and even edit the banners to match your brand identity.

Sports competitions

Olympics, training camps, games, and competitions don't go by without footage and articles. Take our backgrounds, logos, and social media templates and publicize the notification of an upcoming soccer match. Visualize team statistics, schedules, and scores using infographics and colorful banners.


This is where ready-made images are indispensable. Make article covers, include them in presentations, pick the right fonts, and keep in mind a consistent identity. Colorful illustrations from the library perfectly represent cultural features. In turn, apply creative patterns to promote cultural destinations.

MonsterONE Subscription: Key Benefits and Plans

Do you want to experience all the delights of our goods? Then take advantage of our subscription service. MonsterONE has long been an effective assistant in the construction of online and offline projects. Designers, developers, freelancers, coders, and ordinary users receive enormous benefits. Development of websites, presentations, volumetric models, videos and music is now within your power.

The service affords unlimited opportunities for downloading and developing. Becoming a subscription member allows you to download thousands of web solutions without time and quantity restrictions. You have quality and timely support, secure payment, and lifetime product licenses. The authors update the subscription content weekly, meaning you have even more development opportunities every week.

Now let's move on to the pricing plans. Enjoy the following packages that cover news graphics:

  • Creative - apply presentation templates, design materials, 3D models, audio and video assets. Also, profit from a year of general and product assistance.
  • All-in-One - receive not only news graphics but also website templates, CMS and eCommerce themes, plugins, and multi-purpose extensions. Unlimited downloads also remain. Annual and monthly payments are available.
  • All-in-One Lifetime - This package covers all items as well as lifetime support on all embedded content. There are no collection enhancements to be upgraded.
  • All-in-One PRO - benefit from over 350K solutions and Weblium and Draftium editors for websites. Your news portal will need such instruments to build powerful web resources.

Profit from Impressive Selection of News Graphics

On this page, you enjoy an incredible selection of the freshest and most innovative items. The library varies in assortment and gives you a chance to choose a product to your liking. We bring you the following:

Social media templates

Growing an Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn account is an essential step in popularizing your business. It includes detailed posts, quality photos and videos, and enticing all sorts of promotional tools. Select digital marketing themes from our collection. They make your event ads, posts, and announcements more rich and well-structured. The products are fully editable and adaptable to your objectives. Here are solutions for cosmetologists, medics, lawyers, programmers, teachers, therapists, gym clubs, construction companies, etc. This way you easily advertise a press release and distribute links.


This is one of the most crucial elements of every company. Even having an online business you should ensure it has a consistent logo that evokes an association among visitors. Try our highly customizable layouts. Work in a convenient format and familiar program. Change colors, typefaces, and even print as needed. This way you can even incorporate logos into physical designs.

Corporate identity

Business cards, menus, brochures, flyers, leaflets, etc. are available in our subscription. Access to these solutions eliminates the need to constantly search for the required mockups to develop your brand identity. Open Adobe Illustrator or other software and start working. The elements are also ready to print and have a CMYK model. It makes the printed artwork more intense and as consistent as possible with the chosen colors.

Magazine templates

As a news portal, you are required to have and develop magazine versions. It doesn't necessarily have to manifest in printed form. You can send out magazines through email along with subscription deals, etc. It enables the reader to dive deep into the info you are offering and feel the comfort of reading almost a "real" newspaper.

Illustrations and vector graphics

Easter, New Year, Independence Day, Christmas, the Birthday of a boss or an employee, presentation development - beautiful and bright pictures accompany all these occasions. We save you time in the search for quality basics. Take advantage of our illustrations collection under various topics. Pastel, bright futuristic, sophisticated, and minimalist pics are ready to go.


It's about easy data presentation and structuring. Download our best charts, tables, graphs, and mind maps without limit. They come in AI, EPS, and JPG, meaning they are available to run in various software. Change the text, number of blocks, colors, and placement.


Create effective, creative, and balanced visuals. Patterns are useful when producing branded materials, websites, and apps. Their use helps establish a clear hierarchy by emphasizing key components. They are great for presentations, decorating individual platform blocks, and producing banners in posts.


No project does without letterings. We have minimalist, modern, simple, futuristic, elegant, calligraphic, and handwritten ones. They complement your visuals for articles, ads, newsletters, etc. The collection includes multi-language deals with extensive symbol and character sets.

Animated banners

Visuals add an extra level of dynamism. This catches the visitors' eye and makes the platform more appealing. Also, these solutions emphasize the brand's personality and atmosphere. Due to unique and interesting animations, the website stays memorable and stands out among competitors.

What Features Does News Graphics Include?

Let's start with the most expected feature - the 100% customizability. Our items are fully editable and adaptable to your business goals. They are compatible with a variety of programs that support AI, PSD, JPEG, PNG formats, etc. It expands the possibilities of editing.

You get fully layered files. It facilitates you to modify and configure the design elements according to your preference. Objects are editable without difficulty. Make adjustments to text, colors, and other components. We guarantee high quality. Images are high resolution, which is significant for maintaining clarity and cleanliness when printed or used in digital media.

Most solutions come in flyer format. This is a square size that is useful when preparing materials for printing or distribution. Plus, enjoy the Instagram post format. It's a completely optimized file for publishing.

The CMYK color model is print-friendly, and the 300 DPI resolution provides high definition when doing it. Plus, everything is well organized. The authors have prepared perfectly structured documents. It simplifies navigation and editing.

Most products also come with free typefaces. So you can run to incorporate simpler solutions or go to the library and download premium deals.

Which Programs to Apply for Operation?

After choosing a product, it's time to start operating. As we have already said - select any convenient software. Pay attention to your needs and experience level. Here are a few programs that come to your rescue:

Adobe Photoshop

This editor is one of the most popular instruments. It is suitable for creating and editing photos, illustrations, and news design elements. Photoshop works with the layers concept, enabling you to manipulate different elements independently. The color correction tools are great for changing the palette. The software has many options for dealing with text, including choosing scripts, adjusting sizes, adding effects, etc.

Adobe Illustrator

This environment for handling vector graphics makes it ideal for creating logos, illustrations, and other high-resolution objects that don't lose quality when scaled. The program offers extensive options for working with color. You have access to various models, generate gradients, and apply fills and contours to elements. Also, integration with other Adobe programs is available. It provides a seamless exchange of graphic elements between various programs.

Adobe InDesign

It is useful for producing layouts, and multi-page documents such as brochures, books, and newspapers. It is a handy instrument for placing text and graphics on a page. The software includes styles for text, paragraphs, objects, and pages. InDesign provides extensive typographic tools, including support for multiple fonts, tracking, and other options for precise control over text layout. The program also can create and edit tables, lists, and other organized data structures.


It delivers a simple and easy-to-use interface for creating social media posts, presentations, and other projects. It is great for beginners and those who are not deeply experienced in design. Canva provides an extensive library of illustrations, icons, and backgrounds. Resize, crop, impose filters, and color correction. Try out multi-user collaboration as well. The platform covers generating images appropriate for social media, considering the sizes and formats of popular platforms.

Paid Or Free News Graphics

The world of web solutions is huge. There is a perfect product for every taste and purpose. Finding a free option provides no difficulty either. That said, is there a guarantee of quality? Let's take a look at a simple example of illustrations and patterns.


Marketplaces often require a small payment for images. In addition, they frequently put in bundles. The price varies within a few dollars. In our subscription, you try thousands of premium options also for a small fee. At the same time, the author guarantees top quality and high resolution. You select the size and it doesn't affect the illustration quality. You are at liberty to create an unlimited number of designs. Besides, you don't need to make a mark about the resource from where the download was. The products are unique, original and have a neat drawing. That is, you pay for quality, uniqueness, purity of work, and freedom of choice.


Let's start with the obvious fact - these deals are hardly unique. They have been used dozens and hundreds of times. The probability of finding a similar design is very high. The assortment is small, while the quality also suffers. You need to pay for an image that looks clear and bright. Moreover, platforms often put a watermark. This interferes with the perception of data, especially when it comes to the presentation background. Thus there is a way out. If you want to save money on design assets, then it's worth trying our free subscription. Having an account allows you to use over 1000 goods completely cost-free. There you get to explore our offerings. And then you surely will come back to the plans, because it is a colossal savings!

How To Develop An Icon: A Visual Guide

An icon is a very small but flexible and multi-functional element. They are often used to represent different sections or categories of website content. The components serve as visual cues, helping users to quickly understand where the desired info lies. Here is a detailed video guide on how to create icons yourself. Follow our simple instructions and enjoy the original result that will set you apart from your competitors.

News Graphics Design FAQs

How to get free news graphics?

Register for a free account powered by the MonsterONE community. It covers certificate templates, resumes, backgrounds, logos, PSD files, icons, and more.

Can you help with editing news graphics?

Sure! Our technical team is ready to help you 24/7. Pick from the list of required services - content writing, installation, optimization, logo creation, etc. Discounts are available for subscription members.

What plans include news graphics?

Design assets come in all 4 plans, so look at what you need the subscription for. Based on this, choose the most flexible plan.

How do I edit news graphics?

Use Adobe software, Canva, and other programs our items are compatible with. We specify built-in files, so select a convenient instrument for editing on your own, relying on your abilities.

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