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Finance Graphics

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Best Finance Graphics For Huge Businesses

Banks, life and health insurance, consultants, economists, and cryptocurrency specialists will like the above mentioned products. The collection contains all the qualities and visual accents to follow the rules of the dynamic market of money and virtual values. Strict look, exciting color combinations, and suitable fonts - that's what your brand likes. Download finance graphics on this page to bring novelty, fashion, and sophistication to the project. Even such strict businesses often need variety to interest a potential audience. Watch the preview, choose a tariff, and get unlimited downloads on MonsterOne.

What Are Finance Graphics

Similar elements play the role of an addition to an already existing project. Ready-made banners stimulate an advertising company and may lead you to a fantastic idea for promoting the company.

The assortment in the category is very diverse and serves different purposes. Let's learn a little more about each product and how to use it:

Logo Templates

These are variants of trademarks provided in different styles and shade solutions. The appearance is entirely editable, so don't worry; the brand becomes unique.

Icon Sets

These are small pictures to decorate the presentation about new deposit conditions or a website. They make texts more readable.

Corporate identity

Find every detail to become an integral part of the firm. Make the brand or trademark recognizable.

Social Media

The category includes ready-made covers for Facebook, layouts, and publications. We advise you to download several versions in one style immediately. This point allows readers to pay more attention to sales or TOP news about the growth of the Bitcoin rate.

Illustrations are pictures

There are many situations in which they can be helpful. Print posters, upload them to Instagram, or run ads on Facebook. Your business's sphere needs high-quality content. Visualizing services cannot be difficult, especially when choosing interesting and unconventional angles. Be sure to download a pair of variants for the future.

PSD Templates

Decorate your site and make it unique. Receive tools and ready-made parts to bring enough novelty to the appearance of a bank or a small credit company.

UI Elements

Improving usability is a cyclical task with no end. Find your solution to the problem. Discover different approaches using our finance graphics vector or raster.

Resume Templates

Are you searching for a great position as a manager in a large corporation? It's worth approaching the question responsibly because creating a first impression twice is impossible. Develop a CV using bright finance graphics in a strict and, at the same time, attractive appearance.

Magazine Templates

These are looks for a chic catalog or newspaper. Tell fascinating stories about new tariffs, the rise and fall of virtual currencies, and other novelties.

Finance motion graphics or animated banners

Goods help give any website freshness, originality, and ease.

The list also includes variants for vector graphics, ready-made certificates, beautiful infographic elements, fonts, patterns, and perfect backgrounds. Determine the items you need from the collection and start the preview.

Who Needs The Illustration Graphics Finance Sphere

We have already listed some businesses interested in the collection above. We offer to consider each direction in more detail and how exactly marketers and advertising departments use our beautiful designs.


It's well-known that an appearance with straight lines, a fashionable and maximally concise style, and the presence of no more than three colors are trendy in these companies. In this way, firms try to show their seriousness and reliability. The absence of fantasizing plots makes the design search rather dull. Our authors tried to comply with world trends and introduce a little diversity into them.

What is most often downloaded by similar companies:

  • Covers and variants of publications for social networks. This way, talking about the new deposit rates is as enjoyable as possible. Marketers often test new layouts on the eve of holidays or special offers. So people open our library regularly.
  • Elements of personal identity and icons for the website are valuable in a PR campaign. Exuding rigor and austerity in design is only sometimes beneficial. Correctly place the accents and make the sections more enjoyable for the audience with our goods.
  • Layouts for printed production. In any branch and office of similar institutions, you can find ready-made brochures, leaflets, and booklets describing the bank's advantages and tariffs. These items are a base, and the companies cannot do without it. Marketers pay special attention when planning to produce some souvenirs for regular customers. Specialists create attractive presents for Christmas, Birthdays, or before big conferences. So, they come to our website to discover designs to print on t-shirts, cups, pens, notebooks, etc.

Search for fantastic options on MosterOne; you won't leave the site without new finance vector graphics or illustrations.

Insurance companies

Stability, originality, and long-termism are the basis of cooperation with such corporations. The more well-known a brand is, the more often the company deals with cars, business, or life. Therefore, marketers and advertisers pay special attention to downloading suitable banners for advertising companies, illustrations, logos, and templates for souvenir production and printing.

The more people hear about you, the more trust you generate.

What qualities do insurance company specialists appreciate in ready-made designs:

  • Exciting and diverse color schemes.
  • Restraint.
  • Creative approach.
  • Unusual shade combinations.
  • Happy people are present on the banner and illustrations.
  • Laconic layouts.
  • A variety of items in a single style easily creates a single brand appearance and provides materials for all advertising channels.

How many exciting and fresh ideas web developers offer will pleasantly surprise you. Watch the demo and make your choice! First, create an account using the link.


The activity field is the same as for banks. The primary goal of clients is to earn money. However, the potential audience is significantly different. That's why you'll find completely different templates and images for this direction. There are more dynamics of drive, excitement, and bright colors. After all, potential audiences are often young and knowledgeable about modern technologies and trends.

Learning and understanding the trends of the cryptocurrency market can be challenging. A flexible mind and inner feeling are necessary.

Marketologists of similar firms are looking for the following advantages of the goods offered above:

The presence of bright accents diverges the business from standard banking firms.

  • Bold color solutions.
  • Stylish, modern, and technological design demonstrate all the pluses of the cooperation.
  • Logical layout structure.
  • Animation and moving parts attract the required attention to a particular website part.
  • Simple editing gives the appearance even more originality.

Such templates and illustrations are available on MosterOne! Look at the collection above and select the appropriate tariff from the link!

Analytics, jurisprudence, consulting

We combined the three directions because they have similar tasks and goals. Let's list how businesses can use the collection of finance graphics above.

First, you need a company logo, even if you are the only lawyer, no matter when you started and opened your practice.

Secondly, icons, fonts, and individual elements allow you to add a twist to the site's concise design. Try uncommon pictures and surprise visitors. People may need help understanding some laws or the fundamental data about analytics. However, visitors want to see information on the website that is simple to read and learn. So, demonstrate some info in images or other straightforward ways.

Thirdly, new illustrations and banners accelerate advertising launch and provide exciting content.

Fourth, backgrounds bring depth and a stunning visual effect to your site. Remember, your project must have a parallax to upload pictures in the background.

These and similar businesses profitably use our items in their practice. You don't need to save a lot for promotion. Now, you have found a place to receive the missing tools for promoting your project at once — the MonsterOne library.

How To Use Finance Graphics

Web developers always try to improve their skills. To achieve the ideal, specialists provide designs with all possible valuable qualities. One essential advantage is the ease of management and settings.

Below, we describe in detail what steps to perform and what the template usage scheme looks like. Each product has its specifics. We describe the steps that everyone needs:

  • Download your favorite finance graphics on MonsterOne.
  • Save the file on any convenient device.
  • Open or unzip the archive.
  • Find illustrations or layouts and instructions for them.
  • In the manuals, open a description of the settings you plan to make.
  • Upload the picture to your Photoshop or Illustrator.
  • Edit after first reading the instructions.
  • Save the changes.
  • Export the file to your PC.
  • Upload the received content or material to the advertising campaign, Facebook and Instagram, or the website or print it.

Some options can be configured in your CMS; it's the site admin. Pay special attention to content with the sliced PSD feature. This point means the picture is perfectly compatible with graphic editors and divided into layers for more accurate editing.

Advantages Of The Finance Graphics

MonsterOne visitors know that our library provides only the best options. This reaction happens thanks to the work of our managers, who select and place the most outstanding works from great authors on the site.

For the finance graphics to fall into the section, it's necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • Uniqueness.
  • Interesting ideas.
  • Unusual angles.
  • High quality.
  • Availability of instructions (if it's challenging for beginners to configure the appearance)
  • Good solution.
  • Bonuses from a web developer.

The collection above never contains plagiarism. Therefore, all visitors are protected and assured of the high quality of the creations.

Additionally, the authors try to diversify their offers with additional features. Some of the characteristics are decisive when choosing. Read the descriptions below and decide which functions and technologies must be in the description of the content you are looking for.

Slides PSD

We mentioned this feature earlier. Buyers receive a picture where each object's appearance has separate layers. Thus, it's possible to customize the design in maximum detail. What it gives users:

  • Ease of management.
  • They are facilitating the setup process.
  • Uniqueness.
  • The opportunity to create a fantastic brand that no one else has.
  • The layout becomes adaptable to the company's brand book.

You will appreciate this improvement if you know how to manage Photoshop, CorelDraw, or Illustrator. After all, it's possible to create a stunning masterpiece from an ordinary image!

High resolution

We know buyers use the materials for different purposes. Marketers put the same illustration in a catalog with options for new lending conditions and upload it to a large-format billboard to present new currency management training. In the latter case, you enlarge the picture many times, but the image must retain its sharpness.

Therefore, when choosing an incredible option, come to MonsterOne and read the description. The author specifies the parameters of each of the finance graphics.

Choice of styles

It isn't only banks and insurance companies that come to see the collection of templates and images above. Buyers include a large number of solid businesses. Each direction needs uniqueness and a choice of style.

You may read such options in the descriptions:

  • retro,
  • modern,
  • laconic,
  • minimalistic,
  • classic,
  • grunge.

There are other directions. Often, authors try to implement their idea of a logo or a template for Facebook publications in different variants. This approach lets you follow the brand and get fantastic varieties for holidays or corporate events.

Different color schemes

Some companies follow their corporate identity unquestioningly. For example, they are looking for more than just a layout with a combination of red and blue. Specialists even need the correct variants from the extensive Pantone palette.

It's great when users discover a vast assortment. Look at unusual combinations that remind you of your corporate symbols (logo). Try to follow a single concept, even in detail. For example, pay close attention to the appearance of the booklets. After all, they can be in a bank branch or the office of an insurance company.

RGB color

With the help of technology and mixing the three primary shades, you get a whole wave of additional variants. Blue, red, and green are involved in the process. However, as a result, users receive a palette of bright and pastel options. The variety amazes the imagination.

What technology gives users:

  • Exact correspondence to corporate style.
  • More mockups.
  • They are expanding the designer's possibilities with the help of a successful combination of shades.
  • Original ideas for mixing colors.

Be confident and try the latest technologies in your practice.

Discover more features. Learn about the product you like by opening its page. Read all the descriptions carefully.

How To Choose Finance Graphics

First, decide what style and color you need. Using Pantone variants in your logo is optional. However, it's worth following the basic rules from your PR manager. The specialist knows how to avoid situations where people do not recognize the firm. Each advertising and promotion campaign should include a single concept and idea.

Secondly, the demo best demonstrates the moving parts of the appearance. Visitors must study the preview in any case. This way, people can determine each design's straits and how good they look. The more options you get from the author, the faster you will decide if you have found the right solution.

Thirdly, consider a list of characteristics. It is optional to have everything at once. Consider what features are critical for your business and future promotion.

Fourth, try to see more examples from different web developers. Take the time to search and open many alternative options. Our visitors search for a convenient variant by watching at least ten layouts.

We hope you have a productive viewing of the demo. Please return to our library again to search for new designs.

Video Tutorial On Creating A Cool Gallery

Elementor has excellent functionality and advanced capabilities. This software allows you to achieve what you want and develop a version of the block where you upload banners created with our pictures.

Finance Graphics FAQ

How to download finance graphics?

Go to the page of the picture you want to receive. Find the save button there. If you already have an account and have paid the required tariff, perform all actions. Please follow the link to find detailed information on the payment plans. Pay attention when discovering the assortment in each tariff. It should contain the required templates or banners.

How to configure designs from MonsterOne?

Depending on the product category, you need a different list of steps each time. In general, the web developer provides instructions. Manuals simplify the process if you know the basic editing skills in Illustrator or Photoshop. Contact us for a unique service order via the link.

Is there support for finance graphics?

One advantage of cooperating with our library is the availability of one year of service free of charge. You can receive this valuable bonus right after starting the cooperation with our library. Create the first ticket in the account to ask the question.

What are the differences between paid and free finance graphics?

The first group has higher quality, allowing you to test materials for different purposes, edit small details, and significantly increase the object's size.

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