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Real Estate PSD Templates

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Real Estate PSD Templates

There are many real estate websites on the Internet with multiple purposes.

Gaining exposure has become more difficult with so many websites.

The solution to such a problem is to create a website with an outstanding design.

Despite this, creating a professional-looking website can still take a lot of time and effort, even for professionals, especially when using professional software such as Photoshop.

As a result, PSD templates are becoming more popular. Many web designers prefer templates for convenience and time savings.

If that's also your intention, MonsterONE has a wide selection of real estate PSD templates with different styles.

Why you should use PSD templates

When you use PSD templates rather than developing a website from scratch, you have a variety of advantages. Here are some of the most relevant ones.

Save time

Saving time is one of the first advantages of using PSD templates. Templates have pre-made designs that need only a few modifications to make them unique and personalized. In any case, you will save yourself the time it would take you to create a design from scratch.

Get professional work

Every PSD template found on MonsterONE has been designed by expert web designers from all over the world. As a result, you'll get a template with a high-quality design and a fully functioning layout.

Get documentation and support

Creating a website from scratch will mean you're responsible for any issues or misunderstandings during the creation or editing process. By using a template, you can often get documentation and support, allowing you to resolve any doubts or problems that may arise. 

Real estate PSD templates: what you can realize with them

You can use real estate PSD templates for various purposes, and then, depending on your needs, you can use each of them to implement different web projects.

These are some examples of projects you can realize by using them:

  • Real estate web agency
  • Architecture website
  • Websites for construction companies

Key features of real estate PSD templates

Even though each real estate PSD template presents unique features, they all have some common elements that you can use. Here is a list of some of the most important ones.

Layered PSD

The real estate PSD templates available on MonsterONE are layered files. The elements that make up the design are each stored in a separate layer. As a result, if you need to change an element, you'll be able to do so quickly and easily without worrying about affecting the overall design. 

Pixel Perfect

Real estate PSD templates are all pixel-perfect. Hence, they come with a professional, high-quality design, ensuring you get unique, professional work. As a result, you will not receive work with blurriness or other visual imperfections that negatively impact the template's visual appeal.


The majority of real estate PSD templates on MonsterONE are built using Bootstrap Grid, which uses rows and containers to create a responsive layout. In addition, once your design is live, it will automatically adapt to any screen size and resolution, ensuring the best interactive and interactive experience for users.

Easy customization

Even though each real estate PSD template comes with its design, it doesn't mean that you can't modify it to make it more original and personal. There will be options for changing colors, fonts, sections, layout, and more.

Named and well-organized layers

All templates come as organized files since each element has layers. Each layer is named and organized tidily, allowing you to find each element and customize or edit the layout easily.


Most real estate PSD templates consist of multiple pages, not only a homepage. By doing so, you won't have to create the design of the inner pages from scratch, so you'll get complete work.

Unique and modern design

With each PSD template, you'll find a unique and modern design that follows the latest UI and UX trends. As a result, your website will have a unique, original design that will help it stand out from the crowd.

Support and documentation

Documentation and support are included with all PSD templates. Therefore, if you encounter any issues or doubts while editing or using your template, you can consult the documentation or contact the support service and get immediate assistance.

Free Google fonts

Each PSD template includes free Google fonts. Thus, you can use stylish and modern typography to enhance the visual appeal of your web design. Moreover, you can freely use them for any of your projects.

How to download real estate PSD Templates

There are two ways to download and get real estate PSD templates:

  • Become a member of MonsterONE. Subscribe to one of the MonsterONE plans. Once you're a member, you'll have access to real estate PSD templates and thousands of other digital products.
  • Visit TemplateMonster to get a template. You can purchase real estate PSD templates on the TemplateMonster marketplace as an alternative to subscribing. The site also offers thousands of other types of digital products.

Real estate PSD Templates FAQ

Are real estate PSD templates responsive?

On MonsterONE, all of the real estate PSD templates are responsive. Consequently, they will adapt according to the screen size and resolution to give users the best experience.

Can I download as many real estate PSD templates as I want through MonsterONE?

Yes, with a MonsterONE subscription, you're entitled to download an unlimited number of PSD templates. Nonetheless, we strongly discourage the mass downloading of templates.

Can I sell PSD templates on MonsterONE?

Yes, it is possible to sell your PSD templates on MonsterONE. Check out the Become an Author page to learn more.

Are real estate PSD templates convertible?

PSD templates can be converted into HTML, WordPress, Joomla, and other popular CMSs for straightforward online launch.

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