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Dating PSD Templates

In the last few years, the number of dating websites increased drastically. With so many options available, you have to face a lot of competition.

Nonetheless, having a creatively designed and fully functioning website can help you stand out from the crowd.

However, creating a perfect design from scratch requires significant time and effort, no matter how professional you are.

For that very reason, template use has exploded during the last time, among both experts and novices.

If you're interested in getting a template, MonsterONE offers a huge selection of templates for any industry, need, desire, and purpose, including dating PSD templates.

Dating PSD templates: What to use them for

MonsterONE offers a variety of PSD templates in the dating category, each with its design and purpose. So, based on your preferences and needs, you are sure to find a suitable solution. 

These are some examples of online projects you can create with MonsterONE's dating PSD templates:

  • Dating websites
  • Wedding dresses websites
  • Wedding fashion eCommerce sites
  • Wedding planner websites
  • Wedding album websites

Key features of dating PSD templates

Create account and login options

Online dating sites must allow users to create their accounts and log in whenever they want. By doing so, they can save their personal information and log in at any time without having to repeat the registration process. For this purpose, most dating PSD templates include both the design and functionalities of these options.

Search page and filters

A dating site's search page and filters are among the most important pages and functionalities. With the search page, users can find profiles of other people who might be of interest to them, while search filters allow users to filter and sort the results according to their preferences. Almost all dating PSD templates come with these features.

Inner pages

Dating PSD templates often include multiple pages in addition to the home page. Using these template pages will allow you to benefit from a complete website with consistent design, saving you the time to create them from scratch.

Here are some of the most common pages you'll find within dating PSD templates:

  • User profile - the user profile page will allow users to keep track of their personal information, photos, and other information they wish to share with others;
  • FAQs - With the FAQ page, you'll be able to provide answers to questions that users commonly ask;
  • Contact - Almost every website has a contact page, one of its most important elements. It is the page where to showcase the location and contact information of your company and a form to let users reach out to you;
  • Blog - You may also want to consider adding a blog to your dating website. On your blog, you can share the latest company news or provide valuable content that may be of interest to your readers.

Responsive design

MonsterONE has a large selection of dating PSD templates that are responsive. As a result, the layout and every element within each template page will automatically resize to ensure the best user experience on any device (mobile, tablet, desktop).

Layered PSD files

Most of the dating PSD templates come as layered PSD files. Therefore, every element embedded in the template can be edited and customized separately. Editing individual elements and sections will be simple and quick, not affecting the overall layout.

Images included

Most of the dating PSD templates offered on MonsterONE come with a pack of free copyrighted images that can be freely used for your dating website and template.

How to choose the right dating PSD template

Choose a template that is relevant to your purpose

When selecting a template, one of the first considerations is to ensure that it is relevant and suits your purpose. You should ensure the template includes the design, functionality, and necessary elements for your project to succeed.

Make sure it has been updated within the last six months

To ensure you're choosing the correct template, you should also consider whether it's been updated recently. Simply put, it must have a modern design, follow the latest UI trends and be compatible with the latest versions of Photoshop.

Check that is provided with support and/or documentation

Support and documentation can be extremely helpful when questions or problems arise during the use of the template or during its customization. They can provide you with instant answers and solutions, saving you the time and effort of trying to figure it out on your own.

How to download dating PSD templates

There are two ways to download dating PSD templates:

  • Subscription to one of MonsterONE plans. If you subscribe to one of MonsterONE plans, you'll be able to download an unlimited number of dating PSD templates and other digital products created by professionals.
  • Purchase from TemplateMonster. If you do not wish to subscribe, you are free to purchase single dating PSD templates from the TemplateMonster marketplace.

Dating PSD Templates FAQ

Are dating PSD templates editable and customizable?

We offer dating PSD templates on MonsterONE that are completely editable and customizable. Change any pre-existing element, and customize colors, typography, layout, and more to fit your needs and preferences.

Do dating PSD templates come with support and documentation?

Yes, most of the dating PSD templates found on MonsterONE come with extensive documentation and support. For this reason, you can consult the documentation file or contact support whenever you have a question or issue related to the template editing or customization.

Are dating PSD templates convertible?

Most dating PSD templates can be converted into HTML, WordPress, Joomla, and other popular CMS. You can use the template and publish it immediately.

Can I sell dating PSD templates on MonsterONE?

Yes, you can sell your dating PSD templates on MonsterONE. Check out the Become an Author page for further details.

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