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Industrial Graphics

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Stylish Industrial Graphics For Huge Projects

Construction, finishing works, the creation of heavy metal structures, and other similar businesses successfully use a collection of excellent, cool, stylish, and modern products you see above. We have specially selected the best examples for these listed areas and everyone who wants to apply an excellent design.

Take a closer look at the demo in a terse, discreet, simple, and clean style. See a preview of the appearance. The colors are dominated by white, blue, orange, beige, and black. Specialists follow such a palette for a reason; experts thought through every detail and element of the industrial graphics to make it ideal for architects, designers, builders, etc. Please hurry up to select the option that suits you best. Please register on our website and get access to an unlimited number of products and downloads.

What Are Industrial Graphics

The collection on this page above consists of a varied assortment — the authors of our library offer to choose from ready-made designs. Edit and create stunning splash logos for social networks and publications on Facebook and Instagram. People may decorate the store's sales area with printed booklets, catalogs, brochures, etc.

Among the extensive list of categories, you'll notice the following variants.

Product Mockups

The essence of these layouts is that you can develop physical objects by using them. Produce ready packaging for transporting your building materials, shipping boxes, furniture, home accessories, and other small items you can give to colleagues at work and potential customers later.


Our library visitors often open our website in search of cool modern pictures. They try these photographs or images for various purposes. People enlarged goods several times and printed them on paper. Users post similar photos on their website or edit them and upload them as a banner for future advertising campaigns.

Logo Templates

Pay close attention to creating your trademark according to which potential customers recognize your architectural bureau, production of industrial graphics cards, construction company, or metal rolling firm. Such design elements characterize your business by restraint, straight lines, and limited colors. Follow these simple rules, and people will quickly recognize your brand.

The logos proposed above by the author will satisfy you with the creativity or originality of the idea.

Icon Sets

Sometimes, it's worth changing small elements in the site's appearance to transform it completely. Imagine a white background and blue accents, add bright and symbolic orange icons, and receive a fantastic result. They will attract the viewers. People pay attention to your company's benefits if you portray them creatively, for example, by uploading beautiful icons that symbolize the quality of the goods and the durability of the materials, perfect execution. Above, we have assembled a ready-made collection perfect for your business. Find unique icon options that suit the activity area.

Large manufacturers and plants are a rather specific and narrow niche. Icons that online stores or jewelry manufacturers download won't suit you. Try only the right content; your site will become popular and receive a logical structure and clear messages for the target audience.

Resume Templates

Are you looking for a job and a high-paying place? Create a beautiful and meaningful CV so the specialist will appreciate the diligence with which you approach the issue. Download ready-made layouts from excellent developers on our website. The restraint of appearance emphasizes how cool a professional you are.

The presence of two or three colors in the design emphasizes style and restraint, Which means you have taste and are worthy of getting the job of an extraordinary architect or interior designer.

PSD Templates

Want to take an active part in creating the site? If you plan to select each element of the appearance independently, then downloading in this category is suitable for you. Authors offer a set of tools to give your project a fresh new look. Even though your business belongs to a restrained and strict category, the specialists still found it easy to emphasize every detail of the sections' appearance and give the brand a unique twist. Now, visitors will not be dull discovering the sections.

UI Elements

Deciding how to improve the usability of your website is a challenging task. We advise you to trust the professionals. Fabulous and advanced authors have experience in this field. So, we offer only those time-tested options that show the result.

Your plant, metal rolling service, or building materials are in the most favorable light. It becomes convenient for visitors to be on the pages and read information with detailed descriptions.

Magazine Templates

The point is that we offer pre-designed page options that buyers may print. What you may produce using such industrial graphics:

  • Booklets.
  • Brochures.
  • Catalogs.
  • Books.
  • Magazines.
  • Company's news.

Social Media

These assortments are especially popular among our visitors. Receive a variety of layout options for future use for such purposes:

  • Create posts on Facebook, Instagram, and similar services.
  • Covers for official groups.
  • Banner advertising for social networks.
  • Take advantage of incredible creative options to highlight the high professionalism of your business.

Demonstrate the strict, calm, and chic style of your manufacturing trademark. Tell people about exciting things produced at your factory or plant.

You'll also find other categories and a varied selection. Please take a closer look at our offers and start making your choice after reading this material.

Who Needs Industrial Graphics

Now you know the essence of the layouts proposed above. It’s worth figuring out what kind of business these designs suit. After previewing several demos, readers see that each template has a particular style. Such features characterize it:

  • laconism,
  • restraint,
  • a limited number of colors,
  • straight lines,
  • sharp corners,
  • concise fonts,
  • no fancy elements,
  • structurality.

In this regard, we draw certain conclusions about which companies find this look most suitable. Let's list such areas:

  • Construction and repair.
  • Production of finishing materials.
  • Factories.
  • Large enterprises.
  • Repair equipment.
  • Rolled metal.
  • Industrial Graphics Corp.
  • Analytics.
  • Consulting.
  • Financial enterprises.
  • IT sphere.
  • Real estate.
  • Architects.
  • Interior designers.
  • Furniture and decor.
  • Oil companies.
  • Software developers.

We don't limit readers to the professions listed above. Open the preview and determine what the future page of your booklet looks like. It’s worth downloading if the appearance and style are perfect. The more previews you open, the more informed the choice will be. It may serve you for many years. Visit our website, pay the tariff using the link, and download as many things as possible.

How To Use Industrial Graphics

Often, visitors to our library are pleasantly surprised at how quickly and efficiently they create a ready-made booklet, leaflet, and flier and decorate the website using our products. The layout application diagram below looks simple. It may vary depending on which category you downloaded and plan to use in your business.

So the steps are as follows:

  • Find a suitable template to fulfill your goals.
  • Go to its page.
  • Click on the save button.
  • If you still need to register, we recommend creating a new account using the link and paying one of the acceptable rates.
  • After you have saved the object to your computer or laptop, open the resulting file.
  • Export it to your graphics editor and see what parts you must change in industrial graphics.
  • Make a rough list of settings.
  • Open the documentation from the web developer in the archive you downloaded.
  • Read the manual and find the item that describes the required settings.
  • Make changes to the industrial graphics and save them.
  • Export the resulting file.
  • Upload finished covers to social networks and publish posts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Reddit.

As you see, you don’t need any additional knowledge other than basic skills in editing. In addition, we note a plus in the form of detailed instructions from the author. Clients also use these materials to learn Photoshop, Illustrator, or CorelDraw and read about the settings for our ready-made pictures.

Advantages Of Industrial Graphics

After reading the material above, you'll understand how diverse the collection on this page is. Since the range is quite diverse, it can be successfully helpful in various fields. So, download the same image, upload it to your social networks, print and place it on a billboard, or launch an advertising campaign. This way, our subscribers quickly achieve an enhanced effect from the actions.

People see one picture by which they remember your PR or thoughtful marketing.

In addition to the obvious visual advantages anyone notices when viewing the demo, we note that all goods have several valuable properties, including technical improvements, advanced features, and bonuses from the authors. Let's look at these benefits in more detail.

This way, you'll have more complete information and may choose the most suitable options in the future.

Sliced PSD

The feature means that if you save the file and open it in your Photoshop or Illustrator editor, you discover the layout correctly divided into layers. In addition, buyers can edit it in as much detail as possible.

After all, each element is highlighted separately, taken, and customized as needed to fit perfectly with the main background and your brand book.

Features provide to users the following:

  • Quick Control.
  • Easy settings.
  • Perfect look.
  • You follow strict corporate identity rules.
  • Unified style for the entire brand.
  • Combination with other advertising channels and PR.

For advanced users of Illustrator, it’s nice to know this benefit is in industrial graphics.

This possibility expands your ability to turn your wildest ideas into reality. Download a base to sculpt an absolute masterpiece of web design.

RGB Color

This technology is unique. The program combines three primary colors: blue, green, and red. They can create a wide variety of shades. What are the main advantages of this technology:

It allows you to expand the spectrum to an incredible number of shades.

Expand your opportunities to obtain an object that best matches the brand book, even in color.

More advanced precision technologies will help you grow in the future.

Pay attention to such items. Download only the best from MonsterOne.

Choice of formats

The developers give you variety for a reason. The presence of files in different versions allows you to load them into a convenient program you already learned. People know that the AI format is suitable for Illustrator. Of course, this program accepts other files. However, the maximum combination of format and your favorite software allows you to edit any image or layout easily. As you already know, templates have layers or individual parts. Therefore, if you are a specialist or a beginner professional, make small changes to the appearance.

Among the most commonly used formats, people ask the following:

  • EPS,
  • PNG,
  • JPEG,
  • AI,
  • PSD.

Please read the description to determine which version the author provided his work in.

For example, you want to download a background for a website or an illustration. Go to the characteristics on the product page and see in what format the specialist added his pictures.

We remind you that there are many different programs on the Internet to convert jpg easily.

Moreover, this software is free. Sometimes, its developers provide a quick opportunity to convert one format into another online without losing quality.

Selecting styles

MonsterOne subscribers enjoy watching the preview and immediately determine how the chosen option suits their business. We mentioned earlier that severe companies such as factories, industrial services, furniture manufacturers, auto parts, rolled metal, and construction tools require a particular approach regarding content and the official website.

Marketers of such firms value laconicism, restraint, and rigor, in which there is some zest and uniqueness. Getting acquainted with the collection of goods, you discover that the following styles are the most common:

  • classic,
  • retro,
  • modern,
  • minimalism,
  • art deco,
  • hi-tech.

Please note when downloading an archive, for example, with logos, the authors provide the same option in different interpretations. For instance, a specialist developed a successful combination of yellow and black colors and then offered it in a classic or retro look. Thus, all our visitors receive maximum choice and play with their company's appearance. For example, on the eve of the coming holidays, add more classics and comfort to your brand by replacing the logotype with a themed one. Before Halloween, please make your visitors laugh with a logo or trademark in the gothic style that resembles the old version but in a more exciting way.

How To Choose Industrial Graphics

The first thing you must do is watch the preview. Examples of what an object, illustration, cover for Facebook, or publication looks like help you more accurately study the proposals from the web developer. Appreciate the style and manner. Think about how well the picture reflects your idea regarding a new banner for advertising campaigns.

Secondly, assess whether you must edit the appearance or leave everything as it is and add text. The ideal version is if you see that a few changes are required. Suppose you want to change more than ten points. It's worth taking a closer look at other options. Save more time and direct it to different tasks.

Third, be sure to read the description. Sometimes, such texts give you ideas and creative solutions. How else can you apply your background in work practice? Learn valuable information such as file format, the author's style during development, and other valuable things.

Fourthly, it’s worth taking a closer look at the various options, namely, assessing the quality and skill of several web developers. You know there are different authors in our library. We cooperate only with real professionals. However, each specialist has a vision of how a particular industrial graphics should be. Therefore, even if you go to one category, receive a fantastic selection. Look at examples from at least three different companies.

Fifth, try the filter on this page correctly. See this element on the left. Here, choose paid and free options, business topics, and apply tags. We have uploaded quick buttons to each proposed layout for your convenience and correct search. Thus, briefly familiarize yourself with the characteristics without visiting the product page. We hope you have a pleasant time using our library.

Download as much as you need; we don’t limit the quantity.

Interesting Video For Beginners To Add A Slider With Elementor

The material is worth your attention. Try to complete all the steps in just 15 minutes. Create a valuable block for the homepage — load banners about new arrivals, sales, and special offers into the finished slider. Use the illustrations downloaded above to create promotional materials that you’ll place on the website.

Industrial Graphics FAQ

How to download industrial graphics?

You need to go to the layout’s page and click on Save. If you are not a library subscriber, create an account and pay the tariff via the link.

Is there support for MonsterOne customers?

Yes, the service is free for a year. This bonus is a gift from the author.

What is the difference between paid and free industrial graphics?

They are of higher resolution, so you can edit without losing quality. Also, web developers often provide bonuses, support, and valuable instructions.

How to get a discount on MonsterOne?

Visit our site regularly. Discounts are very often. See the information in the banners and on the tariff page. Also, save with the help of special offers from partners. See the impressive list on the link!

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