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Food PSD Templates

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Food PSD Templates

Food-related websites have become increasingly popular. This sector is laden with competition, whether online grocery stores or delivery websites.

The best way to stand out from the crowd is to craft a user-friendly, well-designed website.

In reality, however, professionally designing websites using software such as Photoshop requires time and can be quite challenging, even for experienced web designers.

Consequently, many people tend to use templates and start with a pre-made design, where they have the chance to make only a few and little adjustments.

If you intend to use one as well, on MonsterONE, you’ll find a wide selection of food PSD templates.

What you can do with food PSD templates

Food PSD templates you'll find on MonsterONE can help you achieve and realize different types of online projects for various purposes.

The most common projects you can accomplish with food PSD templates are:

  • Online grocery store
  • Website for fast food delivery
  • Restaurant websites
  • Coffee store website
  • Websites and eCommerce for bakeries
  • Blogs dedicated to food

Food PSD templates: key features

On MonsterONE, you can find food PSD templates with some common characteristics. Here are a few of the more relevant ones.


Almost all of the food PSD templates available on MonsterONE are built using the Bootstrap Grid system. This system uses a series of containers and rows that are flexible and responsive. As a result, you will receive a completely responsive design and layout that will be perfectly visible and accessible from any device (mobile, tablet, desktop), ensuring the best user experience.

Layered PSD

All food PSD templates come as layered PSD files. Therefore, each design element is placed on its layer. Consequently, you can customize every single element without affecting the overall design. As a result, customization and editing will be simple and quick.

Inner pages

There may be times when you need to design a multipage website for a client. Therefore, having a template that only comes with the home page will not be useful, as you will have to spend a lot of time designing the other pages. 

Fortunately, on MonsterONE, you can find food PSD templates that come with multiple pages already designed, allowing you to work more efficiently.

The following are some of the most common inside pages you can find in food PSD templates:

  • Food category pages: here, you will list the different types of food or dishes you serve and describe them in detail.
  • Food blog page: you or your client can post all the latest news about the company or share valuable recipes and food-related content on the blog.
  • Contact: users can access the contact and location details on the contact page and use a form to reach out.
  • Table reservation page: if you're creating a restaurant website, you'll likely need a page where users can book a table directly from your website.
  • Food delivery page: If you're building a food delivery website, you'll need to let users order and choose the delivery options directly from the website.

Free Google fonts

Almost all of MonsterONE's food PSD templates include free Google fonts. These fonts are open-source, stylish, and modern fonts that can be freely used in any of your projects, making them look cleaner and more appealing.

Pixel perfect

Each template design is created professionally to ensure high-quality visuals and resolution. As a result, you'll be sure to avoid blurriness, visual imperfections, and other poor-quality visual effects.

Fully customizable

Food PSD templates are provided with their default designs. However, you can change them to meet your or your clients' needs and preferences. The layout, sections, colors, fonts, and whatever else you want can all be edited.

How to choose the best food PSD template

It can be quite challenging and time-consuming to choose among the various food PSD templates. Here are a few considerations to consider when selecting a template to facilitate this process.

Make sure the template can serve your purpose well

When choosing a food PSD template, it is important to make sure that it can serve your purpose well. If you're designing a website for an online grocery store, you'll need a food category page to list all the types of food you sell and a shop section where customers can select and order food online.

Ensure the template is provided with documentation and support

Questions and issues can easily arise when using a template. When dealing with such a situation, documentation and support can help you get quick answers and solutions without spending time figuring things out on your own. Therefore, you should choose a template that offers extensive documentation and support services.

Make sure the template presents a clean interface and a modern design

To ensure the success of your website and to beat your competitors, you must create a website with a modern design and a clean interface. Therefore, when choosing a template, be sure it follows the latest trends in terms of UI and UX.

How to download food PSD templates

Two methods are available for downloading and obtaining food PSD templates:

  • Become a member of MonsterONE. Subscribe to one of MonsterONE plans. By doing so, you'll gain access to food PSD templates and numerous other digital products created by web designers worldwide.
  • Purchase a template from TemplateMonster. If you don't wish to subscribe, you can easily purchase individual food PSD templates from the TemplateMonster marketplace.

Food PSD Templates FAQ

Are food PSD templates convertible?

Yes, food PSD templates can be easily converted into HTML, WordPress, Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, Joomla, and other platforms.

Do food PSD templates come with free support?

Yes, most of the food PSD templates available on food PSD templates come with free support provided by their creators. You'll find this information in the product descriptions.

How many food PSD templates can I download with a MonsterONE subscription?

After you subscribe to one of MonsterONE’s plans, you can download as many templates as you want.

Can I sell food PSD templates on MonsterONE?

Yes, it is possible to sell your food PSD templates on MonsterONE. Check out the Become an Author section if you'd like to learn more.

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