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Art PSD Templates

Website design determines how user-friendly a website is and can even affect users' first impressions, which is crucial to the success of any business.

Developing a professionally designed website requires a lot of experience with professional software, such as Photoshop, and a lot of time.

Layout, sections, colors, and overall style and functionality are all factors determining user experience.

The creation of a website design from scratch, on the other hand, can be very time-consuming, which is why many people choose to purchase pre-designed templates.

They allow you to start with a pre-made layout and design and then spend your time only making small tweaks and adjustments. You will thus save both time and money.

There are now some different kinds of templates on the web, like art PSD templates, and they serve other functions.  

PSD art templates: what they can be used for

PSD art templates can be used for a wide range of projects, including:

  • Portfolio sites for artists who want to showcase their projects, products, and experience.
  • Website for movies and theaters;
  • Art school websites;
  • E-commerce for printing shops and handmade products;
  • Websites for artists' studios and creative agencies;
  • Etc.

Art PSD templates key features

The PSD art templates all possess unique features. However, there are some common features among them all. Below are some of the most relevant ones.

PSD layered files

Each template comes with layered PSD files. This means each element of the template comes as a separate element from the overall design. As such, you'll be able to edit it separately without affecting the design in its entirety. Consequently, you'll find it much easier to customize and edit.

Responsive layout and design

The majority of PSD templates available on MonsterONE and TemplateMonster are responsive. Consequently, it will adapt automatically to any screen resolution and dimension by ensuring smooth user interaction and navigation throughout the website.

Multiple pages

Most of the art PSD templates come with multiple-page designs that let you easily present any aspect of your business or career. These are some examples of pages you may find in a template:

  • Home. This is the first page visitors see when they land on your site. The importance of this page cannot be overstated since it determines whether users will decide to stay on your website for a longer period.
  • Projects/products. You can describe all the projects you or your client has worked on or the products you sell on this page.
  • Blog. You can use the blog section of your website to share information about your company or showcase your industry expertise by sharing useful tips and content.
  • Contact. The contact page is an essential part of every website. Generally, it contains contact information and a location that users can use to contact you. There is also a contact form that users can easily fill out and contact you directly.

Support and documentation

Almost all art PSD templates feature comprehensive documentation and support. These will help you throughout the installation, customization, or editing processes, saving you the time you'd otherwise spend trying to figure things out independently.

How to choose the right art PSD template

Choosing from a wide variety of art PSD templates is not easy, and it can take some time. Below are some considerations you can consider to make the right choice as quickly as possible.

Consider the purpose of your project

The most important aspect of choosing a PSD template is to consider the project's objective. You should only consider solutions that fit your project plan perfectly. If, for example, you intend to create a website that is designed to be an eCommerce store to offer handmade products and other artistic items, then you will want a template that includes a shop section.

Easy customization

Using a template to facilitate the creative process does not necessarily mean that you will not wish to make adjustments and tweaks to customize and make it unique and suitable for your or your client's project. 

Therefore, you must choose templates that will simplify customization, such as PSD templates with layered files.

Modern design and UI

A template with an outdated design or UI isn't a good choice, as the results won't be as you expect. Instead, opt for a modern design that follows the latest UI trends and ensures an excellent user experience.

Art PSD templates FAQ

What is an art PSD template?

An art PSD template is a ready-made design for a website related to artists, art shops, movies, theaters, creative studios, and more.

Why should I use an art PSD template?

You should use an art PSD template for your project for various reasons. It enables you to save time and money, and it provides perfect and professional work to you or your client.

Can I sell art PSD templates on MonsterONE or TemplateMonster?

You can also sell your art PSD templates on MonsterONE and TemplateMonster. Visit the Become an Author web page for more information.

Do art PSD templates come with support and documentation?

For the most part, art PSD templates include both documentation (that will guide you through the organization, editing, and customizing processes) and a support service that you can contact whenever you have questions or concerns about the template.

How to download art PSD templates

There are two ways you can download PSD templates:

  • MonsterONE. It lets you choose from several pricing plans, after which you can download unlimited templates and other digital products to suit your needs and preferences. 

TemplateMonster. You can also purchase singular art PSD templates on TemplateMonster's marketplace if you don't want to commit to a subscription plan.

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