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Security PSD Templates

Having an online presence has become essential for every business regardless of its industry. The same applies to security.

Whether the purpose of the website is to sell security devices or promote security services, a site is a powerful tool for exposure, client acquisition, and sales growth.

However, the competition makes it difficult to stand out from the crowd today.

One of the ways to overcome such problems is to create an outstanding design.

Nevertheless, even experienced web designers recognize that creating a professional-looking website from scratch takes a lot of time, dedication, and effort.

For this reason, many people prefer to use templates and start with a pre-made design and then customize it.

If this is your intention, MonsterONE offers a variety of security PSD templates with different purposes and unique designs.

PSD templates: why you should use them

Using PSD templates is a better alternative to creating the design from scratch for various reasons. Below are some of the most relevant ones.

You can save time and effort by using them

The first advantage of PSD templates is that they allow you to save time and effort. By coming with a pre-made design and layout, you'll avoid starting from scratch, and you can only make small alterations and edits to make it yours.

You get professional work

PSD templates are created primarily by professional web designers from across the globe. This means you can be sure that the work you receive will be professional and error-free.

You have access to documentation and support

It is possible to encounter issues or doubts while designing a website from scratch. In this case, you will have to find solutions and answers on your own, and as you can imagine, it can be quite a lengthy and tedious process. Instead, most PSD templates come with extensive documentation and support, so if you encounter any problems, you will have immediate answers and solutions.

Key features of security PSD templates

Almost all PSD templates available on MonsterONE have some similar, relevant features. Below is a list of some of the most important ones.

Layered PSD

PSD templates are provided as layered PSD files. Each element that composes the overall design is stored in its layer. As such, if you intend to change a single element, you'll be able to do so quickly and easily without worrying that your change will affect the overall design.


In most cases, the PSD templates are built using Bootstrap's Grid system, which uses rows and containers to create responsive layouts. As a result, you'll get a design that will automatically adjust to any screen size (desktop, tablet, mobile), guaranteeing users' best navigational and interactive experience.

Easy customization

Although each PSD template has its design and features, they can all be easily customized. You will be able to change the colors, style, typography, and many other things, to fit the preferences or needs of your clients or yourself.

Modern and unique design

Our PSD templates are designed by experts worldwide, who each have their style. The result will be a unique design that will distinguish your website from the rest and give users a memorable, impressive experience.

Pixel perfect

Every PSD template available on MonsterONE has a sharp and high-quality design. You won't have to worry about getting a poor-quality design with blurriness and other visual defects.

Free Google fonts

Free Google fonts are included with all PSD templates to impart a stylish and modern touch to the overall design. Additionally, you will freely use the fonts in any project you choose.

Documentation and support

PSD templates come with documentation and support that will guide you through the process of customizing and using the template. If you have questions or issues that are more complex, you can contact the support team, which can provide you with immediate assistance.


Many of the PSD templates you find at MonsterONE provide a homepage and designs for the inner pages. It will save you the time and effort of constructing the rest of the pages from scratch, so you will get complete, professional work.

Some of the most common inner pages security PSD templates might include are:

  • Services
  • Contact
  • About
  • Blog
  • Etc.


There are some security PSD templates available on MonsterONE that are multipurpose. Thus, by choosing one of these templates, you can use it for multiple projects with different purposes without buying multiple templates.

How to download security PSD Templates

There are two ways to download and get PSD security templates:

  • Sign up for MonsterONE membership. Subscribe to one of MonsterONE plans. As a member, you can access a wide range of security PSD templates and many other digital products, including plugins, illustrations, and more.
  • Buy a template from TemplateMonster. It is possible to purchase individual PSD templates on the TemplateMonster marketplace instead of subscribing. TemplateMonster offers a wide range of other digital products in addition to PSD templates, such as WP and HTML themes, plugins, illustrations, and more.

Security PSD Templates FAQ

Do security PSD templates have a responsive design?

All MonsterONE security PSD templates are 100% responsive. As a result, they will automatically adjust according to the screen size and resolution for the best possible user experience.

Does MonsterONE allow me to sell PSD templates?

Yes, you can sell PSD templates on MonsterONE. Check out the Become an Author page to learn more.

How many PSD templates for security can I download with a MonsterONE membership?

The MonsterONE subscription allows you to download many security PSD templates. Mass downloads, however, are strongly discouraged.

Can security PSD templates be converted?

PSD templates can be converted to HTML, WordPress, Joomla, and other popular CMSs, enabling them to be launched quickly online.

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