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Best Real Estate Logo Templates: Create Your Logo In A Couple of Clicks

An emblem is a must for any business. It is strongly associated with the brand and is part of the corporate image. We all know examples of firm signs that have become famous worldwide. Even before promoting your company on the Internet, take care of a beautiful and concise logotype. You may think you need to hire a team of professional designers and pay a considerable amount for its development. It is not the case, thanks to real estate logo templates.

This catalog is developed with modern trends and corporate-style technology in mind. Look at many projects for a wide variety of firms. The portfolio contains examples of all possible design styles, so you’ll find the right variant for your business.

Features of Property Logo Designs

All paid and free items presented in the portfolio are examples of true art. They are concise but, at the same time, express the essence of the company. They are all beautiful in their way. But these items are not attractive pictures but also high-tech tools that are pleasant and easy to work with. Let's list the most helpful features:

  • edit colors and choose a color scheme;
  • all themes are 100% editable and scalable;
  • RGB colors;
  • the signs are print ready;
  • free fonts.

In the order, you'll get a file with the project. Open it in Adobe Illustrator and make all the necessary changes. The pack also includes a PDF file ready for printing.

Note that the previews are not included in the download file. It's only for presentation purposes.

Who Can Use the Best Design for Immovable Property Emblem

All pieces of art presented are for real estate firms. They are great for:

  • agencies;
  • moving business;
  • companies engaged in the sale of land;
  • individual realtors;
  • home service firms;
  • service enterprises;
  • repair firms, etc.

To work on the projects, Photoshop skill is required. So, these files are not suitable for complete beginners. You’ll quickly learn the necessary skills and promptly build an attractive sign for a company with your own hands.

And for professional web designers, the agency's logo template nulled is a true treasure. This tool will ensure a significant reduction of the time for developing the corporate image of the customer's enterprise.

Difference Between Paid and Free Property Agency Logo Template

There are real estate logo template free versions in the catalog. Download them to test the opportunities and learn how to edit and change the files. The quality of these free units is high, and you'll get access to a full range of products. With a MonsterONE subscription, you’ll get all items almost for free. Visit the pricing section and choose the most convenient plan for your needs. After that, thousands of professionally made products will become available for download.

The subscription makes all products in the catalog free to download. If you divide the monthly payment by the number of available objects, you get an amount tending to zero.

How to Create a Perfect Emblem

To generate an excellent sign, there are a few simple principles to keep in mind:

  1. Simplicity. It is not a puzzle. Yes, it carries a lot of meanings. But even so, people should recognize and remember it as efficiently as possible. It is desirable that even with a substantial reduction, the general image and some essential details are clearly visible.
  2. Uniqueness. In no case should a company or product mark resemble that of competitors. And non-unique signs are much harder for potential customers to remember.
  3. Versatility. The developed presentation must look harmonious both on the Internet and in printing. To do this, you need to look at how the sign looks in a reduced and enlarged form and in black and white.
  4. Relevance. It is not recommended to insert elements related to a specific time into the emblem if you plan to stay on the market for at least 10 years. Yes, there are times when large, perennial brands change emblems, but this comes at a high cost. And if the changes do not bring originality or change the meaning to the opposite, then customers will not be able to recognize it.
  5. Minimalism. Do not add unnecessary details to your chosen property symbol template transparent model. The fewer elements, the easier it is to remember your firm.

If you are not sure that you can properly edit and adapt the purchased file, order customization services. Experienced professionals will help you.

Here are some more tips for creating your emblem.

Think of:

  • Nature of the business;
  • The goals;
  • Target audience.


  • Business future.
  • Main social problems you solve.
  • Changes you bring to the community.

The reason why you must define a mission and a vision is simple. Creating a corporate style, you want it to last as long as possible. In the distant future, you can rebrand, but it's best to make a strong brand while still at the origins.

Real Estate Logo Templates: Video

To originate a successful website, you need various components aside from an emblem. Watch this video to learn how to get everything you require and save with a MonsterONE subscription. Get all the products for a fixed monthly fee!

Property Company Insignia Designs FAQ

How can I buy premium real estate logo templates?

Become a Monster ONE member, and obtain unlimited access to premium themes. Download them according to the limitations of the selected pricing plan.

Are real estate logo templates easy to edit?

It depends on your skills and experience. All pieces are 100% editable, so you can change the initial design and make a new one from scratch. Receive the required information on editing from tutorials, or order the customization.

Can I find real estate logo templates for free?

Yes, you have two options for free downloads. The first is finding the free themes in the portfolio. The second is a MonsterONE subscription. It allows unlimited downloads, so the price of each item will be insubstantial. If you are a professional web designer and need a lot of products, a subscription is the most profitable option.

How fast will I receive real estate logo templates after the purchase?

You will receive your order in 3 to 5 minutes after the payment. If you experience troubles with delivery, contact customer support for assistance.

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