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Restaurant PSD Templates

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Restaurant PSD Templates

The need to attract a large audience and be found by potential clients on the web made it necessary for restaurants to create their websites.

However, gaining visibility becomes increasingly difficult due to the proliferation of restaurant websites.

When this happens, an outstanding web design can be helpful - it generates a memorable and impressive experience in users' minds.

Although, even professionals know how much time and effort it takes to create a professional-looking design of a website, especially when using a complex program like Photoshop.

Due to this, PSD templates are becoming increasingly popular. A template allows you to start with a pre-made design and then edit it a little to make it your own.

Whether you are aiming for, MonsterONE has a large collection of restaurant PSD templates with different styles and purposes.

PSD templates: key features

The following relevant, useful features mostly characterize the PSD templates you find on MonsterONE.

Responsive design

Every template has a responsive design that automatically resizes and adapts to any screen size (desktop, tablet, mobile). Thus, once the template is live, users will navigate and interact with the site in a highly optimal manner.

Sliced PSD

On MonsterONE, you will find layered PSD templates. Consequently, each element that makes up the entire design is placed in its layer, allowing for easy and quick editing and customization. 

Pixel Perfect

Every PSD template incorporates high-quality and sharp design elements that will add professionalism and impact to your or your customer's website. As a result, you'll avoid getting poor quality or visual imperfections that ruin the overall design of the template. 

Free Google fonts

On MonsterONE, most of its PSD templates come with free Google fonts. As a result, you can receive professionally designed typography that you can use without limitations for all your projects.

Documentation and support

The PSD templates are accompanied by support and documentation that will guide you step-by-step through the editing and customization process. So, you won't have trouble finishing your work or finding a solution on your own.


On MonsterONE, you can find PSD templates with multiple pages so that you get complete work, not just a homepage design. As a result, you will save yourself the time and effort you would otherwise spend creating the other pages from scratch.

These are a few of the most relevant pages that you'll find within a restaurant PSD template:

  • Menu
  • Services
  • About
  • Blog
  • Contact

Fully customizable

While each PSD template comes with a default design, you can edit any of them to create a design that suits your or your clients' preferences. You may want to adjust colors, typographies, and layouts, among other things.

Modern and unique design

Every PSD template on MonsterONE was created by professional web designers worldwide, each with their style and unique tendencies. Additionally, the templates are regularly updated to ensure you get a modern design that follows the latest UI and UX trends. Therefore, you can take advantage of original and modern designs that will make your website stand out.

How to choose the best restaurant PSD template

Picking the right restaurant PSD template from a wide selection can be time-consuming and challenging. We've listed some considerations to keep in mind when selecting a template to assist you.

Make sure that the template suits your purpose

One of the first things to keep in mind when choosing a template is whether it matches the goals and objectives of the project you intend to realize. For instance, the website design of a restaurant might be different from that of a food delivery service. 

In other words, make sure the design reflects your project needs, that it includes all the sections and pages you need, etc.

Check if the template has been updated recently

Choosing a template that is outdated and has a design and interface that is not up to date is the last thing you want to do. To prevent this, you need to check whether the template has been recently updated and if it offers a modern design that might provide an outstanding user experience.

Ensure the template comes with documentation and support

There might be issues or doubts that arise as you use or edit the template. These issues or doubts can hinder your customization process. If this happens, a documentation or support service is likely to help resolve any doubts you have and allow you to get started.

How to download restaurant PSD Templates

You can download and get restaurant PSD templates in two ways:

  • Become a member of MonsterONE. Sign up for one of the MonsterONE plans. By becoming a member, you have access to a wide selection of restaurant PSD templates and many other digital products, such as plugins, illustrations, and so on.
  • Get a template from TemplateMonster. Instead of subscribing, you can purchase individual restaurant PSD templates on the TemplateMonster marketplace. TemplateMonster also offers thousands of other digital products.

Restaurant PSD Templates FAQ

How many restaurant PSD templates can I download through MonsterONE?

You can download an unlimited number of PSD templates with a MonsterONE subscription. Mass downloading of templates is strongly discouraged, however.

Is the design of restaurant PSD templates responsive?

The restaurant PSD templates on MonsterONE are all responsive. As a result, they will automatically adapt according to screen size and resolution to provide the best experience for users.

Can I sell PSD templates on MonsterONE?

If you have PSD templates to sell, you can do so on MonsterONE. Check out the Become an Author page to learn more.

Can restaurant PSD templates be converted?

PSD templates can be turned into HTML, WordPress, Joomla, and other popular CMSs, meaning they can be launched online in a matter of minutes.

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