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Construction PSD Templates

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Construction PSD Templates

Having a website with a consistent and impeccable design and functionalities is crucial. 

Users need a memorable and positive experience to ensure they come back for more, and the design has a great impact on this.

However, designing a website from scratch can require a lot of time, experience, and money, even for experts.

For this reason, more and more people and professionals prefer to buy templates. As a result, they can begin with a pre-made design and only make little adjustments and tweaks.

Nowadays, you won't even have to worry about not finding a template that matches your purpose or industry. MonsterONE offers PSD templates for all sorts of needs, even construction PSD templates.

PSD templates: why you should use them

There are many reasons why you should use PSD templates. Below are listed some of the most relevant ones.

Save time

PSD templates allow you to save time, which is one of the most important benefits of using them. With a template, you can save a lot of time that you would otherwise spend on creating a website from scratch. It lets you start with a pre-designed layout and focus your energy on customizing it or making little tweaks where needed.

Get a modern and consistent design

On MonsterONE, you will find PSD templates designed by experts from all around the world. In this way, you can be sure to get work that is professionally done, fully functional, and with a modern and consistent style.


Many of the templates you find on MonsterONE are multiple-purpose. Therefore, you can use the same template to create multiple projects, even for different purposes. Then you will not have to purchase more templates, which will save you both money and time.

Easy customization

The PSD templates are all easily editable and customizable. Therefore, you can change any element and detail quickly and easily.

Uses of construction PSD templates

MonsterONE presents many construction PSD templates. Each of them can serve different purposes and projects. Here are some of the common projects you realize with them:

  • Real estate agency websites
  • Building company websites
  • Architecture companies websites
  • Etc.

Key features of construction PSD templates

MonsterONE presents several construction PSD templates, each with its unique characteristics. Most of them are, however, characterized by some common features.

Sliced PSD file

On MonsterONE, all construction PSD templates are sliced PSD files. This means that each element part of the template can be edited and customized separately. In this way, you will edit any part of the template without affecting its overall design. This will simplify and speed up the editing process.

Multiple pages

Besides the homepage, most of the construction PSD templates available on MonsterONE have inner pages that will allow you to create a complete design with all the pages and sections you might need.

These are some examples of pages you can find in construction PSD templates:

  • Services - this is the page where you can list all the building, constructing, architecture, and so on, services you or your client provides;
  • Projects - this page can serve you or your client to showcase the projects realized so far, or the clients worked with;
  • Reviews and testimonials - this page is extremely important as it allows you to showcase opinions and feedback from clients and encourage new ones to choose you;
  • Contact - the contact page is one of the most important ones for every website because it allows you to showcase contact and location details and a contact form.

Images included

Many of the construction PSD templates come with free copyrighted images that you can use if you don't have your own. You can use these high-quality images related to the construction, building, and architecture industries on your website to help users immediately identify your site's purpose and context.

Documentation and support

All construction PSD templates you fin on MonsterONE include an extensive documentation and support system so you can get assistance whenever you need it during the template usage and customization process.

Free Google fonts

The majority of the construction PSD templates include free Google fonts. You will receive templates that have stylish and modern typography, which you can freely use.

Responsive layout and design

All construction PSD templates on MonsterONE are optimized for users and search engines and responsive design. In other words, it will adapt automatically to any screen dimension and resolution, ensuring the best resolution, navigation, and interaction.

How to download construction PSD templates

There are two ways to download construction PSD templates:

  • Subscription to MonsterONE. If you subscribe to one of MonsterONE plans, you'll be able to get access to unlimited construction PSD templates and many other digital products designed by professionals.
  • Purchase from TemplateMonster. If you do not wish to subscribe, you can purchase individual construction PSD templates from the huge TemplateMonster marketplace.

Construction PSD templates FAQ

Are construction PSD templates editable?

Yes, all the construction PSD templates you encounter on MonsterONE are completely editable and customizable. You can freely change layout, colors, and any other element according to your preferences and needs.

Are construction PSD templates convertible?

Yes, most of the construction PSD templates are convertible into HTML, WordPress, and other popular CMS to allow you to use and make it alive straightforwardly.

Can I sell construction PSD templates on MonsterONE and TemplateMonster?

Yes, you can sell your construction PSD templates on MonsterONE and TemplateMonster. Check out the Become an Author page for further details.

Are construction PSD templates updated?

Yes, construction PSD templates are frequently updated by creators to guarantee you the latest trends in terms of design and functionalities.

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