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Incredible Graphic Design Templates For Businesses

Regardless of the production size and number of employees, every business often needs instruments to grow. You order the costly services of a professional who sends you ready-made layouts for flyers, booklets, banners, and covers in social networks, icons, or logos. Tired of paying a lot every time even a tiny object is needed? Why waste the company's money? Download dozens of graphic design templates in different directions on MonsterOne. All we ask from our subscribers is to create an account by following the link, choosing a tariff that includes the necessary assortment, and paying once a month. Want to get even more benefits and various items from our library? This format of cooperation is even more beneficial! Pay once and get unlimited lifetime rights to receive all the necessary goods on our site anytime!

What Are Graphic Design Templates

In the section above, you'll find stunning objects worthy of attention. All products, regardless of category, are ready for use. In the collection list, there is such an assortment:

  • Logo.
  • Corporate identity.
  • Illustrations.
  • Backgrounds.
  • Social media.
  • Product Mockups.
  • UI Elements.
  • Vector objects.
  • Fonts.
  • Resume layouts.
  • Infographic Elements.
  • Patterns.
  • Magazine designs.
  • Animated Banners.
  • Certificate.
  • Planners.

As you see, the list is quite extensive. We draw practical conclusions - every visitor will find a suitable object on MonsterOne. People leave the library only by downloading some items!

That's why our graphic design templates are in incredible demand.

The newest appearance

Due to changing trends, updating some details of the online store, Facebook and Instagram covers, and even the company logo is necessary. Therefore, our authors propose only popular options and provide any business with style and elegance.

High quality

If you print it in a large format, people don't even think about such small but important details as the illustration's resolution or how the banner looks. All thanks to the responsible approach of our managers to the selection of products that we publish on our website. Of course, special thanks to our talented authors and real creative people who create absolute masterpieces.

Low price

As mentioned earlier, every tariff provided by MonsterOne gives unlimited downloads. The practice has shown that all three payment plan options are popular. The Basic has a limited assortment; the Classic includes a much more extensive list of categories, and the Lifetime has no restrictions. Considering how much you pay each time you download a ready-made graphic design portfolio template or order a layout of a new flier from a designer, the partnership with our project pays off many times over.

Quick result

The steps list of each library visitor is quite simple. Save the object you like on your PC or laptop, edit it according to the instructions from the web developer, and use it for your purposes (upload to social networks, run an advertisement, or print).

Read our material, find out all the necessary data, and start searching for suitable options for your project.

Who Needs Graphic Design Templates

We have specific statistics of visitors who most often use MonsterOne services. Some businesses monitor their development carefully and constantly try to improve the company and make it more attractive. The most popular motive for growth is, of course, significant competition. The more similar companies are on the market, the more often people turn to our services. Below, we list businesses increasingly looking for suitable designs for various purposes.

Online clothing stores

Such companies need to maintain their image on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Therefore, shops often wish to receive new group covers and post options. Also, marketers repeatedly update individual details of the site to fight competition and improve usability. Thus, the demand for icons, logos, banners, animated objects, backgrounds, etc., is increasing.

Food delivery

Dynamics characterize businesses because it's necessary to provide clients with food in a matter of hours. The same applies to marketing. In addition to the incredible hype surrounding suitable and stylish layouts, the site also requires separate banners for advertising. For example, you often hold promotions when buying two pizzas or ordering a mega set of various delicious sushi. You'll like our illustrations and colorful versions of booklets and catalogs. Such printed small menus you can show to potential customers or wholesale buyers.

Restaurants and cafes

What if you are without a stylish, concise, and elegant menu with your exquisite dishes? Search for our website's calm, colorful, or restrained options in different styles. Our buyer must upload the names and descriptions of salads, meat dishes, side dishes, and drinks. Also, look closer at the cool icons that give the online shop style and grace.

Auto parts and car sales

These two businesses are quite different, but the potential audience is the same - drivers. It would help to have excellent booklets, displays, and stickers for the sales hall. As for online activity, uploading impressive and original pictures with short text to the website slider will be fantastic. In the image, write essential data about your new car model or special offers for regular visitors.

Sports goods

Keeping the body healthy is everyone's dream. You aim to push a person to go to the gym or buy a sports suit, leggings, shorts, and sneakers. An excellent idea is to complement the online store sections with bright accents. Use Parallax technology, which allows you to upload images directly to the background of pages. Demonstrate a dynamic lifestyle or complete relaxation to all wearers of your fabulous hoody or pants.

Furniture and accessories for the home

It is not always possible to create comfort on your own. After all, to combine cabinets, flooring, or chairs, you want to have a complete picture of the future interior. It's more complicated for your clients to imagine furniture in their rooms. However, you know what to do. A little ingenuity and our website are required. Print brochures and create a stunning catalog with professional pictures from a photographer.

Equipment for hiking

Beautiful landscapes of wild nature, forests, lakes, mountains, and rivers motivate a person to start active training. Many people plan vacations and weekends. Therefore, talk about your cool tents, compasses, thermal clothes, and comfortable shoes in groups and social networks. In addition, launch a banner ad with beautiful photos if you plan promotions and discounts.

How Services Use Graphic Design Templates

These types of businesses require unique techniques and elements to promote the firms. They also apply the same items differently sometimes. Let’s discover some excellent examples.

Tourist agencies

Your task is to give the anticipation of a great rest. In most tourists ' imagination, you are a wizard who can transport a person over long distances. Let people want to buy your exotic tours to eastern countries, romantic Europe, or the coast with fine sand. The main help for this purpose is excellent photos and printed souvenirs you'll give customers later. How good it is to know MonsterOne with the excellent goods you need. Even if you are a small company with five employees, download and set up a cool and modern logo. Having your trademark gives firm solidity and status.

Interior design

Cute details in the form of figurines, a small sofa, or a rocking chair bring a unique zest to your project. Give the potential audience many positive impressions from viewing future or already finished interiors. Decorate the sections with new necessary accents with the help of graphic design templates, and remember to create a small presentation with the help of a ready-made PowerPoint or Google Slides slideshow.

Lawn care and gardeners

Services also want to look beautiful and attract more potential clients. There is an excellent opportunity to tell the masses about your fantastic business. Launching an original advertisement where viewers understand why keeping the garden beautiful is so important is necessary. This behind-house area is beneficial not only from an aesthetic point of view. The gorgeous lawn speaks of the owner's status. Neighbors and just passers-by start to like you. Our fantastic illustrations for your new advertisement and stylish banners for website sections will help you with this goal.

Cleaning pools

Swimming is practical and even fashionable. However, safety and hygiene are first for all owners of private houses and cottages. Your services are seasonal. That's why it's vital on the eve of warming to order superb advertising, start activities on social networks, and introduce new details to the site's appearance. Find all the tools you need to develop your company on this page!

Rent and sale of real estate

Dreams of a happy life in a cozy interior can become a reality. The maximally simple look of the brand, modern and fashionable, and clean site allows you to make accents in photos of apartments, cottages, or small hotels. Download from our library options for brochures for new buildings, flyers for promotions, Facebook posts for announcing the sale of a new house, and other valuable things.

Transportation and postal services

People have to trust you first. The brand starts forming not immediately but gradually. Maintaining image is necessary — even minor details in the post office matter. Make a stand for visitors who are bored in the queue and reduce their stress levels. Place there interesting printed materials made with the help of our modern layouts. Also, be sure to take care and download ready-made logos and corporate screensavers for Facebook, and expect an increase in customer satisfaction.

We don't limit our readers to the list of businesses provided above. We may find the most suitable beautiful goods with us for each type of activity. Discover the style, consider how your company should look against this background, and decide whether to download or search further. Enjoy watching the demo.

Advantages Of Graphic Design Templates

Great news for all our visitors: products may have visually positive qualities and technical improvements that make it possible to use our cool, colorful pictures in various areas of the company. So, among the visible and significant benefits are the following:

  • Diversity. The authors added so many variations that you'll want a brand-new flier or an updated trademark version.
  • Different web developers. Each specialist has their vision of what the object should look like. Thus, a person develops his style, and our visitors get an interpretation of the same graphic design contract template in different versions.
  • Choice of colors. You probably already have a brand book or an understanding of what a firm should look like. Is this a combination of blue and white or using more intricate fonts for the logo? How would you create the company's website or printed materials and souvenirs? On MonsterOne, you always find the items you are looking for.

The technical features of our goods have a lot of special attention; we’ll cover each of the priority benefits in more detail below.

Pictures included

Read some descriptions to learn if authors add images to their creations. What does this mean? After watching some demos, you see that the presentation pages, for example, have built-in pictures.

These photos only sometimes come with the purchase. However, web developers try to provide clients with as much benefit as possible. So, creators leave pictures in a downloading zip archive to make it easier for you to develop a presentation or print a brochure.

Sliced PSD

If you see this feature in the description, the appearance can be easily customizable in the well-known Photoshop or Illustrator. The author divided each presentation page, logo, or the appearance of a leaflet into individual parts - layers. Open your favorite graphics editor and export all files received from MonsterOne. By highlighting a separate part of the layout, you can edit, reduce, increase, change colors, move the object, or delete it altogether.

What are the feature's advantages:

  • It simplifies the settings process.
  • Speeds up project launch.
  • Studying additional programs or reading instructions is unnecessary if you are a Photoshop expert.

Different file formats

The above collection represents an assortment for a variety of purposes. You can supplement your site with beautiful icons, upload banners to the slider at the top of the pages, or print out an entire furniture catalog. Each of the presented graphic design templates has different formats. Sometimes, authors add several files for downloading, so you may save the option that best suits your editor. Among the most common and popular formats in the description are the following:

  • EPS,
  • AI,
  • PNG,
  • JPEG,
  • PSD.

RGB Color

This particular feature means that the author used a unique technology. Its essence is that three primary colors are mixed and turn into other shades visible to the human eye. We are talking about green, red and blue. Combining them creates all sorts of colorful palettes.

This graphic design resume template technology has specific valuable features and physical perception characteristics of the human eye and its retina.

Let's highlight the following benefits:

  • This technology provides a wide range of colors. You receive tons of various options that you never had before.
  • Accurate shades' reproduction on digital displays. Let's avoid undesirable situations when a person sees one variant on the laptop screen but, in print, receives a booklet with another one.

Excellent resolution

For instance, people search for suitable illustrations they plan to place in the slider. Later, users change their opinion and want to apply the image differently. For example, print photos of beautiful wildlife you downloaded from us and place them on a billboard.

In this case, enlarge the picture several times. Don't worry; our web developers have taken care of this issue. All the files you save from our website have excellent resolution. This point means increasing, decreasing, uniting, and cutting pictures is possible. The quality will not be affected. Users see excellent advertising, or printed and souvenir items.

Choice of styles

Since our clients are completely different companies and specialists, we offer a relatively broad spectrum of items to cover all your needs. Authors uploaded graphics in a variety of styles to MonsterOne.

For example, travel companies like the minimalist, laconic look, where their images are beautiful and outstanding. Mountains and sea stand out against the background of the sections in such cases. Travel agency managers choose the most simple appearance, with all the necessary areas for sales managers to upload new photos.

On the contrary, sellers of cars with history want to emphasize how excellent their vehicle is. Therefore, people download graphic design website templates in retro style.

Thus, ten or even more options appear in our library. There are the following popular variants:

  • typography,
  • geometric,
  • retro,
  • minimalistic,  
  • modern,
  • feminine,
  • vintage.

Print ready

Buyers can transform most of our products into a finished physical object. For example, you make business cards, flyers, catalogs, souvenirs, etc. Show or give these produced things to clients. The web developer has created a product so users can quickly transfer them to print; you don’t need to customize, update, or change the resolution. Just upload your data. For example, write your first and last name in the finished version.

How to choose graphic design templates

There are no exact rules regarding the selection of ready-made layout options. However, we want to share our own experience and the knowledge of our clients on how to avoid making a mistake with the choice.

First, pay attention to the demo. If you don't like the appearance, it's unlikely to impress your customers.

Secondly, consider how many settings you must do to achieve the desired result. If the list of future actions is extensive, it’s worth looking at other options in our library. Fortunately, the choice is quite broad.

Thirdly, check if the format you need is in the description before downloading. However, don't be upset if the author provided the design not in AI but in PSD. There are many programs to convert one version into another.

Fourth, make sure the style matches your brand book. Every detail of your image should be related to the site and trademark. This approach helps achieve brand recognition and popularization among potential audiences. Fifth, think about how well the style matches the product you are offering. For example, cold colors and straight lines are ideal for ATVs, men's clothing, or perfumes. With softer shades and rounded photo frames, animation helps promote women's underwear, spa treatments, or face creams.

We wish you a pleasant search, and be sure to download valuable tools to grow your business on MonsterOne.

Interesting Video About Placing A Slider With Elementor

Have you already decided on the necessary illustrations? It's time to find out how to upload photos to your online store. For this goal, you need a particular block. Creating it is easy. Use this visual instruction.

Graphic Design Templates FAQ

How to download graphic design templates?

Register an account using the link below if this is your first time visiting our library. Please note we have three pricing plans available. The first is intended for introduction usage and includes a small list of assortments. The second option has an expanded categories list, among which are website themes. The third payment plan allows you to use our library unlimited times for life. Be sure to select the appropriate tariff and pay for it. Immediately upon making payment, begin searching and selecting appropriate graphics.

Is there support on MonsterOne?

We offer the service to all our library users. It's free for a whole year. The authors kindly answer all questions. Create a ticket inside your account and receive a meaningful answer or solution to your problem.

How to get a discount on MonsterOne?

You do not need to do any additional registration steps or other actions. We publish sales on our website, so see the special offer before the year's biggest holidays. We offer additional promotions from our partners, which you may view at a link.

How to customize graphic design templates?

Each file you download from our library has detailed instructions on installing or configuring. Read the description of the required setting and try all the steps yourself. Contact our specialists if you want help or to save time on this process. We offer an extensive list of services. View them by the link. Be sure to write to our specialists. We'll be happy to chat.

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